How to Lose Weight Fast For Women?

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Overweight is a sign of unhealthy lifestyle. In today’s world maintaining a healthy lifestyle is challenging but is necessary for survival. Overweight is an extra burden of unwanted worries. But if you are planning to get out of it, stop worrying and give a start. Being overweight is an embarrassment for women. This article will guide you to lose weight fast for women, is dedicated to women who want to shed some weight and look slim and glamorous.

The first four steps are the basics of a healthy lifestyle without which you won’t be able to shed your weight. Some people go crazy about losing weight without keeping the basics clear, let me tell you your efforts will go vain if you don’t care about the food and drink you take or the hours of work out and rest you give to your body.

How to lose weight fast for women
Ways to Lose Weight Fast For Women:

1.) Go for Healthy Drinks to Lose Weight Fast for Women

Our body registers the calorie content in the liquid in a different way that compared to the solid content. If we compare the calorie intake after a cup of cafe mocha and a bowl of fast food, the drink has a higher content of calories than that of the bowl of fast food and a drink may make a vast difference in the calorie level in your body. So, we need to monitor our liquid intake. You can go for green tea, coffee or juice. But please take care of the sugar added to your glass of juice or cup. Drinking water is the easiest, safest and most beneficial trick for losing weight. These drinks raise the metabolism of our body and also help you to lose weight fast for women.

2.) Monitor Your Salt Intake to Lose Weight Fast for Women

Do you eat much Salt? If so, please stop taking extra salt in your food. Salt contain sodium which contributes to water retention. The suggested daily intake of sodium for a person is 2,400 mg (milligram). Too much of sodium makes you feel bloated. It also increases the blood pleasure and develops other health hazards. The sources of these hazardous foods are soup, canned foods and drinks, salty snacks, chips, pretzel and packager foods. Avoid these junks and go for juice or healthy homemade foods. This is the most important steps to lose weight fast for women.

3.) Get Proper Hours of Sleep to Lose Weight Fast for Women

Sleep is the most necessary part of our daily life cycle. An uneven or inappropriate amount of sleep can make you sick that you might not know. Our body needs proper rest and work. Those who sleep for 4 hours a day get slower metabolism, on the other hand, women who take a proper sleep of 8 hours have a better metabolism and are furthermore active. Poor sleep or oversleep can be the major factor for gaining weight. Take adequate hours of sleep. It is no harm to add 30 minutes to your sleeping hours.

4.) Choose Healthy Food to Lose Weight Fast

Thought about your diet plan? Not yet? Here are some important information’s that will help you plan a healthy diet to lose weight fast for women. A diet plan does not mean you need to starve. It only means omitting unhealthy junks and getting the healthy once. Choose a healthy diet plan. Monitor you food intake, if you are planning to lose weight and shed some pounds focus on fruits rather than sweet dishes. Go green, let your plate be greener avoids fast food. Take low-calorie Calcium rich foods, like yogurt, milk, cheese. For mains go for high protein and limited saturated fat foods. You can go for whole grains, cereals, pulses, bread, rice or pasta. You can choose whole grains such as wheat, oats and corn.Add this to the list of your diet plan.


5.) Physical Exercise and Activities for Weight Lose

If you want to lose weight you need to go for some hardcore practices. It’s time to sweat out. Physical activities can not only help you in shedding some weight it also helps you to prevent gaining weight. Every day simple effort can be the greatest leap for people who want to lose weight. They also help to minimize the health risk. According to–The Physical Activity Guideline for America 2008, active lifestyle can lower risk of early death from causes like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer. If you are a starter before going into the hardcore exercise regime you should start with the little once. Go out for walks if possible at any time of the day may be with your dog too. Avoid lifts and take the stairs. If you have less time you can go for the short intense training protocol or programmes. The fact is that you can lose weight by intense workout and reduce the amount of time spent on exercise. Crunches target the abs muscles, women always want to own tighter abs to get the perfect look. So, add crunches or jumping jack to your exercise regime.

6.) Just Dance to Lose Weight Fast

Do you know a woman who doesn’t love to dance? What if you just have to dance to lose weight?

Yes, you can enjoy dance and lose weight at the same time. Hardcore exercise regimes are boring for women. If you want to lose weight vigorously go for a dance, It really works. It is the core factor to lose weight fast for women. They tone your muscles and also improve their energy utilization. The other positive effects are positive effects on increasing muscle mass and improving muscle fibre. A walk for 2 hours is helpful in losing weight fast, you can also go for aerobics. A combination of moderate and vigorous aerobics can do miracles. If you too are bored with your exercise regime spice up with some pop or popular music numbers, you can go for Zumba. You can add some weights in your Zumba dance sessions. Other than this tap dance is also an entertaining yet effective way to lose weight fast for women.

7.) Lift Weight to Lose Weight Fast

Apart from daily activities, exercise you can lift some weight. The lifting of weight 3 times a week can help you to shed some weight. You can go the gym for 3-4 times a week. Before lifting weight warm up your body, stretch your body a bit. You can also do Zumba more beneficial by adding on some weights. This works miracles on women. But before doing that ask your gym trainer and take advice, you should lift the correct weight consult and get the correct weight to lift. This one of the important steps to losing weight for women.

8.) Add 30 minutes of Cardio to Lose Weight Fast

Choose the workout that gets your heart rate up, this will burn calories faster than any other exercise. The three activities to consider are spinning, cardio kickboxing and boot- camp workouts. Half an hour of this hardcore exercise burns 200-300 calories with an additional benefit of toning up your muscles and you get the slimmer and tighter look by shedding the extra calories. You can elevate the levels by incorporating interval training.

9.) Add 36 Push–Ups to Lose Weight Fast

A regular exercise of three sets of pushups of 12 helps to sculpt your muscles. The push ups mainly target the upper part of the body and hips, thighs and butt. Always make sure that your back and legs remain straight line during push ups. Women who desire to get the in shape should add this in their regime of exercise.

10.) Simple Tricks to Loose Weight Fast

Apart from these, there are some effective tricks to burn fats, here are some you can add up to your daily life to lose weight fast for women.

  • Honey can play the trick, Honey when taken empty stomach works as a natural fat burner in contrary when taken after meal works as a fat gainer. So, shed some weight by using honey. Every morning prepare a drink of honey in the lukewarm water you can also add a few drop of lemon. This should be the first thing you do after you wake up. Have this drink before you breakfast.
  • Use a smaller plate, this will play the psychological trick. Even studies have proved that people using a small plate automatically eat less. It sounds strange but try it, it works.
  • Drink a glass of water 15-30 prior your meal. This helps you to take the correct amount of food as the stomach has already some water in the store. It also helps in the process of digestion.
  • Drink a cup of coffee an hour before your workout session.
  • Give up drinking. This won’t help you to go for healthier activities or work out.
  • Pop an anti-gas pill, this will help you to relieve bloating in your abdomen and break up the gas bubbles in your digestive track, leaving your tummy flat.
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