FOR COUPLES ONLY: See The Best Places To Have S*x And Achieve 100% Pleasure


Where are the best spots to have sex if not just the bedroom? Hey avoid getting down in public just for the need to try something new. That’s not new that absolutely crazy. Let’s explore other very possible places to have genuine and satisfying se x.

The Kitchen

The Kitchen is the most popular spot to have s ex when you get tired of the bed room. Imagine him seeking up on you from behind but this time he’s not in the kitchen to steal food from the pot like he usually does. He’s right there to get you. So get on with it right there on the kitchen table with all the kitchen utensils staring back at you. It’s a wild feeling .Those who have tried it always go back into the kitchen for more se x rather than food.

The Living Room Couch

The couch itself gets bored sometimes when people just sit on it only to watch tv day in day and day out.The best they usually get from people who sit on them is pop corn. When the movie is boring you can keep yourselves busy conquering those lonely couch in the Living room. Women tend to respond more when the se xual enviroment is totally new and not the regular bed bed bed.

The Balcony

Very possible and amazing place to have s ex but avoid doing such during the day so as not to provoke public out cry from people who would definitely find your actions extremely provocative. Have se x at night, do it at the balcony, explore your sexual potentials right in front of the entire neighborhood while they sleep of course.

Visit Your Friends And Have Sex At Their House

It’s time to really boost your relationship. Dare yourselves and strengthen your bond by having sex wherever and however you please. Take a trip to your friends house. Excuse yourselves, get a room and have se x there without their permission. They won’t just be thrilled, they would also think twice about their own se x lives, probably boring anyway.

Keep The Shower Running


This is another se xual zone a lot of people have conquered and are still conquering. One of the best and cozy places to have se x again and again with no regrets. The disadvantage of shower s ex is the risks of STD’s because condoms don’t really function optimally like it is designed to when water becomes the lubricant and chlorine chemicals are present.

Get A Mirror And Have Se x While Looking At Your Selves

Yes, might sound awkward but it’s a perfect way to explore your sexuality together, knowing how you look and how it feels while getting turned on with varying degrees of orgasm right in front of the mirror is In fact a sexually euphoria.

Have S ex In The Car

The car is popular worldwide. No s ex zone has been able to contend with the car as the one of the best place to have adventrous  quickie sex. Most people have had se x in the car and know how wild it is. If you’ve never tried it, that’s one place you’ve really missed out on. Why have a car and you’ve never signed on it with s ex, sex and more sex yet you’re complaining of a boring se x life.

• At Prestigious Events

Imagine you were invited to a very formal event were high and mighty dignitaries were going to attend, and you were opportune to attend such a classy place with your partner. Are you just there to drink wine and take photos and autographs? Usual and boring way to entertain yourselves. Make that very moment memorable. Find a good cozy spot and have very memorable s ex instantly.

On The Stairs

The stairs is a perfect place to have good  s ex especially when  your lady love to have it from behind. It’s quiet adventurous especially if the stairs is usually used by people. You never can tell if someone is going to bump in on you while having great s ex, so you keep vigilant and yet your having amazing sex right at thesame time. Thrilling.

Other Really Amazing Places.

A Lot of places can be explored depending on your mood or where you find yourselves such as;

•In your car when there is really heavy traffic at night or day depending on how crazy you are
•On your bike
•The Beach
•On your roof top, if you got access but watch your step.
•Your very windy backyard.
•Your swimming pool
•The desert
• Have s ex in every room that exist in your house
•The library or the Lab for the geeks and book worms
•In the woods
• At the Park
• Right Under the rain

The idea is to explore and put some magic is your sex life thereby spicing up your probably boring relationship.

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