How to Avoid Bed Bugs (Preventing Bed Bugs)


What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are known scientifically as Cimicidae. They are small, wingless,blood-feeding parasites. It is said that millions of years ago, they inhabit the nests of birds. Over the years, they have found their way to human’s nest— our homes. They prefer to live in the beds that is why they are called bed bugs. They thrive in the cracks, folds, and holes on the bed we sleep in. They also inhabit the sofas, carpets, and other soft home fixtures.  They can even go up the walls and hide in its holes and cracks. Bed bugs are not just found in the homes. They can also infest hotels, dormitories, movie houses, and all sorts of shelters.

What Are Bed Bugs

How to Avoid Bed Bugs? (Preventing Bed Bugs)

Avoid Bed Bugs Preventing Bed Bugs


Clean Your Room Frequently to Avoid Bed Bugs

When cleaning the room, always clean the beddings as well. Always check signs of bed bug infestation. When checking the mattress, focus on the corners and edges. You are likely to see stains if bed bugs are living in your bed. The stains are signs of bed bugs waste. You might even spot one crawling. Bed bugs look like big, dark sesame seeds.  Make sure to clean the surroundings of the bed as well. This includes the headboard, the side sofa, lamp shade, and walls. Carpets must be cleaned as well. You have to scrub the carpet to get rid of bed bugs. Scrubbing will even remove their eggs from the carpet. You may also use a vacuum in cleaning the carpet. You may also place the carpet under the heat of the sun. The heat has the power to kill bed bugs.

Keep Your Things Away From the Floor to Avoid Bed Bugs

Bed bugs live not just on beds. They live in anything soft, just like the carpets. When you go to a different place, do not leave your things lying on the floor. The bed bugs in the carpet might get to your things. When you go home, they will be transferred to your own house. They can easily transfer to your own sofa, bed, or carpet.

Treat Your Things After You Had Travelled to Avoid Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be anywhere. They can even be in the hotel you recently checked-in. Check and clean your things as soon as you arrived home. Do not just store your luggage back to the cabinet. Clean it first using a vacuum cleaner. Immediately wash the clothes you used using a warm water. The use of detergent powder with disinfectant will also help. Hang everything under the heat of the sun to kill bed bugs.

Repair the Wallpapers to Avoid Bed Bugs

Bed bugs also thrive in cracked surfaces. That is why they also love going to torn wallpapers. If your wallpapers are too old, have it replaced, or at least have them repaired. Bed bugs might be hiding behind your torn wallpapers. Bed bugs can easily go from the bed to the walls. Similarly, they can easily go from the walls to other soft surfaces of the room. To avoid this from happening, repair your wallpapers. If you have a budget, replace them all together. This will prevent the spread of bed bugs from one place to another.

Place Your Things Under the Sun to Avoid Bed Bugs

Bed bugs hate heat. So it is wise to put your carpet and mattress under the sun every once in a while. Have a regular cleaning schedule for your fixtures. Assign the weekend to be your “wash and dry” day for the carpet and the mattress. Clean your mattress using disinfectant to get rid of dirt and dust. Do this to the carpet as well. After cleaning, let them dry under the heat of the sun. Not only you will have clean mattress and carpet, you are bed bug-free as well.

Throw Highly Infested Materials to Avoid Bed Bugs

Throw your mattress already if you suspect there are too many bed bugs there. Throw the infested fixtures if the population of bed bugs is already beyond your control. Buy a new mattress or a new carpet instead. This will free you from the hassles bed bugs bring. When you throw your home infested home fixtures, make sure to dump it on the right place. This will avoid the bed bugs from transferring to your neighbours things.

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