Small Girls, Relax! See why Men Should Marry a Working Lady



I don’t agree with everything here because I believe a lady who has been trained to be a good wife will be, either she is working in a office or running a business full time or part time. But let’s hear him out:

So much relationship concerns are running in the minds of people, in particular between young folks. Most young guys and ladies are asking many questions concerning their relationship. Some of the questions asked are if it is alright for a working class man to date a girl still in tertiary school with the mindset of marrying her. Some guys are complaining that they found their girlfriend with another guy if they should break up the relationship?

These are why some relationships that have lasted for months and years end abruptly. Details…

This article focuses on why you should marry a lady who is working. It doesn’t mean I am against dating a lady still studying in school, but am against dating a lady that still thinks as she is in school.


The climax of this article is that dating a working class lady has much more advantage than dating an undergrad. Why? Below are my reasons:

1. Better At Managing Money
Dating a working class lady is so good because she knows and feels the condition of the economy. When she spends, she does it with sense and not like ladies who don’t know that making cash is hard and spends anyhow. With this kind of lady, you don’t need to worry about the way your finance is being spent.

2. Maturity
Going through work stress builds up maturity in her. Even though girls have a general nature; there is still a difference you will see between a working lady and an undergrad. Matured ladies are mostly needed for dating and not just ladies that begs for recharge cards all the time.

3. Her Hospitality Is Heightened
It is expected she has overcome the “Me Alone” character because a part of her salary goes to her family, probably. Sometimes, she transfers some to her siblings. Most of the time, she is left with a little. At those times, her display picture will change to “Family is all”. True! Those lads in her workplace will be questioning, “what’s she doing with her cash?”. Now you grasp. You can be sure she will be wise with money and you guys can plan together easier.

4. She Has A ‘better’ View On What She Need In Her Man.
She has met guys before you, so her taking you is more of her “last resort”. She’ll respect you well.

5. Less Time for Irregular/Childish Stuff
It’s hard to find a lady working who is preoccupied with work, find time to live irresponsibly (partying). It might exist but only in limited cases. More often than not, she kills time with her dearest besties, not with any guy. If she is ALWAYS on Facebook, forget her. At least, you can tell she has a vision, a feeling, an impulse. Even if she is less occupied, she tries to improve her tailoring, dancing or other skill. She dislikes being idle. Above all, silly stuff like making money out of guys is a NO for her.

6. Work Exposure
Having to work with other wedded co-workers of hers, she gets to know the real necessities of every man thus growing into matrimony with some form of appropriate knowledge. (Just hope she doesn’t meet the wrong women at work).

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