Green Tea Benefits: 19 Health Benefits Of Drinking Green Tea

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There are so many strong natural antioxidants (polyphenols) are present in green tea. These antioxidants will make green tea a better drink over coffee or black tea. Green tea also has very less caffeine content. Green tea benefits your hair, skin and also helps in weight loss. There is a long list of green tea benefits but drinking 1 cup a day would not help you. If you want benefits from green tea then you have to develop a habit of drinking 3-4 cups of green tea daily. Also, loose green tea leaves of higher quality is better over green tea bags.

Green Tea Benefits For Your Body & Health

Green Tea Benefits

1.) Green Tea Benefits for Heart Diseases:

Green tea is very helpful to prevent the heart disease. Green tea lowers the cholesterol and keep relax the lining of blood vessels by working on them. This provides blood vessels more reliability to handle blood pressure changes. Green tea also prevents clotting, which is primary reason for heart attack.

2.) Green Tea Benefits for Cancer:

Green tea helps to prevent many type of cancer by killing cancer cell. Antioxidants present in Green tea are more effective than Vitamin E & Vitamin C. A study found that antioxidants are 120 times more effective than vitamin C & 24 times then vitamin E. Green tea secure damaging of protective cells. It also kills cancer cells without damaging healthy tissues around them.

3.) Green Tea Benefits for Weight Loss:

Green tea helps you to loss your body weight.  As mentioned before, tea features a natural anti-oxidant gift in it, called in catechin polyphenols. Scientists have known six totally different catechins in tea and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) is one of them. EGCG increase the metabolism rate, and result in increasing the rate on which our body turns food into calories and helps in weight loss. Green tea reduces  blood fat and also reduce food cravings. Due to its drug properties, it eliminates excess water and thereby reduces excess body weight.

4.) Green Tea Benefits for Skin:

We all know that anti-oxidants are really beneficial for our skin and green tea has many. Drinking green tea regularly helps you achieving glowing skin. You can get a glowing skin by applying green tea externally or by drinking green tea. Green tea also protect you skin against skin cancer.

You can use green tea as face pack. You can heat green tea in water and after cooling you can wash you face for instant freshness. Also, mix few green leaves in 2-3 spoon of yoghurt and massage your face gently. Green tea also protects you from sun burn & wrinkles.

5.) Green tea Benefits for Hair:

Greeen tea inhibits growth of DHT, which ultimately responsible for hair growth & hair fall. Elements present in green tea react with testosterone and help to balance the testosterone in the blood. Green tea also prevents reaction of testosterone with 5-alpha reductase & ultimately conversion to DHT.

Green tea also prevents common hair problems like psoriasis and dandruff after reducing inflammation with its antiseptic properties. Green tea also helps in growth of hair and makes them softer.


6.) Green Tea Benefits for Cholesterol:

One on the major benefits of green tea is that it helps in reducing cholesterol. Today many people are facing problem of high cholesterol. Green tea contains tannins, which helps in reducing the bad cholesterol naturally. Tannins reduce the LDL (Low-density lipoproteins), which is known as bad cholesterol. Since green tea reduces the bad cholesterol so it also maintains a balance between good and bad cholesterol.

7.) Green Tea Benefits for Arthritis:

Green tea helps to reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis or prevent rheumatoid arthritis. Green tea has benefits for our health. It protects the production of cartilage by blocking the production of the enzyme chemokine. Chemokine are type of protein and they promote the inflammation in the body. This inflammation will destroy the flexibility of the cartilage and increase the chances of arthritis.

8.) Green Tea Benefits for Bones:

Green tea makes your bones strong with the help of very strong fluoride content found in green tea. Drinking green tea on daily basis will preserve the bone density.

9.) Green Tea Benefits for Diabetes:

Green tea helps to reduce the risk of type II diabetes. So many natural anti-oxidants in green tea help inhibit the secretion of alpha-glucosidase. This slows down the absorption of glucose in the blood stream. In simple words, now less insulin is require to manage the glucose in the blood. Green tea anti-oxidants help in managing & controlling the disease.

10.) Green Tea Benefits for Alzheimer:

Green tea helps in increasing brain functioning and boost our memory. There is no cure for Alzheimer but yes you can reduce the chances for it cause or prevent it. Green tea helps to slow down the process of reduced acetylcholine in the brain, which is a symptom of Alzheimer.

11.) Green Tea Benefits for Tooth Decay:

Green tea has the ability to reduce the growth of viruses & bacteria that cause dental diseases. Green tea also slow down the growth of bacteria and prevent bad breath. Green tea also helps in lowering the inflammation in gums.

12.) Green Tea Benefits for Blood Pressure:

Green tea also contains caffeine, which is not good for health. Caffeine is also not good for those people who are suffering from hypertension.The percentage of caffeine in green tea is very lower than other teas. Green tea has positive effects on reducing heart disease; managing and reducing diabetes and cholesterol. As a result of this green tea manage the high blood pressure.

You can deal with caffeine issue by replacing the normal green tea with a decaffeinated brand green tea.

13.) Green Tea Benefits for Parkinson:

Green tea antioxidants help to prevent the damaging of cells in the brain which could cause Parkinson. Parkinson is a type of brain tumor/cancer. Drinking green tea regularly reduces the risk of Parkinson and prevents it.

14.) Green Tea Benefits for Liver Disease:

Green tea helps in prevent transplant failure in people with liver failure. Many researches showed that green tea destroy the harmful free radicals in fatty livers and reduce the risk of liver disease.

15.) Green Tea benefits for Anti-ageing:

Green tea helps to fight against free radicals. An antioxidant “polyphenols” present in green tea fights with free radicals. This ultimately help us to fight against promotes longevity and ageing.

16.) Green Tea Benefits for Obesity:

Green tea stops the movement of glucose in body fat cells and thus prevents obesity. If someone takes a healthy diet, exercise more often and regularly drinks green tea, it is very rare that you will be obese.

17.) Green Tea Benefits for Food Poisoning:

Green tea also reduces the chances of food poisoning. Green tea has “Catechin” in it. Catechin kills the bacteria which are responsible for food poisoning. Catechin also reduced the toxins generated by those bacteria.

18.) Green Tea Benefits for Immunity:

So many polyphenols and flavonoids are found in green tea. These will help to boost our immune system make us stronger to fighting against diseases and infections.

19.) Green Tea Benefits for Cold & Flue:

Green tea is very effective to fight against cold and flu. Green Tea prevents the causes of getting a cold or flu. Vitamin C present in the green tea helps us to treat the common cold and flu.

Green Tea Benefits

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