Reasons For Not Losing Fat or Not Losing Weight

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What are the reasons that you are not losing fat as you expecting. Here are a few reasons, which may help you figure out that why you are not losing fat fast?

11 Reasons for Not Losing Fat or Weight:

1.) You are Not Losing Fat Because of Your Calories Intake

  • This should be pretty clear to many people, but there are still many who claim that one can eat all you want but avoid carbs.
  • That’s just absolutely false. Ultimately, you need to eat less. It’s not that difficult.
  • If you’re eating 10-12 calories for every pound of body weight it should be easy to lose fat. Most people eat regularly every 2-3 hours to “amplify their metabolism” or “keep going with  the metabolic activity,” and ultimately end up eating way more food than they require.
  • Eating less is a challenge. That’s why most people look at it in another manner. Consuming not more than 2000 calories per day requires a little discipline and suffering. But then so does everything else worthwhile that you would want to attain.
  • When you’re not able to lose fat the way you should, the answer is pretty simple.
  • The added side bonus, along with the fat loss, is that your health will improve and you’ll feel better and lighter than you do now.

Reasons For Not Losing Fat or Not Losing Weight

2.) You are Not Losing Fat Because of Starchy Carbs

  • Most average people have a very bad tolerance for carbs, weak insulin sensitivity and simply avoid enough physically demanding work and intake too many carbs.
  • The more training you do and the leaner you are the more carbs you can tolerate. If you have more fat than you should, you should first consider cutting them, this is the first step to take.
  • That being done, Ultra low carb diet is not recommended for anyone who trains hard. A hundred grams per day is usually the minimum you would  ever have to go as long as calories are where the same. And even that would be hard for some.

3.) You are Not Losing Fat Because of Eating Time

The best times to eat starchy carbs are after workouts and at night. Apart from some fruit, veggies and freshly made  juices, everyone  should avoid  taking starchy carbs during most of the daytime hours. If you train early. Then some carbs can be had right after training.

During the day you want to stay focused and alert, which is the one reason why you do not wish to be eating down starchy carbs during this time. Rather have them during  the night time when you want to optimize serotonin production and  give your body time to  rest and repair.


4.) You are Not Losing Fat Because of Fat Intake

  • Some people restrict intake of carbs and presume that they are good to go and there is  nothing more  to be worried about. Sadly, the low or no carb diet is not as much useful  as Dr. Atkins made it out to be.
  • You can’t just keep eating pounds of bacon and mayonnaise with stay careless and think that you will end up ripped.
  • Fat contains a huge amount of calories; nine per gram to be precise. Ultimately At the end of the day total calories will still matter, and if you are eating more than you will be  burning you will  never get ripped.
  • Please don’t take  this as my advice on  a low fat diet. That’s just equally bad, if not worse, than having an intake of too much fat.
  • A minimum of 20% of your calories should ideally be sources of healthy fats like egg yolks, grass fed beef, wild caught salmon and coconut oil to ensure ideal health. Just be careful about not going overboard with it and thinking that low carbs diet automatically leads less body-fat.
  • You still need to keep a check on things like total calories.

5.) You are Not Losing Fat Because of Protein Shakes

When on a mission to get ripped it is always recommended to chew as many of your calories you are going to take in as possible. Chewing itself helps in burning calories and digestion process of solid food burns more calories than drinking shakes does. Most participants of  physique competitions reduce out shakes when getting ready for a show. Make a note of this point. The small quantity of protein shake is good but not more than that.

6.) You Are Gulping Down Too Many Nuts

  • Nuts contain huge amounts of calories that can add up quickly.  When on a diet for fat loss it is better off  to fill up with nutritionally dense foods that  packing a lot of calories, Green vegetables are recommended.
  • Usually Not many people can eat just 10 almonds. Most people eat ten handfuls of almonds. That can easily put you above your  recommended daily limit.
  • Nuts can also be a cause of concern for as many people, especially those with digestive or auto-immune issues.

7.) You Are Not Training Heavy Enough

  • When you really want to lose body fat the first advice is often to increase the reps and reduce the rest periods. I personally have zero problems with fairly low rest periods.
  • But not if you have always rested for 2-3 minutes between your sets and suddenly you try to cut them down to thirty seconds because you decided it was time to get ripped you will land yourself in trouble.
  • This will never work. All that happens is your weights start dropping on every exercise and you become weaker and smaller. Higher reps give you the same effect.
  • When on a  diet, the initial role of strength training is to maintain the level muscle mass.
  • That is one most important aspect. Do not use it as your primary “fat trimming” activity, do it only if you are actually overweight. If you need to lose 50 pounds or more, that would probably be your option.
  • If you’re trying to lose about 10-20 pounds of body-fat without compromising on your muscle mass in the process of loosing fat content, you should use strength training as a way to maintain  your body size and strength; not  more, not  less. Principles that helped gain those muscles will help them maintain it also.

8.) You Are Doing Too Much Cardio

Conventional forms of cardio are in a large way of no use fat loss.

But useless is fairly okay, it’s wrong when it turns out to become counterproductive, it is a matter of concern. More than required  amount of cardio lead to an excessive production of cortisol, which will in turn create more abdominal fat and many other health problems. If you want to go for cardio, which won’t actually counter affect  you and could actually work for your body, try a long walk.

9.) You Are Not Opting For Running Sprints or Doing Heavy Work

Dieting is the one of the most important Aspect for fat loss.

After controlling your diet, you should be doing some form of heavy duty training to maintain your muscle mass. You would want to sprint and do a little heavy work out. This is really effective for fat loss.

10.) Stress Management Is Not Up to The Mark

During extreme stress levels, the body produces a hormone known as cortisol, which in turn increases the content of body fat and if it’s not controlled. Most people are staying stressed out all day long which keeps their cortisol levels high all the time. This leads to high body fat even after taking all measures to reduce it. Therefore, it is imperative to ease stress using various means like meditation, laughing, doing something fun and trying not to take things so seriously. Stress management usually is taken lightly.

11.) Not Getting Enough Sleep

  • Coristol goes up and insulin level drops in case of a person cutting on his sleep. Both these things cut back your fat loss.
  • Hormone growth is also missed which happens during sleep. It is recommended to sleep the amount which is required and avoid not sleeping more.
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