Foods High in Phosphorus (Phosphorus Rich Foods)

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Phosphorus is a mineral and commonly grouped like calcium or magnesium. Phosphorus is less known mineral but it is very important for the basic functions human cells. The chemical structure of RNA and DNA both contain phosphorus. It is the glue that holds the DNA together. Thus, phosphorus is an essential part of the cell’s design. Phosphorus also supports the bones. Your bones cannot be strong without this mineral. It contains calcium phosphate which is essential to strengthen your bones. Apart from that, it helps in maintaining energy supplies. The universal carrier of energy is ATP that is adenosine triphosphate, the name itself suggest the presence of phosphate. ATP contains three atoms of phosphorus. This mineral also helps in maintaining acidic balance in the different part of our body. It is one of the key nutrients which maintains proper PH balance in our body. In this article, we will highlight foods high in phosphorus. But before that let’s check the requirement of this mineral in different stages of life.

        Age               Per day requirement of phosphorus in mg
   1-3 years                               460 mg
   4-8 years                              500 mg
   9-13 years                              1,250 mg
  14-18 years                              1,250 mg
19 years above                              700 mg

Foods High in Phosphorus:

foods high in phosphorus

1.) Milk and Yogurt for Phosphorus

Milk products or dairy foods are the balanced sources of calcium-phosphorus. Nonfat dairy products are rich in this mineral. A 100 gram of nonfat yogurt 157mg of phosphorus that is 40% of our daily requirement of this mineral. Milk is also known as a complete food and is a balanced source of phosphorus. 200 ml glass of milk provides you twice your daily requirement of phosphorus for a child and 36% of daily requirement of an adult.

2.) Take Cheese for Phosphorus

Organic cheese is a great source of phosphate. Different type of cheese contains different level of phosphate. Hard cheese, ricotta or cream cheese has the higher amount of this mineral. Try to avoid process cheese as it contains inorganic minerals. Inorganic phosphate is harmful and leads to unwanted accumulation of phosphorus in the body. Per 100 grams of cheese provides 760mg of phosphorus. It is one of the foods high in phosphorus.

3.) Beans and Lentils Rich in Phosphorus

Vegetables contain the greater amount of phosphorus in comparison to red meat. There are various types of beans like the yellow beans, white beans, black turtle beans, kidney beans and so on. All these are a good source of Phosphate. A 100 gram of beans provides 180 mg of phosphate that is 18% of our recommended diet. They are great foods high in phosphorus for vegans.

4.) Eggs for Phosphate

Eggs are considered as a great source of phosphate for which is considered as one of the foods high in phosphorus. The different part of eggs contains the different amount of phosphorus, the yolk of an egg has a bulk of phosphate. A whole egg contains 86 mg of phosphorus, the white part of an egg contains 5mg of phosphorus. Raw, boiled or half boiled are rich in phosphorus. Add this to your diet to get the recommended amount of this mineral.


5.) Poultry Food for Phosphate

Despite the fact that vegetables contain more phosphate than red meat or non-vegetarian food poultry products and red meat are considered as a rich source of phosphate. This is because our body can easily absorb the phosphate from animal foods easily. In comparison to red meat chicken and turkey contain less amount of phosphorus. The amount of phosphorus in chicken is 405mg per 100 gram.

6.) Red Meat Rich in Phosphate

Red meat is the richest non-vegetarian foods high in phosphorus. It has 10-20 times more phosphorus content than calcium. The ratio of phosphorus to calcium is 1:1. So consumption of red meat contributes the amount of calcium-phosphorus, which in return strengthens our bones. Again the high amount of red meat consumption may lead to hyperphosphatemia. So be careful with the intake of this mineral and your diet so that you can manage a balanced diet. A 100 gram of pork provides you 311mg of phosphate and a 100 gram of beef provides 286mg of phosphorus.

7.) Phosphorus in Yeast 

Yeast is not considered as a delightful food for fitness enthusiasts, it has always been a source of protein and energy. It has been a concern for the nutritionist that yeast contains too much of macro-minerals, phosphorus. Consume yeast every day and don’t forget to pair up with calcium rich food this helps you to maintain a PH balance. Our body needs phosphorus to use up it is calcium reserve to balance things.

8.) Pumpkin and Squash Seeds Provide Phosphorus

Pumpkin and squash seeds provide phosphorus. They are foods high in Phosphorus. The amount of phosphorus found in these seeds can be as high as 1233 mg per 100 gram. These seeds are consumed in 5 ways, they are whole seeds, roasted with salt or without salt. The amount of phosphorus in these are ranked according to the content of phosphorus in 100 gram. The roasted seeds of pumpkin and squash without salt provides 1174 mg of phosphorus per 100 gram. If you take these seeds with salt the amount of phosphorus lowers down to 90 mg per 100 gram. the best way to have this seeds for phosphate intake is to have them dried. dried seeds of pumpkin and squash can provide you with 1590 mg per 129 gram. You can add this to a healthy diet and living.

9.) Legumes and Nuts Source of Phosphorus

Nuts like almonds, brazil nuts, cashews contain a good amount of phosphorus. These nuts are dried and in a non-perishable form. They are counted as foods for solving many health issues. If you want to add phosphorus to your diet include nuts and legumes. A 100 gram of nut or legume provides you 725 mg of phosphorus.

10.) Broccoli for Phosphorus

Apart from being rich in antioxidants, proteins and vitamins, this green vegetable is rich in phosphorus. You can take this green vegetable cooked along with other veggies or can add this to your plate of salad. Raw broccoli is the best source of phosphate the amount of phosphate is compromised when it’s cooked. A cup of chopped broccoli provides 288mg of phosphorus. Add this to your diet to manage a perfect diet.

11.) Eat Shellfish and Finfish for Phosphorus

Foods like finfish and shellfish are foods high in phosphorus. If you want to add some tasty delights of phosphorus to your diet go for this seafoods. You can take smelt, salmon fish, steel heads trout or cod. To help you out with the perfect amount of phosphorus on your plate here is the amount in per 100 grams. Smelt provides highest with 1400 mg, salmon fish provides 1060mg of phosphorus, steelhead trout 976 mg, cod 950mg. Shellfish, on the other hand, is also a source of phosphorus. A 100 gram of shellfish provides you 426mg of phosphorus.

12.) Cottage Cheese or Cheddar Rich in Phosphorus

Cheese deliver a high amount of phosphorus. There are two types of cheese and both of them are the great source of phosphorus. You can take no fat or low-fat cheese for your every day for your phosphorus intake. A 100 gram of cheese provides you an amount of about 163 mg of phosphorus. This is 14% of the recommended dietary requirement of our body.

13.) Peanut Butter for Phosphorus

We already know that nuts are foods high in phosphorus. You will be surprised to know that peanut butter is also a good source of phosphorus. Along with this, it is also a rich source of protein. Organic peanut butter is the best source of phosphorus. A tablespoon of peanut butter gives you 55 mg of phosphorus.

14.) Take Garlic for Phosphorus

Garlic is popular for its phosphorous content. It is considered as an element in history popular for its element. You can add a small amount of it in your everyday diet and enjoy the benefits and flavor of the spice. Raw garlic provides you 153 mg of phosphorus per 100 gram.

15.) Sunflower Seeds for Phosphorus

Sunflower seeds are the rich store of phosphorus. You can enjoy them as snacks and is fun to eat. The shells of the seeds make it sometimes time-consuming to eat. A 100 gram of dried sunflower seeds provides you 1158 mg of phosphorus. So, add it to your diet as it is one of the foods high in phosphorus.

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