How to Get a Girl to Like You?


It is not that difficult job if you have to get a girl to like you. You just have to get few skills, work a bit on your looks, and learn a bit humor. Impressing a girl is not that tough as it seems to be. Guys get scared without even trying. But now you have a girl in your life for whom you want to try to impress her to make her like you. Girls can be easily impressed if you just take care of few small things as small things matter most for a girl. A girl does not need to be impressed by money she can also be impressed by sweet gestures. If you need to impress a girl you better do small sweet things and this will impress her the most. Almost every girl desire of the same thing from boys the sweet little things which are not very tough to be done but very rare guys notice or even give importance to such things. There are various ways to get a girl to like you and if you are unaware of the facts then let us guide you with some sure tips to get a girl to like you.

How to Get a Girl to Like You

Follow These Steps to Get a Girl to Like You

1.) Get in Her Notice

This is the first step of making a girl like you. If you need to make a girl to like you then you probably need to get into her world. First of all start existing for her. There might be many guys who would want to go out with her but they never tried going closer. Nothing happens till you try therefore, you need to try first to make the first move and try to get closer to her. You can do this by start doing same activities which she likes to do. For example, if she does Yoga join the Yoga classes for her and try to be her partner. There can be many ways to get noticed by her. You can take help from your mutual friends or can be friends with her best friend. This will help you a lot to get noticed by her.


2.) Become Friends to Get a Girl to Like You

If you want her to like you then you need to do friendship with her so that you will get the chance to make her know you well. If she will know you well she might like you. But also, keep a distance in your friendship so that you do not get stuck as only being her friend. When you will get noticed by her it will be easy for you to become friends. As you two will be meeting on a frequent basis and thus can also hang out together or make plans to spend more time with her. You can ask her to help you out a bit, you can give her an excuse that you are new to this things and do not know much thus you will get to spend more time with her. She will also, not deny helping someone out.

3.) Help Her Out to Get Her to Like You

Help her out if you want her to like you. Help her by any means, whenever you can. Try to find the possible ways by which you can help her out. If she denies your help wait for the right time when she will be needing someone then go and be a hero for her and help her out. A small help would also make her feel that you are a nice guy and she will start keeping your name in her good books. It is easy to make people like you when you help them.

4.) Do Not be Too Much in Her

When you want her to like you then you also know how much distance you should Maintain in the starting so that she would not get bored with you. If you will keep on nagging to meet her again and again even after she denies then she will definitely get annoyed and will start ignoring you. Do not show her that you are very much obsessed with her as it might also scare her away. Start slowly and she will like you one day. Do not rush into it too much everything might get screwed up if you will rush too much. You may spoil the fun if you will rush too much. Give space and let her think about you.

5.) Have a Good Conversation to Make Her Like You

A good conversation leaves a great impact. Since now you know her you might have also noticed that what kind of girl she is. You plan a conversation accordingly, like if she likes spiritual talks then read a bit about holy books and a few things related to that so that you can add it up in your conversation. Also, remember while having a conversation keep in mind to stay firm on your point be confident about whatever you say. Know your points well and do not say anything which is irrelevant. Topics can be of any genre but before starting you should have to have good knowledge about it.

6.) Make Her Laugh

If you want a girl to like you then you need to make her laugh. Crack small funny jokes in between that will make her laugh. This way she will have happy memories with you and whenever she will think of you, she will smile. Make her laugh and  she will love to spend time with you. Nobody likes to spend their time with a boring person. If you are a fun guy and will make her laugh she would like to go out with you and eventually will like you as well.

7.) Compliment Her

A compliment is liked by every girl. Give her genuine compliment if you want her to like you. Do not try giving fake compliments as she will know it. Compliment her about her dresses if she put efforts in her dressing or if she is kinda nerd then compliment her about her smartness. You do not need to compliment about only her looks as it is very cliché.

8.) Flirt to Get a Girl to Like You

Flirt with her to make her like you. Yes, it works, every girl likes a bit flirting. It will make her know that you are not only interested in friendship but wants to take it to next level. Flirt with her to make her aware of your feelings. Do not be a pervert flirt in a decent way and look her reaction if she is not liking the way you flirt then let it be. By all these means you definitely will be able to make a girl like you.

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