Adekunle Gold Reveals What his Ex Girlfriend Did to Him in The Rain


Adekunle Gold

Everyone has one tale of love to share either good or bad but what matters, most the end result of the person’s happiness no matter what may have transpired along the line.

Singer, Adekunle Gold, has decided to share a sneak peak on one of his ugly experiences with his ex girlfriend by revealing the extent he went to show his lady love which ended in a sad note.

The singer explained that he had decided to buy his girlfriend ice cream and he had to enter the rain to go get it for her only for him to return and she rejected saying he should have gotten her vanilla instead of the one he bought.

Showing how matured he is, rather than slap her, he dropped the ice cream on the table and walked away while shivering with cold.

According to him, “I’ll never forget the day I went to buy ice cream for my ex inside rain on top bike, only for her to tell me “I would have preferred vanilla though” I won’t lie I wanted to slap her with the ice cream. I was dripping and shivering only to hear “I would have preferred vanilla” I just dropped the rubbish on the table and walked away. na me fuck up.”

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