How to Save a Wet Cell Phone?

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How to save a wet cell phone? Have you ever unintentionally dropped your cell phone in the sink, or far and away more terrible… the latrine? Did you leave it in your pocket and run it through the clothes washer and at times its possible that your companions dunked you in a swimming pool just for entertainment only? Did you get beaten by the downpour or did you overlook and run swimming with your cell phone in your pocket? Then again, maybe it dropped out of your pocket and into the pet’s water vessel? Getting your cell phone wet usually implies you need to replace it, yet sometimes in case you’re quick enough, you may have the capacity to spare the phone! Take after the steps explained in this article to try and save your wet cell phone.

How to Save a Wet Cell Phone

Steps to Save a Wet Cell Phone

1.) Take Out at The Earliest to Save a Wet Cell Phone

Take the phone out of the water at the earliest opportunity. Ports for hands free unit, small gap for microphone, charging, USB cable network and the plastic covers on cell phones despite the fact that tight can unreservedly permit water to enter the phone in a just a couple of seconds of time. Snatch your phone quickly, and turn it off instantly, as abandoning it on can cause it to short circuit – on the off chance that it has been in the water, accept it is waterlogged whether it is as of now meeting expectations or not.

2.) Act Quickly to Save a Wet Cell Phone

Your phone may not be excessively damaged on the off chance that you take it out of the water immediately. A more extended time of drenching, for example, being in the clothes washer cycle, is more cause for alert. It is still worth trying the accompanying steps to attempt sparing the phone, before surrendering.

On the off chance that the phone is associated with a divider charger and is additionally submerged in water, don’t attempt to remove it from the water. Look for an expert quickly to ask the correct steps to do this securely (as in turning off a principle power switch, or similar activity). Power and water don’t blend and can bring about electrical stun. Nonetheless, if your phone was NOT associated with a divider charger. However, fell into the water, remove the phone from the water as quickly as could be allowed, and continue with the following few steps.

Acting quickly can have all the effect of having the capacity to spare your phone from water damage, however don’t freeze. Keeping up a level head is key to working all the more proficiently under weight.

3.) Lay Your Phone for Some Time to Save a Wet Cell Phone

After expelling the phone from water, quickly assemble some paper towels or delicate fabrics to lay the phone on while you remove the battery cover and battery. This is a standout amongst the most essential steps to sparing it. Numerous circuits inside the phone will survive submersion in water gave they are not appended to a power source (battery) when wet.

To see whether the phone is genuinely water damaged, check the corner close where the battery is – there ought to be a white square or loop, with or without red lines. In the event that this is pink or red, your phone has water damage.

Quickly read the manual to your phone in case you’re not certain how to remove the battery.

4.) Remove the SIM card to Save a Wet Cell Phone

Remove the SIM card if your phone has one. Some or the majority of your valuable contacts (alongside other information) could be put away on your SIM. For some individuals, this could be more valuable and deserving of sparing than the phone itself.

SIM cards survive water damage well, yet getting it out promptly bodes well. Pat it dry and put it aside to dry out until you reconnect your phone to your cell organize once more. (On the off chance that your phone does not have a SIM card, avoid this step).

5.) Remove Other Peripherals to Save a Wet Cell Phone

Remove all different peripherals, for example, ear buds, memory cards, and also any phone cases or defensive covers. Remove all fittings that cover the crevices, spaces, and crevices in the phone to lay open them to air drying.

6.) Dry Using Cloth or Towel to Save a Wet Cell Phone

Dry your phone with a delicate cloth or towel. In the event that there is even one drop of water left inside, it can demolish your phone by eroding it and making the circuits consume or short out. Clearly you have to remove however much of the water as quickly as could reasonably be expected, to keep it from moving its route into the phone:

Gently wipe off, however much water as could be expected without dropping the phone. Abstain from shaking or moving the phone unreasonably, in order to abstain from moving water through it.

Wipe down utilizing a towel or paper towel, trying not to obstruct the paper in the holes and furrows of the phone. Continue wiping gently to remove however much of the remaining water as could be expected.

On the off chance that you hauled the battery out in time, cleaning the inside of your phone with rubbing liquor will displace the water which alone could cure the issue.

7.) Use Vacuum Cleaner to Save a Wet Cell Phone

On the off chance that you need to try and drain the liquid out of the internal parts of the phone, try utilizing a vacuum cleaner if there is one available. Remove all lingering moisture by drawing it away with a vacuum cleaner held over the influenced territories for up to 20 minutes, in every open zone (take turns with a companion).

This is the speediest method and can totally dry out your phone and get it working in thirty minutes. Nonetheless, unless the presentation of water was greatly short, it is not suggested to attempt to turn your phone on this soon.

Be mindful so as not to hold the vacuum excessively near the phone, as a vacuum can make electricity produced via friction, which is surprisingly more dreadful for the phone than water.

8.) Do Not Use Hair Dryer to Save a Wet Cell Phone

Do not utilize a hair dryer to dry out a phone. As opposed to regular counsel, it is not suggested that you utilize a hair dryer (even on the “chilly” mode). Utilizing a hair dryer may drive moisture further internal around the crevices, arriving at the electrical parts profound inside the phone. What’s more, if the hair dryer air is excessively warm, it could.

On the off chance that moisture is determined deeper inside, consumption and oxidation may come about when minerals from liquids are kept on the circuitry which could in the long run cause segment disappointment inside the phone.

While abstaining from blowing air into the phone, alternatively, utilizing a heater, fan or other air-stream device to blow air ACROSS the phone’s openings will support drying. The Bernoulli guideline states that as the warm, dry air moves quick via phone, the diminished air weight will gently haul or drain moisture out of the phone. The best piece of this choice is that you can leave a phone before a warm, moving air for a considerable length of time on end without exertion.

9.) Drawout Moisture to Save a Wet Cell Phone

Use a substance with a high proclivity for drawing out moisture. An economical choice is to place the phone in a vessel or sack of uncooked rice overnight, Rice Krispie cereal, or just cover the phone in paper towels. The rice may assimilate some remaining moisture.

On the off chance that available, it is preferable to utilize a desiccant. Desiccants may retain moisture better than rice. You can likewise try slipping the cell phone inside a plastic pack that might be fixed or a plastic holder (airtight). Include a desiccant bundle, for example, silica gel — regularly found with new shoes, handbags, noodle parcels, and so forth — in with the cell phone. The drawback of this method is the bundles pressed with shoes has usually effectively arrived at its assimilation limit. Desiccant for bloom drying can usually be bought at most specialty stores. Leave the phone with the desiccant or rice to the extent that this would be possible (in any event overnight) to ingest the moisture.

Turn the phone to an alternate position consistently until you go to rest. This will permit any water left inside to once-over and assuredly discover an opening to escape.


10.) Use Spongy Material to Save a Wet Cell Phone

Let the phone sit on permeable towels, napkins or other paper. In the wake of expelling the phone from the rice or desiccant (or on the off chance that you were not able to utilize either method), place the phone level on a spongy material. Keep in mind that the objective is to empty the greater part of the moisture and dampness from the device.

Check the spongy material consistently for 4 to 6 hours. On the off chance that moisture is clear, rehash the vacuuming step and desiccant steps.

11.) Test Your Phone to Save a Wet Cell Phone

After you have held up no less than 24 hours, or more if necessary, check to see that each region of your cell phone is clean and looks dry. Check all the ports, compartments and in the middle of crevices for any moisture or earth. Wipe away any dust and soil from the device and covers and supplement the battery into the phone. Attempt to power on the device, listening for odd commotions and seeing to check whether the phone seems to capacity accurately.

12.) Plug it in Without Battery to Save a Wet Cell Phone

Plug it into its charger without the battery if your phone is totally dried out, yet does not work. On the off chance that this lives up to expectations, you will most likely need another battery.

13.) Take it to Approved Merchant to Save a Wet Cell Phone

Take your cell phone to an approved merchant. Sometimes they can alter it. Don’t try to conceal the way that it has been wet – there are interior pointers that demonstrate moisture – and the repair individuals are more inclined to have the capacity to help you on the off chance that you clarify precisely what has happened to the phone.

14.) Never Open to Save a Wet Cell Phone

Unless you are prepared and talented to do thus, never take a phone separated. Leave that to the experts, since doing so could possibly cause stun or introduction to hurtful chemicals or segments.

On the off chance that your phone is powering up yet doesn’t work accurately after you’ve dried it, then it is conceivable that you’ve missed some liquid, or that erosion has effectively happened. Remove all the covers, battery, cards and different extraneous connections, once more, and rub it gently with a clean dry paintbrush or a toothbrush. Search on YouTube for directions on the most proficient method to appropriately go about this procedure.

15.) Buy Defensive Case to Save a Wet Cell Phone

Buy a defensive case for your phone. It will help secure it from falls and drops. For touchscreen phones, a screen defender is an absolute necessity!

Other Useful Tips to Save a Wet Cell Phone

  • Continuously be watchful with your cell phone! Never bring it with you to the latrine or the shoreline. Never leave it lying around the eating table or wherever liable to get wet.
  • Try evacuating all the cell phone parts, and after that put into dry rice.
  • Being on and wet in the meantime, can short out the phone’s circuitry. In case you’re able to turn your phone off before it fries, you may well have the capacity to revive your suffocated phone!
  • An alternate thought is to keep the phone at body temperature for a couple of hours. As in… alongside your skin. The warmth and air stream around the phone may dry it out on the off chance that it was not submerged to begin with.
  • Place the phone in a vacuum chamber (found at a lot of people secondary schools and colleges) and initiate the chamber. Regularly colleges and particular commercial ventures will have a vacuum chamber available on the off chance that you happen to know the perfect individual. Water “bubbles” at room temperature, given enough time, implying that it dissipates through air pockets despite the fact that it isn’t heated. This method ought to be fruitful when the vacuum is kept up at room temperature for around 30 minutes. That will dry out parts you can’t get to as will the tip above with respect to a vacuum cleaner in the event that you have no vacuum chamber available.
  • Try holding a compacted air can straight (upside down, sideways, or at an edge will shoot out a solidifying liquid) and shoot into the crevices, speaker, mic, and keypad. Any overabundance water stuck ought to turn out. In the event that the can accomplishes frosty and you’re not, let the can sit a while before proceeding, as cool air could make overabundance moisture consolidate onto parts deeper inside. This methodology ought to be trailed by alternate methods that utilize a vacuum chamber or vacuum cleaner to all the more completely remove any deeper leftover moisture and mugginess as the phone must be completely dry inside to guarantee no further disappointment later on. The substance of numerous “canned air” items could be harmful. Take after all suggestions on the can mark.
  • Exorbitant heat can damage your phone significantly more! Most phones have warnings about abandoning them in your auto or laying open them to heat. The primary point is to totally dry the phone before applying power. Be patient! Utilize a vacuum cleaner to quickly draw all the remaining moisture out, this usually takes around 20 minutes of forethought and understanding turning the phone each few minutes to guarantee all gaps and outlets get got to.
  • In the event that your phone falls in the sea or an alternate form of salt water, wash it with crisp water before salt, precious stones can form in the phone after the evacuation of the battery.
  • It is possible to buy a business “wet cell phone crisis” units. It’s likely best to purchase one “just in case” as you can squander valuable time setting off to the store to purchase one.
  • Since your guarantee is void at any rate, in the event that you have further issues with your phone’s capacities in the wake of trying the above methods to dry it out, then purchase Torx screwdrivers to open the phone’s case, since these are very nearly constantly specific. (Case in point, the RAZR needs Torx #4, #5, and #6). Get a jar of contact shower (electric contact cleaner)and soak the inside. It dries quickly. Scour any buildup with a delicate abound toothbrush. Spread with packed air, and/or vacuum it out for a few minutes to suck out further moisture and after that deliberately set up it back together.
  • In the event that your phone has been subjected to salt water solidifying, gently tap the board and the chips with a plastic protest (the again of a little screw driver for instance). The vibration of the taps will set a percentage of the outside articles free and they will drop out. Be cautious and don’t crush the board or the chips. A sharp enough blow will break the chips. Tapping gently various times in numerous areas, particularly around the chips, is a favoured method. What’s more catch up with proper dissolvable cleaning afterwards to clean away any oxidation deposit.
  • A per user proposes utilizing a garment dryer as takes after: Take out the battery and leave the battery cover off. Place the phone inside a thick sock. Wrap over-abundance material around the phone inside the sock and place in to an alternate sock to form a defensive pack. On the off chance that fundamental, utilize a third sock. Place a few dry towels into the dryer with the wrapped phone and dry on high for around 30 minutes. The movement of the dryer and the fabric wrap will draw the moisture out of the phone. Let the phone cool one hour, replace the battery and turn the phone on. In the event that moisture is seen on the screen, rehash in the dryer for an alternate 20-30 minutes. The per user has attempted this twice on flip phones that experienced the washer and both worked just fine in the wake of drying them thus.


  • Don’t heat the battery or it could spill or blast. Lithium-particle batteries are delicate. In the event that you utilize a hair dryer, make a point to remove the battery first. Note that it is not suggested to apply heat to the phone.
  • In the event that you utilize liquor to make a point to do so outside, and don’t have any significant bearing heat in any form, not in any case the delicate heat of a screen. Don’t snare the battery until the liquor emanation disseminates.
  • For the semi-mechanically slanted: remove screws and, at least, air out the case to permit moisture to escape. Cell phones are regularly to a degree waterproof, so they could be utilized as a part of the light rain and in muggy situations. This implies that once moisture has entered the phone, it is hard for it to dry out.
  • Regardless of the possibility that all these steps are taken after, minerals broke down in the water can hasten on patch and part sticks, bringing about consumption or shorting. Segment pins are stuffed so nearly together in current cell phones that even a little encrustation can make a short, rendering the phone inoperable.
  • Don’t put your phone in a stove or microwave to dry it out.
  • Don’t have any significant bearing an excessive amount of heat to your phone, as said above. You would prefer not to dissolve or smolder your phone.
  • Be cautioned that producers of most current cell phones place liquid damage marker stickers that will change shades in the vicinity of a liquid inside their phones. This helps experts realize that you have dropped your phone in water, as most cell phone protection coverage arrangements don’t cover water damage. Chances are, if the sticker under the battery is activated, then the inward stickers you can’t get to have presumably been tripped too. This will bring about you pay a voided-guarantee expense over the long haul. You ought to be mindful that guarantees don’t cover water damage, just protection does, and, after its all said and done, not all insurance agencies or arrangements will respect water damaged phones. It is likewise significant that these liquid damage pointer stickers have been known to change shades in amazing stickiness also.
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