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How to use home remedies for blackhead removal? Blackheads are a very common skin problem among people. Usually people are not aware of the causes of blackheads and the way to eliminate them. The most common reason for blackheads is the formation of sebum which gets accumulated and ultimately causes acne and other skin related problems. Other than appearing on the face, they prominently appear on the shoulders, arms and even back.

It can become a tedious job to get rid of blackheads, people with oily skin have to be more cautious. Going for the natural way to remove blackheads or using natural remedies is recommended. There are few superb article on how to get rid of pimples?, How to get rid of blackheads?, and Blackhead removal tricks on our website.

Home Remedies for Blackhead Removal

Home Remedies For Blackhead Removal:

1.) Honey for Blackhead Removal

Honey is one of the best ingredients that help in getting rid of blackheads. The easiest way is to heat a little honey and rub it all over your face for 15 minutes and rinse off with water after that.

2.) Fenugreek Seeds for Blackhead Removal

Another home remedy for blackheads is using fenugreek seeds, Making a paste of fenugreek seeds by soaking them in water for a night and applying it on the face once a day, preferably before going to sleep. This will help in getting rid of blackheads.

3.) Fuller’s Earth and Rose Water for Blackhead Removal

Skin toning can be done by mixing rose water with fullers earth and it also helps with the blackheads. One tablespoon of fullers earth mixed with rose water can be used to make a paste which then should be used to scrub all over  and washed after half an hour. This again is a good home remedy for blackheads.

4.) Groundnut Oil for Blackhead Removal

Another great remedy is using groundnut oil, mixing a tablespoon of groundnut oil with lemon juice and applying it on the  areas with blackheads will help get rid of blackheads and reduce the formation also.

5.) Potatoes for Blackhead Removal

Potatoes can be used to heal blackheads, applying potato juice helps with cleansing and reduction in formation of blackheads. Ultimately, this Is a great home remedy for blackheads.


6.) Cinnamon and Lemon Juice for Blackhead Removal

Cinnamon and Lemon juice can also be used to get rid of blackheads Mixing grounded cinnamon with lemon juice and application will help  in reduction of blackheads.

7.) Basil for Blackhead Removal

Basil helps fight blackheads in a great way. Basil leaves boiled in water for a few minutes and application of the cooled solution on the face with the use of a cotton ball can help you get rid of cotton balls.

8.) Ground Radish Seeds for Blackhead Removal

Ground Radish seeds work amazingly against blackheads, a paste made out of water and radish seeds should be massaged on the areas with blackheads. Will help get rid of blackheads.

9.) Epsom Salt for Blackhead Removal

Epsom salt with small amount of iodine added in boiling water is a great mixture to use on blackheads. Should be applied with a cotton ball on the affected areas, this will help reduce the problem of blackheads.

10.) Lemon and Honey for Blackhead Removal

Lemon and honey are one of the best things to be used on a skin, a mixture of 2 teaspoons of honey and one full lemon should be applied on the affected areas. This can work wonders on the blackheads.

11.) Boiled Milk for Blackhead Removal

Boiled Milk can be added with lemon juice a massaged on the face to help reduce blackheads.

12.) Azadirachta Indica for Blackhead Removal

Azadirachta Indica (neem) is one of the best natural agents for your skin.  Applying a paste made of Azadirachta Indica(neem) leaves and some turmeric won’t only help get rid of blackheads but also reduce acne and other skin problems.

13.) Cleansing for Blackhead Removal

Cleansing is important to keep your face free from blackheads, Using rose water for cleansing is a great home remedy for blackheads.

14.) Sandalwood and Rose Water for Blackhead Removal

A Paste made of sandalwood and rose water should be applied once every week to get rid of blackheads. It also reduces other skin problems.

Scrubs for Blackhead Removal:

1.) Honey and Sugar Scrub for Blackhead Removal

A scrub made of honey and sugar is great for blackheads. Just add 2 tablespoons of honey and sugar mixed very well, this will make a great scrub. Using this scrub can work wonders to your blackhead problem.

2.) Pomegranate Seeds for Blackhead Removal

Pomegranate seeds work brilliantly against blackheads. Dried seeds can be turned into powder form. Mixing this powder with  lemon juice can work amazingly against blackheads.

3.) Rice Flour for Blackhead Removal

Rice flour should be used to eradicate blackheads. Curd mixed with rice flour in equal quantities and massaged can help reduce blackheads.

4.) Oatmeal Scrub for Blackhead Removal

Oatmeal acts as a brilliant scrub. This is a great home remedy for blackheads. Adding some honey and giving your face a gentle massage with the mixture will help reduce the formation of blackheads.

Steam Therapy for Blackhead Removal:

Steam helps in a great way with oily skin. It also helps with acne and blackheads. Using a steam machine or even without that the steam therapy can be done at home. Boil some water and when it starts to cool down, put a towel over your head and put your head towards the pot of boiled water. The steam from the boiled water will get rid of the accumulation and let the pores open. Steam therapy reduces sebum and dirt around your face. Now wiping the face with cotton balls can help get rid of blackheads.

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