How to Kiss a Boy Romantically? (With Video)


Who initiate the first kiss a different matter. It is a common practice that the guy is the one who initiates the kiss. But what if the guy is being slow? And you already feel that the right moment to kiss has come? There is nothing wrong to kiss a boy first and it is just expressing one’s feelings. Also, it is important that you kiss a boy romantically. But be sure that you have at least prepared for the kiss, so the kiss will be a memorable not just for the guy, but for the both of you. You can also read how to give a hickey? on our website.

How to Kiss a Boy Romantically

The Preparations Before You Kiss a Boy Romantically

Be Attractive to Kiss a Boy Romantically

Of course you want your guy to just look at you and no one else. Let it happen by making yourself attractive. Look good on your date or meeting place (like school or college). Spray that light yet seductive perfume. Brush your teeth well. You can bring along a mouth spray to be sure. Have that look that he cannot resist. Put up a look that he cannot forget.

Location to Kiss a Boy Romantically

If you are planning to kiss him the first time, let it be in a place that will be special to both of you. Choose a place that is quiet yet romantic. Also the place that is not too public, like a movie house for instance. You can choose a park that is not crowded. Since kissing is a private matter, you do not want other people to feast on your first kiss. It can also be a place that has relevance in your relationship.


Perfect Timing to Kiss a Boy Romantically

You do not want to just plant him the kiss. You do not want to surprise him. You also do not want to be rejected. The key here is to wait for the right moment. Right timing contributes to a perfect kiss. The right timing will just come, and you will feel it. If you just stopped talking, looked in each other’s eyes, and felt that magic moment, that is the perfect moment to kiss a boy romantically.

Continue With the Plan to Kiss a Boy Romantically

Now that the perfect timing has come, proceed with the plan. Plant him a kiss. Gently, softly. Continue giving him soft and short kisses. He will surely like that you initiated it. Guys nowadays appreciate girls who are being true to their feelings.

How to Kiss a Boy Romantically (With Video)

The Face to Kiss a Boy Romantically

Your face will lean towards his face. He will do the same. This movement will make your lips meet and better chances for a perfect kiss. In this position, you both will feel the same.

The Lips to Kiss a Boy Romantically

Now that your lips have met, plant him a gentle and soft kiss. Just give him a short yet sweet kiss. Do not make the first kiss long. Do not pour your feelings in just one, long kiss. Short kisses will invite more kisses thereafter.

The Head to Kiss a Boy Romantically

When you kiss, it is just natural to tilt your head. The position of the head will come out naturally. Kisses have the power to move heads from left to right without you even noticing it.

The Hand to Kiss a Boy Romantically

Your hand movements will describe your emotions. Your hands will naturally wrap him. They may be at the back of his neck (while sitting) or you may place them at his back (while standing). You may even run your hands up and down his back. Your hands may even touch his cheeks while you are kissing.

The Eyes to Kiss a Boy Romantically

The eyes will naturally close, especially if you are kissing someone special. This is a sign that you are savouring the moment. It is a sign that you enjoy the kiss. It is also a sign that you are feeling the special moment.

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