Man Who Named Dog ’Buhari’ Gets 20 SANs In His Defense

 Dog ’Buhari


Man Who Named Dog ’Buhari’ Gets 20 SANs

The issue of this man has been lingering for days now, has many feels injustice has been dished out to him just because he is a commoner.

Joachim Chinakwe Iroko who was apprehended and reprimanded for naming his dog ‘Buhari’, has finally gotten the sympathy of 20 Senior Advocates of Nigeria and several barristers who are willing to defend him.

According to the lawyers and sans, the ill treatment given to Joachim is violation of human right, an injustice, tyranny and arbitrariness.

The lawyers strongly believe they would be able to free the victim from his current predicament and to achieve that, the Coalition Against Human Rights Abuse is set to raise fund to pursue the cause.

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