PLEASE HELP ME- My Husband is Starving me of $ex, PLS I NEED YOUR ADVISE ?

My hubby has been denying me $ex.

From when we started dating till when we had our first child to after our wedding, our $ex life was wow! He never gave me breathing space and I enjoyed it. Not long after our wedding I took in but lost the baby. We where broken but recovered.


I took in again and $ex went from @least 5times a week to once a month. I thought it was as a result of the miscarriage so I ignored him.

After the baby came it continued. I still ignored. Baby number 3 came still nothing. If I ask its either because he is used to me or because of our financial issue. To pay school fees/rent is war. Until I went through his phone and saw intimate chats with different women. We fought and made up.

He only increased it to 3-4times a month. He acts like he is being forced to touch me. I wear sexy wears, even sleep naked most times, smell nice even to bed. For where. Nothing. I confronted him one more time last week and his answer was he is almost 40 and he is getting old(he is 35 o!).

That do I know what comes out of his body after each session. That I should learn how to cope. Hey! I was weak. I thought child bearing would kill my libido but these days I am more horny than ever. I do sitz bath and use special treatment to keep me fresh and tight down there.

I am fed up and if care is not taken I’ll leave. Coupled with our financial issue. I am 28 and we have been married for 5years. We have 3 children now. Please I need your advice. Thanks

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