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The closure of THIRD MAINLAND bridge has been postponed to August 2nd. The government wants to provide alternative means before shutting down the bridge that has been rumoured to be vibrating for a while now. The initial date for closure was today but the State Government protested against it…so we have till august before the madness begins. But if the bridge is really vibrating, then we welcome the repair works. Better late than sorry eh? And thanks to the Federal Government for giving Lagosians notice.

Lions Club gives N14m to Roll Back Malaria – Kayoda Olashinle
The largest service organisation in the world, adjudged best non-governmental organisation of the year 2007 by the United Nations, is at it again.
The Yinka Griffin-led club recently stepped out with a Roll Back Malaria campaign in ten states. Lions Club choose children because they believe that the daedly disease called malaria has been overlooked by everyone. This laudable project will cost N14m and in this vein a fund raising is scheduled for the Muson Centre, on August 9, 2008.
Good work Lions Club!!!

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Ini Edo set to wed
Star Actress Ini Edo is set to wed her US based lover, Philip Ehiagwina. Info has it that her bride price has been paid and the traditional wedding is August 30th. The white wedding is scheduled for later in the year.
Congrats to Ini

Reel Laif Entertainment presents
Crack Ya Ribs
Julius D’Genius Agwu Live in Abuja
With friends: 9ice, Dare Art Alade, Shank, M.I, Jimmy Jatt, Gandoki, I go dye, Daniel D Humourous.
Date: July 27th 2008
Venue: Transcorp Hilton Abuja
Time: 5pm
Pass: N3, 000, VIP; N10, 000

Genevieve Nnaji, Ghanaian producer in messy fight
‘I didn’t collect $110, 000 from her’ Genevieve
By Stella Dimoko Korkus

According to the rumour making rounds, actress Genevieve Nnaji was reportedly fired from a movie set, Tulip, after being paid over $110, 000. The rumour alleged that the actress made herself unavailable to the producers and the was rude when she was eventually contacted, thus leading to he being ‘fired’ from the set. We contacted Genevieve to hear her own side of the story and this is her response…

Stella ‘ What is this Tulip story being circulated and what actually happened. We heard you made demands to take your PA with you amongst other demands
Genevieve“A Ghanaian lady called Leila Djansi, living in America set up a company and decided to shoot a movie. She approached and I told her to send the script. She did and I liked the role. I told her I would be interested based on contract negotiations and rest of cast. She got back to me and I was informed that I would be working alongside Kimberly Elise and some up and coming Ghanaians actors. I made no demand whatsoever. I was told a Ghanaian would be my PA while shooting in some villages in Ghana and I said NO, I already had one and would even be willing to pay her ticket to Ghana, but I will not use a stranger. There was no trip to America mentioned until October, so I could never have demanded to take my PA along although I want to state that if I felt like it, I would have requested it. After all, when we bring foreign acts over here, we allow them to come with nutritionist, PA and whoever they choose to bring. So this is a lie, ‘demands’ were not made. I was asked to forward recent pictires for their promo campaign, measurement details and address to send contract to in Nigeria, I did all those things. What did I get in return? Leila Djansi began stalking me with calls about how Ghanaians are angry she hired a Nigerian actress. How people were telling her I’m a snob and so on. Discussions were held and we concluded this is normal, that there will ayways be haters and I’m used to it. But I am a professional , so I was not interested in ldle gossip.”
Were you fired from this movie or you left of your own?
Genevieve “I lost interest because she now seemed like the regular African in the Disapora who wanted to shoot a movie and some of them even appraoch without a script and think just because they are based in the States, Nigerian acts should jump on and kiss their ass. Leila started hounding me with calls. I was tired of someone who wanted to trade gossip and be my ‘friend’ rather than talk about the movie. I don’t work like that, so I stopped taking her calls and insisted that we communicate via email until she had sent the final script. This was not good enough for her. She insisted on speaking with me on the phone and when I refused, she lost it and things degenerated to where they are now. This led to Leila insulting me, Nollywood, Ghanawood and everyone. She told me how she has witnesses she will roll out to show that Genevieve has a bad reputation , how she’s severing the contract and all that, but there was no contract. How can terminate a contract that did not exist in the first place? She never paid me any money. She said derogatory things and I quote “A bit of advise, nobody in Hollywood gives about your Nigerian and Ghanaian film industry, you are the only people who glory in your inferior work. You really think someone here will sit through an hour and a half pure torture of the same freaky music playing over the movie and the screaming and the tantrums? You really think I want anyone here to think Africans are crazy?
That’s what she told me. I have said for years that I am not desperate for Nollywood. I am an actress and I want to act in the best and I want to act in the best stories and in the best produced movies with thorough professionals. If a Hollywood studio offers me a movie, they will approach me as true professionals they are and I will respond as I always have, like a professional. But if fans based in the US think because they are based in the US, I should abandon all my work ethics and policies that have kept me where I am for over 10 years and will continue to keep me at the top of my profession, then they must be deluded and I told Djansi that, along with infroming her that Nollywood is African made and we are proud and if we had half the resources or time that Hollywood actors have, we would just be as good, if not better….”
The interview went on and on, but I’m going to stop here…im tired of But seriously I don’t care what anyone says, I love Geneveive Nnaji. I just think she’s a little misunderstood…
Naeto C’s Album is out…

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Congrats to the latest couple in town, 9ice and Tonipayne. They got married yesterday. Wishing them the very best of married life.
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Kisses everyone.



Anonymous said…

stella dimoko has her nose so far up nnaji’s bum she cant smell shit anymore. have you noticed that she is the only one that reports anything bout genevieve these days.

Anonymous said…

What is Gulder searching for?

princekay123 said…

Good one for 9ice.
T-payne, so lucky!

Anonymous said…

Lol… I can’t stop laughing at the Genevieve story. Drama from a bunch of little kids and I mean all of them. Stella needs to get a life. I see Genevieve’s point, but you can still tell she is very arrogant with her response. And why in the world would they bring Kimberly Elise in this whole mess.

Anonymous said…

Genevieve is a big liar. here is a rejoinder to the article on

the production office also bashed her back and told the truth!!

Anonymous said…

Lmao @ “What is gulder searching for?”

Anonymous said…

Nollywood comes from Hollywood (USA) in case Genevieve is clueless. Why would anyone want to pay her arrogant ass $110,000? I personnally believe that there are better actresses out there. She needs to get over herself……She still has to go to the American Embassy for visa.

Anonymous said…

Was Genevieve refused a visa by the American Embassy? I sense a lot of tension from her about America. She needs to get the stick out of her ass. I dont know what she is talking about.Why would anyone want her to kiss thier ass. Peeps you dont know where her mouth has been…Be careful people, Herpes is real, and not cureable.

Anonymous said…

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