How to Lose Weight Fast?

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How to lose weight fast and easily? Looking our best has never been more imperative than today. We have so many advertisements, movies and what not to make us feel like we have to have that sexy figure or those rock hard abs. This in a way is good because it does promote better health. Gaining weight fast has been a problem for most people and the battle to lose the gained weight is a lot more problematic than what gaining weight was.

People look for faster and easier ways to lose the weight that they have gained over time, and only end up being defeated on this search for information. Unlike the other times or the other places where the information provided was not enough to help you, this is where you will find information that can help you lose weight fast. The tricks, and tips are going to be so easy that you would be surprised on how soon you start losing all that weight.

How to Lose Weight Fast

Putting On Weight…..Just Happens!

There are so many reasons as to why people tend to gain weight. One of the most common reasons would be the lifestyle a person has chosen to live in. Lifestyle is a broad spectrum which could include work, private life, social life and so on. People working in the night shifts will always tell you how they tend to gain weight. People who are very stressed either with work or with their personal lives tend to find comfort in food, thus being led down the path of instant weight gain.

Likewise, people who have sedentary life styles with a desk job and absolutely no exercise can also gain excess weight in no time. Diet also is one of the most important factors that need to be considered when talking about gaining weight. The lifestyle of “live fast and eat fast” is not helping us in any way. Fast food does taste good, but contains everything possible to make you gain weight.

Apart from all of these, lack of sleep, disturbed sleep and even sleeping at irregular hours can lead to gaining weight easily.


Ways to Lose Weight Fast:

1.) Watch What You Eat to Lose Weight Fast

  • Every time you feel starved or feel the need to eat something, always choose a snack or food item that will fill your stomach and yet would not make you gain weight.
  • Avocados, cucumbers, and squash are some of the wonder food that can help you do that. Avocado in general is considered one amazing food item that can easily fill your stomach and burn the excess fat in your body easily. Other fruits like apples and melons can also help you cut your appetite, without the excess calories.
  • During such hunger pangs, do not resort to high carb food items. Research has shown that binging on high carb and high sugar food definitely will lead to gaining weight really soon.
  • Snacks that are rich in proteins and pre-biotic bacteria can also help with losing weight and at the same time help you maintain a healthy gut.
  • Fruit juices and protein shakes can also help watch your appetite and lose weight easily.

2.) Get Your Timing Right to Lose Weight Fast

  • One of the key elements that you need to remember while on the quest of losing weight would be to always watch the timing.
  • People might say that a healthy breakfast, a smaller lunch and an even smaller dinner will help you lose weight fast. Sadly, this works for people who belong to the “eat what you want and still stay skinny category”. But for people who seem to gain weight just by looking at food, timing is the best option.
  • Instead of the three portioned meals through the day, make sure you eat lesser than what you usually eat, but this time you have to make certain that you eat before your stomach starts making those growling noises. Hence, it would be best to eat small sized snacks like oatmeal bars, whole fruits, avocados or cucumber between each of these meals.
  • Keeping your stomach filled before the growling time would ensure that you do not binge when it is time to eat.

3.) More Protein Will Help Lose Weight to Lose Weight Fast

  • Most people think that high protein equals gaining a lot of weight. Sadly, this is a misconception that has been going around for way too long. What you must understand is that protein helps with muscle regeneration and for gaining muscle mass.
  • If your body lacks the necessary sugar to make it work without the calories, then your body is only going to look for an alternative to burn.
  • If you are thinking of going on a completely sugar free, fat free and carb free diet, then you have to make certain that you take an extra helping of proteins.
  • This would ensure your body maintains the usual musculature while some of it gets burnt due to the lack of necessary sugars.
  • You could either take protein supplements to help or you can eat red meat without the fat. Red meat is rich in protein that will cut your appetite completely and will make certain that you do not gain weight. When on a complete protein diet, make sure that you never eat anything with carbs, sugar or fat.

4.) Concoctions to Lose Weight Fast

  • We all know or have read at some point that Indian medicines can help with various ailments. Such remedies are one hundred percent natural you don’t have to worry about any of the adverse ill effects or side effects on a later day.
  • There is one particular concoction available in Indian medicine, which is unbearable to taste or smell, but does work wonders in helping lose weight. For this concoction, you will need one hibiscus flower (optional), one inch piece of ginger, ten round black peppers and a glass of water. Crush the ginger and the round pepper in a mortar and place them in a container.
  • Next, add the crushed hibiscus flower followed by water. Place the container on high heat and let the contents boil. The contents of the pan need to evaporate and shrink to half a glass.
  • Once the concoction has reduced, strain it into a glass. Add one tablespoon of honey to this hot concoction, some lemon juice to alter the taste and drink it down like hot tea. This concoction is bound to work wonders, but make certain not to be too liberal on sugars and fat.

5.) Stick To One Exercise to Lose Weight Fast

  • If you are looking at just losing weight soon to fit into those old jeans or just look sexy and not have those really weird muscle formations, then you have to choose one exercise and stick to it.
  • Most gym instructors and fitness trainers would say that you have to work your abs, your thighs, you this and that and also do a cardio to be healthy heart wise.
  • All of this is fine and dandy if you want to take the time, but when you need to lose weight really fast, then just choose one for at least two weeks.
  • For the first two weeks run on a treadmill, increasing your running speed each day, on the third week move on to the elliptical climber and likewise keep changing your exercise regimen every two weeks.
  • The key to losing weight instantly would be to burn the excess fat from all over your body soon. This can be accomplished only by exercising your body all at once and one form of exercise that works out the entire body is your best bet.

6.) Dance Till You Drop to Lose Weight Fast

  • If you find using exercise machines to be boring and tiresome, then the best way to lose weight fast would actually be to dance till you drop. Choose any of the dance forms that are rhythmic and fast.
  • If you do not already know a dance form, then join a studio that teaches various dance forms. Choose dance forms like zumba or salsa. These dance forms would exercise your body in total. The speed and rhythm of the dance moves would also help you burn fat.
  • This particular method is sure to show some results really soon. Unlike the treadmill or the elliptical climber, you would never get bored with a dance routine.
  • The sounds, the rhythm and the fun that you get out of this will always make you look forward to it. A dance form like Zumba would not only be fun, but it will also make sure that you exercise your body without getting bored.

How to Lose Weight Fast 1

7.)  Tea to Lose Weight Fast – White or Green?

  • Everyone who wishes to lose weight do know one thing about tea – if it is green then it helps lose weight. But what these people do not know, or have not heard is that if the tea is white, then it is known to help lose weight faster and better.
  • We all know that green tea has antioxidants that help in purifying our body of all the accumulated toxins. We also know that green tea helps in melting the fat from our bodies and flushing it out. What you really need to know is that green and white tea come from the same tea plants. They are not two different varieties, rather the white tea is plucked when the leaves are younger.
  • Also, green tea goes through more processes than what white tea does. The process of plucking the leaves earlier and passing it through lesser processes, makes white tea more beneficial. Also, since there are just about two processes that white tea goes through, it packs its anti-oxidant power more intact than green tea.

8.)  Water To The Rescue to Lose Weight Fast

  • We all know that water is very important for our day to day living and we all know the hard and fast rule of living by 8 glasses of water each day. These 8 glasses of water is good if you are drinking water just for sustenance.
  • If you want to lose weight fast, then you need to drink lots of water. You will have to drink at the least 4 to 5 liters of water each day if you are looking at detoxifying your body effectively.
  • Water is known to metabolize food better and to take the nutrients around the body It also known to break down complex sugars and flushing unwanted fats and sugars from within our body effectively.
  • So detoxifying isn’t the only thing that is going to help you lose weight rather flushing out the toxins and fat would help you equally better.

9.) Dinner Time Is not TV Time to Lose Weight Fast

  • Research has proven that gaining weight is directly proportional to the amount of time spent on watching TV. When you watch TV whilst eating, you really do not pay attention to what goes into your mouth and how much of it goes into your mouth.
  • Your brain is preoccupied with the sights and sounds from the television and is not paying much attention to the food on the plate.
  • Researchers have proven that people who tend to watch TV while having dinner are heavier than the ones that spend time with family or friends whilst eating.
  • They have proved that having conversations during dinner increases the amount of air that goes into your stomach and brings down the amount of food that is needed to satiate your appetite. Also, when dinner is a social event people are quite conscious about the quantity that they eat. Lesser the quantity leads to losing weight sooner.

10.) Walk When You Eat to Lose Weight Fast

  • If you are at a dinner party that serves buffet, make it a point to stand away from the service area. This would make certain that you have to walk a bit before you get to the food.
  • Scientists have proven that when your body exercises a bit during lunch or dinner, with even a bit of a walk from one end of the room to another, it would help you lose your appetite soon.
  • If you are alone at home and always enjoy only the company of the TV whilst having lunch or dinner, then make it a point to have the remote controls away from you.
  • It would be best if you walk to the TV to change channels. Also leave the food on the stove and not on the dining table or near you while watching TV. Research also has proven that people who walk to get their food to eat ten percent lesser than others.

11.) Let Your Breakfast Be Sweet

  • People believe that if you start your day with something sweet, then your entire day will be sweet. Dieters would rather kill than eat sweets during breakfast and most physical trainers would say that eating sweets for breakfast would kill all your diet plans.
  • Sadly, what they do not know is that a team of doctors from the Tel Aviv’s University Medical Center, has proven that people who had a heavy breakfast that included a sweet lost more than thirty five pounds in less than a year. This study included people who were on various diets and also people who were on a no sugar diet.
  • Surprisingly doctors found out that the dieters from the “heavy breakfast with sweet group” were the ones who lost weight sooner than the ones who were on a no sugar diet! To lose weight all you would have to do is have a hearty breakfast with a sweet and make sure you lessen the quantity of lunch and dinner.

12.) Prepare Mentally to Lose Weight Fast

  • When it comes to losing weight fast, you need to prepare yourself mentally. Physical drain can upset your mental health, thereby you lose track of why you set out on this venture to lose weight.
  • Remind yourself why you want to lose weight. Keep nice clothing out each day so that it could motivate you to exercise.
  • When you are on the quest to mentally motivating yourself, always make it a point to avoid anything that resembles high calorie fast food.
  • Recent studies have shown that looking at high calorie food like fries or pastries would only trigger the appetite center of your brain thus making your body crave food.
  • Set Goals That Your Brain Can Understand: Instead of making the task look very big, make it smaller and more achievable. Instead of telling yourself that you have to lose 30 Lbs, you can make it more entertaining and simpler for your brain to say that you have to lose just 1 lbs 30 times. This makes that goal more achievable and easy to follow.

13.) Easy To Make Your Body Stop Craving Sweets to Lose Weight Fast

  • When going on your walks to the park or anywhere else, always take someone with you. People who know about your plan can keep you miles away from high calorie food. On the other hand, if you are stuck with someone who does not know your plan, and if your body craves pastries or deep fried food, then buy it and after a small bite gives it to the person who is with you.
  • When you are really craving those sinful chocolates, your body is telling you that it is lacking magnesium and that you need to refill it soon. The best and the healthier alternative to chocolates would be to eat figs. Figs are high in magnesium and would help your body adjust soon and forget the need to binge on chocolates.
  • If you have somehow given into the temptation of chocolates or any other sweet treats, but are finding it difficult to stop eating them, then eat a piece of cold turkey immediately. This would help cut any further craving for sweet treats. If you really want to lose weight fast, then always make sure that you keep only one variety of sweet treats at home and more vegetables for you to snack on.

14.) Out of Sight is Out of Mind to Lose Weight Fast

  • Craving for food is one very common attribute for those who tend to starve or go on a crash diet. When such cravings come about, people usually give in and end up binge eating. Binge eating as you well know would make your body store up the fat.
  • Your body has come to realize that it is not very often that it gets food so a frenzied binge eating will store up fat for on your body to be burnt on another day. When your body stores up fat, it will make you look and feel heavy. So don’t give in to such cravings.
  • If it you binge-eat chocolates, then it is best that you do not buy them or at least leave them in a place that is out of reach. Research has proven that people who leave their chocolates out of reach tend to eat sixty percent lesser chocolates.

15.) Distract Your Cravings to Lose Weight Fast

  • When they said mind over body, they did say it right. Research has proven that a person suffers from sudden food cravings only for 10 minutes at any given point of time. The same research has also proven that distracting your mind from the craving will help you stay on your path of diet.
  • When a craving suddenly hits you, it would be best for you to go on a vigorous walk or get down to doing the laundry or doing your dishes. If all of that is done, then call a friend or perhaps spend some time on the internet. All you have to do distracts your mind away from the craving for ten minutes, so you can lose weight easily.

How to Lose Weight Fast 2

16.) Watch Your Morning to Lose Weight Fast

  • Early to bed and early to rise, makes jack healthy, wealthy and wise. This is something we have all heard for a long time, but whoever said this forgot to tell you that it isn’t enough that jack wakes up early, but jack also needs to watch very many things in the morning to be healthy.
  • If you want to lose weight soon, then make it a point to undertake an exercise system that is either moderate or rigorous. Recent researches have proven that a rigorous or moderate intensity exercise can help the body cut any motivation for food.
  • Also, make certain that your playlist is filled with fast tempo songs to motivate you to exercise vigorously.

17.) Quantity to Lose Weight Fast

  • How much goes into your mouth is more important than what goes into your mouth to make a difference on whether or not you can lose weight fast. There are many food items that can help you lose weight fast, but eating a lot of them would also beat the purpose of eating them.
  • People believe that healthier alternatives of food items can help lose weight. For example, eating fruits and fresh vegetables can help lose weight fast, but what happens if you eat too many fruits and vegetables?
  • Depending on the type of the vegetable or fruit, you would either end up gaining more weight or you might end up making the food item useless for it to be healthy any-more. An apple a day is healthy, but if you eat five apples a day, then it loses the value of being a health food.

18.) Downsizing is Good Policy to Lose Weight Fast

  • If you work in the corporate industry, you would have at some point seen your company downsize. You would have heard how the company needs to cut costs or how the company is unable to deal with the losses that they have to downsize in a particular department or across the board.
  • We all know how badly such downsizing affects us: ironically, downsizing could actually help you lose weight really fast. Instead of eating your meals in the regular plates, serve food for others in your family on the regular plates and you have your food served on a salad plate or on your kids plate.
  • Studies have shown that when food is served on smaller plates the amount consumed will also reduce. So start serving your food on smaller plates now.

19.) What to Eat to Lose Weight Fast

  • Well, almost everything that is fried in oil or loaded with fat is so good on the taste buds when you eat, but they are definitely not good if you want to lose your weight really fast. Bread is one the undoing of most people, who are on a diet. More than bread it is the butter that becomes a problem. Now, if you want to avoid the carb heavy bread and the fat heavy butter, then use extra virgin olive oil instead of butter.
  • When you tend to oil your bread, you would eat twenty three percent lesser bread and you would also consume sixteen percent lesser calories than when you eat it with butter
  • Cutting back on the amount of meat that you consume will also help you lose weight better. Make sure that your meals always have eighty percent vegetables and only twenty percent meat. When you crave a snack very badly, then make sure that you eat an apple with the peel or perhaps have a cup of clear soup.

20.) Easy Follow Tricks to Lose Weight Fast

  • Weight lose is determined by certain factors that we do not have a control over – or so they say! Most people blame their gained weight on genetics and that for so many generations they have always been heavy.
  • This is just an easy way to escape from being ridiculed and rest assured there was a time when they were fit and now they just have gained a lot of weight. If you are a person who hates rigorous exercises, then there are a few tricks that you can try to lose weight fast.
  • One of the very first tricks would be to eat either with chopsticks or with a spoon or fork in your hand that is not dominant. A non-dominant hand is one that you do not use regularly.
  • For example, if you are right handed then your left hand is the non-dominant hand. This would ensure that you eat slowly, thereby chewing your food better for better metabolism and eating lesser since with time you tend to lose your hunger.

21.) Breath and Portion Out to Lose Weight Fast

  • If you are a person who gives into stress eating, then you would have to counter it with a proper breathing technique. Use the well known 4-7-8 technique for this. Inhale air as you count till four, and then hold the breath in till the slow count of seven.
  • Now, exhale to a slow count of eight. Make certain that you exhale through the mouth. Repeat this exercise 9 – 10 times. To help control your appetite better.
  • You can also try the equals trick, where every meal of yours would have an equal serving of fiber and proteins. This would make certain that your sugar levels are balanced at all times and that you do not end up craving more food later on.
  • When you follow this diet, you would have to make certain that you cut out an intake of fat from your diet. Also, you can get protein from any source like red or white meats, pulses or even from lentils.

22.) Dress It Right to Lose Weight Fast

  • Dressing our salads is something that is very important. We love our mayo and any other egg based salad dressing simply because it makes the actual salad a little more appealing to eat. This is true, but then, an egg based dressing would only beat the purpose of eating a salad – the purpose of losing weight.
  • Hence, you need to pay attention to what goes into your salad. Always choose low calorie and low fat salad dressings. Apple cider vinegar, red or white wine vinegar are better alternatives than a French or Italian salad dressing.
  • If you are looking for better flavor than use a tablespoon of flavored olive oil of your choice along with the vinegar before dressing the salad. This can include chili, garlic or even coriander infused olive oil.
  • When talking about dressing it right, you should also pay attention to what you wear. Always have the attitude that you look great and will look great in clothes that show off a great body. Always carry that image of you in a stunning dress as a motivation to lose weight fast.

23.) Make it Public to Lose Weight Fast

  • By the end of the day we all need to look in great shape to get a lot of things to happen for us. If you cannot find a good support system while you are on this quest to lose weight fast then the internet can provide it for you.
  • Create a blog or a facebook page where people get to know about your plan and your progress. If everything else fails, this will make you adhere to your fast weight loss regimen. After all, we are human and all of us are egotistical.
  • There is nothing like the fear of shame that can really motivate us to stick our plan and there is nothing worse than your followers finding out about you lost the battle to lose weight fast.
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