Freeze denies insulting woman over US basketball team


Controversial on-air-personality Freeze (Ifedayo Olarinde) has exclusively revealed to Pulse that he did not insult the woman who blasted him for his opinion about the all black US basketball team.

After stating his opinion about the all black American basketball team that will be participating in the Olympics this year on June 28, 2016 an unidentified lady criticized Freeze on Instagram saying

What iz ur bizness with US team u Lebanese half cast. Talkative. I can tell u have got a small dick from u look.

The lady went on to share a screenshot of Freeze’s alleged response, “Maybe your mother’s pussy was too wide that’s why she felt that way…where jeep, train and trailer, dey pass and where airplane dey how e no go wide?

Pulse reached out to Freeze to clarify if he indeed made this statement. The veteran OAP denied being the mastermind behind the ‘photoshopped’ comment and said it is an attempt to tarnish his name.

As you can see, it’s a clear case of ‘basic’ Photoshop that can be done by an 8 year old. This attempt to smear my image was created by a desperate groupie, rummaging for attention at all costs. I do not use words like that do not want my brand associated with profanity” he told Pulse.

Freeze further said “When my attention was drawn to the post, I chose to ignore it, as it had no substance. When dealing with rude fans, most times I choose sarcasm over direct insults, as it’s a lot classier to call someone a fool, without using the word ‘fool’.

Daddy Freeze


Freeze believes that white people have a right to claim ‘racism’ because the US basketball team is entirely made up of African-Americans.

Known for his controversial comments Freeze on June 26, 2o16 shaded Nigerian on air personalities with fake accents. In an Instagram post he wrote;

Oyinbo people sha….. How could they say that ‘Foreign accent syndrome’ is rare and bizarre? It happens everyday here to Nigerian babes and radio presenters! Once they get a visa to Dubai or Malaysia they automatically fall ill with this sickness. We Radio personalities have been known to contract this incurable illness, as soon as a microphone is switched on. Symptoms include mild to severe attitude change, hallucinations, slurring or exaggerating the letter ‘R’ and overnight BRITISH or American accent, or in rare cases a combination of both British and American accents

This very month Freeze had also gone on record to call Ekiti state Governor Ayo Fayose a hypocrite.

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