Finally, Funke Adesiyan Reveals How She Has Been making her Money

Nollywood actress, Funke Adesiyan, has finally revealed why she has not been acting for the past four years now as she welcomes her first movie script.

The actress who has been under serious watch as various questions have emanated on how she has been making her money just disclosed recently that she has been working with a Non Governmental Agency.

She also stated that she delved into agriculture as she goes about helping lives without revealing it to the public. She stressed that unlike some of her colleagues who live their lives showing off on social media just to get lots of likes, she preferred to do her things silently to get God’s blessings.

According to her, “Today, I accepted my first script in four years! Many friends, family and fans have wondered why I decided to take a break from my hobby, sometimes you just have to develop yourself on some new frontier. I went into charitable causes, business, politics and agriculture. In this little while, God has breathe into my existence. You have not started living until you did something for people who have nothing to give you in return and touch their lives privately, not for social media likes. God commands us to give to the right hand without the left knowing. I bless God for the lives he has used me to touch and even though I didn’t give birth to the beautiful kids he has blessed me with, your success at school always keep me going. I don’t have to announce you; your success will announce me. I love you. “

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