Home Remedies for Epilepsy Treatment Naturally

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How to use home remedies for epilepsy  treatment naturally? On the off chance that the expression epilepsy fills you with apprehension, we don’t accuse you. When you or somebody you know has a seizure, it can search alarming beyond any doubt. What’s more what people don’t comprehend, they need to stay away from. A great many people don’t comprehend this infection and like to stay willfully dimwitted of its causes and lifelong effects. Numerous myths encompass epileptic people, the first being that they are rationally hindered or slow-witted. This is altogether untrue! People with epilepsy or seizures experience the ill effects of a medical condition in which the neurons of the brain once in a while act whimsically, conveying erroneous signs at higher than normal rate, bringing about sudden snapping developments we normally call a seizure. This person has an overall normally functioning brain.Home Remedies for Epilepsy Treatment Naturally

Reasons for Epilepsy:

Numerous elements can make one an epileptic, the majority of them are neurological. Nonetheless, a few reasons are mental and physical as well:

  • Abnormality in neuron functioning
  • Malfunctioning of neurotransmitters
  • Recent head damage
  • Recent stroke
  • Genetic abnormality
  • Brain tumors
  • Alzheimer’s infection
  • Severe liquor addiction
  • Heart attack
  • Meningitis
  • Viral encephalitis
  • Neurocysticercosis – parasitic contamination of the brain
  • Cerebral paralysis
  • Autism
  • Oxygen lack in hatchling
  • Severe hunger amid incubation

The rundown appears to be exceptionally premonition and conjures apprehension of this medical condition. In any case, analysts are softening new ground consistently up the treatment and control of epilepsy, which is a source of mettle to epilepsy sufferers. Cutting edge medicine and medications can help control numerous sorts of epilepsy and support the patient in heading as normal a life as could reasonably be expected.

Normal Symptoms of Epilepsy:

Different sorts of epilepsy influence different people in different conduct. The symptoms shift from being exceptionally mellow and scarcely perceptible to the extremely fierce and sudden. Numerous sorts of epilepsy, on the other hand, need medical consideration and consistent care.

  • Poor sharpness
  • Tendency to gaze blankly
  • Seizures
  • Sudden temperament changes
  • Sudden sensation (sudden smell or shivering)
  • Sudden fierce streaks

These symptoms happen amid an epileptic attack and vanish when the attack is over. The person may or may not have an alternate attack within a brief span of time as epilepsy at some point stays torpid for quite a long time before striking a person once more.

Home Remedies for Epilepsy Treatment Naturally

In spite of the fact that epilepsy is a medical condition and obliges careful checking and medication under a doctor, there are a few things that you can do at home to help yourself or somebody dear to you who is experiencing epilepsy. These epilepsy home remedies are not substitutes to proper medication. However, are similar to a supplementary backing. The vast majority of them work by keeping a seizure and different symptoms of epilepsy.

1.) Magnesium Rich Foods for Epilepsy Treatment

Research has uncovered that an inadequacy of magnesium in the body can trigger seizures in an epileptic person. Subsequently, guaranteeing a diet rich in magnesium keeps you a venture in front of your next seizure. Foods rich in magnesium incorporates cashew nuts, almonds and spinach. Verify you make all or the majority of these magnesium rich foods a regular piece of your diet. Chances are that your doctor, as well, will have endorsed a magnesium supplement in your medication.

2.) Ash Gourd for Epilepsy Treatment

On the off chance that you don’t remember it by this name, maybe you will remember it by the name of petha. Truth is stranger than fiction, the widely acclaimed sweet delicacy made in India, since until the end of time! The genuine fruit is called ash gourd or winter-melon. It is widely used to treat epilepsy in India. You need to first, peel and mesh an ash gourd to use it. Crush properly to concentrate the juice from the fruit and to this, add some licorice powder. Make it a propensity to drink a glass of this mixture everyday to get relief from epilepsy and keep the seizures at bay.

3.) Garlic for Epilepsy Treatment

Most effortlessly found in every home, garlic is brimming with therapeutic benefits. To utilize it as a home remedy for epilepsy, take a level with amounts of water and milk Boil this milk and water mixture along with 3-4 cloves of garlic and drink it every day. It will keep your  body hydrated and recharged with minerals, while the garlic has numerous properties for enhancing neurological health.

4.) Coconut Water for Epilepsy Treatment

Ever accomplished that completely invigorated and cool feeling in the wake of drinking coconut water on a sweltering day? That is on account of coconut water is an enchantment elixir stacked with electrolytes, essential minerals, and water. These three things advance the better neuron health and keeps the neurological framework wrenched up.

5.) Milk for Epilepsy Treatment

Never thought you’d read the statement “milk” here, isn’t that right? We all know that calcium found in milk is good for our bones. Be that as it may did you know that calcium is likewise a vital mineral for good brain health? Drinking milk regularly, will ensure that the brain gets its regular supply of minerals. The water content in milk, likewise keeps the body hydrated. So you truly have nothing to lose by adding 1-2 glasses of milk to your daily diet. This is one of the well known and most effective home remedies for treating epilepsy.


6.) Epsom Salt for Epilepsy Treatment

Magnesium sulfate, as it is otherwise called, has a heavenly impact on nerve health. This is a naturally discovered salt that is rich in magnesium and sulfur, which are both in charge of better ingestion of calcium by the body. The magnesium additionally helps epileptics by keeping up proper nerve functioning, diminishing stress, and killing poisons. Just taking one tablespoon of Epsom salt, consistently with a glass of water can demonstrate valuable for epilepsy.

7.) Chamomile Tea for Epilepsy Treatment

Known for its cancer prevention agent and purifying properties, chamomile tea can likewise lessen the symptoms of epilepsy. It is a natural soothing executor and works by calming the nerves. On the off chance that you feel you have a seizure impending (numerous people say their seizures are gone before by migraines and tension), you ought to unquestionably try this remedy for epilepsy. Tasting a solid chamomile tea can be of incredible help. Boil some water and add a teabag of chamomile tea. Permit it to soak for no less than 15 minutes, verifying that the tea is exceptionally solid. Tasting it will promptly mitigate your anxious nerves.

8.) Bacopa Leaf for Epilepsy Treatment

Utilized for quite a long time as a part of Ayurvedic medicine, the Bacopa leaf, or Brahmi, is a compelling home remedy for epilepsy. It is an effective nerve health promoter and is known to upgrade memory, focus and also treat epilepsy. It improves nerve health and ensures the neurons against harm, keeping seizures at bay.

9.) Omega-3 Fatty Acids for Epilepsy Treatment

These are a gathering of essential acids that advance general good health. These fatty acids diminish cholesterol and corridor blockages, which thus lessens the effects of maturing and enhance nerve and brain health.  Fish and nuts are rich in omega -3 fatty acids. Verify you incorporate these in your diet on a regular premise to avoid seizures. These foods are likewise rich in vital minerals and supplements that are critical for healthy nerves and brain functioning.

10.) Indian Gooseberry for Epilepsy Treatment

Indian gooseberry, is a sublime fruit, whose benefits never stops to amaze! Not just is it the richest source of vitamin C, it additionally has heaps of cancer prevention agents and minerals. If you drink 1 glass of gooseberry juice empty stomach, then it will help alleviate the symptoms of epilepsy and extraordinarily forestall seizures.

11.) Sesame Oil for Epilepsy Treatment

A back rub of this lesser known oil can help to quickly mitigate the symptoms of epilepsy. Take a little warm sesame oil and back rub it well onto the soles of the feet, sanctuaries and palms. This function admirably if done in time to retire after which you can get a good measurement of quiet rest.

12.) Basil for Epilepsy Treatment

This well known herb is not simply an aroma component for nourishment. Basil or tulsi is an adored plant in India on purpose. It can be utilized to treat numerous maladies and conditions, including epilepsy. Whenever a patient suffering from epilepsy an immediate intake of Basil leaves and application of basil leaf juice to the body are both just as viable. Its fragrant nature has soothing, and detoxifying effects on your entire system.

13.) Cow’s Ghee for Epilepsy Treatment

Ghee or cleared up spread is a great source of sustenance and has been utilized for giving additional healthful care in numerous incapacitation infections and conditions. It is a powerhouse of concentrated supplements and can help epileptics significantly. Counting immaculate bovine’s ghee in the diet of an epileptic helps in averting seizures, curing epilepsy related migraine, and is a source of healthy fatty acids.

14.) Detox for Epilepsy Treatment

The benefits of detoxification of the body reach out for epilepsy too. Ordinarily, epilepsy and its symptoms are created by neurotoxins that development in the body because of an unhealthy diet and poor lifestyle. In this manner, detoxifying helps the body in discharging the unsafe form ups and liberating the body of all possible poisons. Numerous epileptics have made it a regular practice to Detox at regular interims.

15.) Essential Oils for Epilepsy Treatment

Known and acknowledged worldwide for its diverse benefits, yoga can help in treating and curing epilepsy as well. Under the supervision of a teacher, rehearse yogasanas (postures) that are valuable for nerve and brain health.

16.) Asafoetida for Epilepsy Treatment

Hing, is an alternate natural and simple home remedy for epilepsy you can try for fighting epilepsy. In a glass of milk, add some Asafoetida, some rock salt (Sendha Namak) and Ghee (rarified margarine) and permit it to boil well. Hold up till the milk itself gives out some cream or ghee and expend this mixture daily.

17.) Onion for Epilepsy Treatment

For curing epilepsy, remove the juice of 2-3 onions and blend it well in water. For two months drink this mixture daily  and you will discover incredible relief from your symptoms.

18.) Licorice for Epilepsy Treatment

By and by, licorice or Mulethi, demonstrates that it is substantially more than what we know it to be. Granulate some licorice and add it to a tablespoon of nectar. Take this custom made medicine consistently to discover relief from epilepsy and its symptoms. Alert: Do not expend licorice amid pregnancy for any reason as it may cause untimely work!

19.) Forbearance for Epilepsy Treatment

People experiencing epilepsy must stick to a strict diet arrange that prohibits an excess of oily and fiery sustenance. Ensure that your diet is low in refined sugars and flours too. Limit your intake of liquor and cigarettes. A healthy lifestyle can go far in curing and controlling a condition like epilepsy, accordingly, give your body the battling chance it needs by honing healthy propensities.

An epileptic person is not a ticking time bomb holding up to blast. They require a ton of mindful care, however, can take care of themselves amid non-attack periods. The onus of the patient and the assistant is principally to verify the triggers of epilepsy are kept at bay. This can be a troublesome errand as different people can have different triggers that can set off an epileptic attack. It can be due to sudden stress and exposure to uproarious music for an alternate; high temperature and moistness for one and drying out for an alternate. By perception, try to recognize what triggers influence your epilepsy the most and try your hardest to kill them from your life.

Epilepsy is a genuine medical condition, yet it is really possible to control it and its delayed consequences with simply a little mindful care. Take after your doctor’s recommendation nearly and educate him/her about the home remedies you are considering trying. Try not to miss any measurements of the medication and keep your body and surroundings free of all epileptic attack triggers.

Epilepsy generally won’t need to be a quiet illness with little or no treatment accessible. It can be brought under control to ensure that the harassed person heads a normal, healthy life. Offer these home remedies for epilepsy to any individual who has this condition, for these can help them allay the ache and distress that a patient experiences soothing and calming executors. Oils of lavender, ylang, and chamomile can be utilized daily to keep up nerve health and to diminish nervousness and stress identified with epilepsy.

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