How to Apply Makeup?

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If you are searching for the tips to apply makeup, then this article is surely going to help you in bringing out the best in you. There is a deep connection between the mental health of a woman and her appearance. Putting on makeup not only enhances the beauty of a woman but it also has a positive influence. According to some, it boosts their confidence and performance too.

Usually, women use makeup to hide their flaws and choosing the correct makeup is an essential part of the plan. There are lots of products available in markets ranging from local handmade brand to international once. Choose a brand that suits your skin and your purse. Many times we end up wasting our money on some products that don’t suit our skin, they prove disastrous to skins also. So, please check the composition and see if there is any element in it that harms your skin or you are allergic to. If you are an animal-friendly person and are strictly against animal testing don’t go for the animal tested once. A modern-day woman avoids harmful chemicals and products. Today Herbal and organic products are in vogue now. Here are some useful steps to guide you on to apply makeup.

how to apply makeup

How to Apply Makeup?

1.) Clean Your Skin Properly

The first step to apply makeup without irritating your skin is clean your skin properly. Depending on the type of your skin you can go for a cleanser or face wash. For dry skin cleansers are ideal and for the oily once face wash is more preferable. They help you to clean your skin and pores. It is an essential step, a wash in the morning not only it awakens your skin and washes away all the dust and unhealthy particles from your skin. It helps your skin to feel fresh.

2.) Tone Your Skin to Apply Makeup

Toning is considered as essential steps not only prior makeup but as a regular practice for a healthy and glowing skin. Cleansing opens the pores of our skin and these open pores should be protected from dust and pollution so use a toner. Take a ball of damp cotton and soak it with the toner and dab it on your face and your neck.

3.) Moisturise Your Skin

Use a moisturiser that suits your skin. Apply a light moisturiser before you apply makeup. Go for the water base once as the skin quickly absorbs it. Choose a moisturiser which has SPF (Sun Protection Factor), the range of SPF ranges from around 15 to 50. You need to choose it according to the place you live and the time of exposure to the sun. Moisturisers with SPF protect your skin from the harmful UV rays.

4.) Use a Primer to Apply Makeup

It is the most crucial part of the process. A primer helps you to hide your flaws it is most useful for the once with oily skin. It hides the fine lines and provides a smooth canvas-like surface for you to apply makeup. They can be classified into three types one which are green coloured, light purple or the mauve coloured once and the pink coloured. The green once help you to combat redness from rosacea or acne. The mauve or light purple once give you an even tone base for your foundation, while the pink once help to brighten the complexion. So you can choose according to your flaws and wants.

5.) Apply Foundation

As the name suggest it is the foundation of the makeup. It is considered as the beauty arsenal. Don’t forget to apply that over your neck for an even tone skin. Blend the foundation evenly all over your face and neck using your finger or a sponge.

6.) Use Concealer

Concealer is also called the colour corrector. Some women find it ideal to skip foundation and go straight for concealer. You can hide your broken capillaries, dark circles and blemishes. Here are some simple steps to conceal your flaws.

  • Firstly test your concealer by using it on your naked skin. If everything goes right and it suits your skin.
  • Use a pencil concealer as its pointed edge it makes it easy to apply around the acne spots.
  • You can dab the spot where you applied with your finger and blend softly outwards to your skin.
  • If you are applying it under eyes don’t rub it just dab your fingers or use a brush.
  • Apply the concealer just directly under your waterline.

7.) Apply Powder

Dab the correct powder on always choose the correct powder that suits your skin tone. Apply makeup like a pro choose the shades from a range from brown, dusky, wheatish, fair, very fair  and ivory. Dab it all over your face and neck.  It prevents your skin from being oily and shiny. You can dab this powder again and again after few intervals or when required. Use the puff while applying a hold the puff like a taco roll it into the skin and tap off the excess of it. Some powders are mineral based once you can apply that with a brush. Again don’t forget to apply it on your neck and the exposed part near your neck to make you look flawless and gives you an even tones look.

8.) Put Eye Makeup

The best part of the makeup is the eye makeup. If you apply makeup be careful and tricky with this part of it. It defines you and features your personality also. There are lots of eye makeup in trend starting from the simple elegant once to the loud smoky once. Nowadays the winged eye, cats eye are much in vogue. Here is the main element for eye makeup and yes don’t forget to choose your cosmetics very carefully as eyes are the most sensitive organs.

a.) Apply Eye Shadow

Choose your colour of your eyeshadow according to the occasion or the outfit. Before applying it you can use an eyeshadow primer. Use your finger and blend the cream formula on the outer edge of the eye. If you are using a powder eyeshadow use a brush to apply you can concentrate the shadow where you wish to. It adds to the dramatic features of your eye. If you are going for a no makeup look you can avoid it or go for some nude shades.

b.) Line With an Eyeliner

It gives you a dramatic look to your face. Eyeliner too comes in different colour and different types of the liquid once, gel eyeliner and the pencil eyeliner. If you are out with a no makeup look use the eyeliner with a felt tip pen. It gives you a smooth and sleek line which is elegant but goes without being noticed. For broad once use a brush tip once. The gel pot and are the best for the broad look and the smokey makeup.

c.) Apply Mascara

Before applying the mascara curl your eyelashes with a curler. Start applying it at the base of your eyelash and gradually move towards the wands. For the baby lashes move curl it by using a circular motion.

d.) Define Your Eyebrows

Firstly brush them using a spoolie brush and apply use eyebrow pencil and fill it lightly.define the shape using an angled brush and same coloured pressed powder fill its corners and at last blend it with a spoolie brush again.

9.) Blush for The Perfect Makeup

Blush helps you to look radiant and lively. Choose the colour that goes parallel with your facial features. Like bright colours can be disastrous on fair skin but they look elegant on the bronze skin tone. For those who have a pale skin tone, you can go for soft colours or the nude one with a little tan. Use a brush to apply, it is the best for applying the blush. Applying blush on the wrong part of the face can make you look like a fashion disaster. Check the points below and find out your blush spot.

  • For long face apply blush on the apples and blend towards the temples.
  • For oval face apply on the apple and blend.
  • For slim and round face blush in an angular motion, blush on the apple towards the temple.
  • For square face apply blush few inches away from the sides of the nose in a linear motion.

Here are the simple steps:

  • Brush the centre of your apple and blend accordingly.
  • Don’t smile while applying the blush rather make a fish face this will help you in putting up the perfect blush.
  • Blend properly by using a clean brush for blending.

10.) Apply Lipstick

Last but not the least the most powerful feature of women. Select the colour of the lipstick you desire to apply don’t forget to get the liner of the same shade. These are the steps which give you the pro look to your lips.

  • Rub your lip with a damp towel or rub it with a gentle brush. To exfoliate it, you can get rid of the dead skin and this gives you a smooth canvas lip.
  • Firstly moisturise your lips with the adequate amount of lip balm. If it much removes it using a tissue. Don’t rub the tissue rather place it in between the lips and press your lips to get out the excess of lip balm.
  • Prime your lip with a foundation of your skin tone it serves as the base for your lipstick.
  • Line up your lips. If you are trying to make your lips look smaller apply it on the inner part of the lip on the contrary if you want your lips to appear bigger apply it on the outer border of your lips.
  • Tap the lip liner on the corners of your lip using your fingers. This will make it look more natural.
  • Apply lipstick, you can also use a brush to apply or use the stick directly. If you want to intensify the colour put a second coat.
  • You can dust your lips with a powder to make it last long. Use a thin sheet of tissue to press your lips and dust the lips. Followed by a second coat of lipstick.
  • If the outer edges are not clean don’t worry just dip a thin brush into your concealer and clean out the outer edge.
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