Signs that a Girl Likes You


In this article, we will tell you about the signs that a girl likes you. It is a bit harder to understand girls though they say the same for boys. It generally becomes tough for you to read a girl’s mind anticipating whether she likes you or not. There are various differences in the ways of communication of a girl and a boy. It surely is very difficult to guess with her behaviour, emotions, mannerism that if she fancies you the same way you do or not. If you tend to see her from a wishful perspective then things become more complicated. You may be self-deceptive in analysing her behaviour towards you. You don’t have to worry, we are sharing with you some sure signs which can be of great help to you in knowing if she likes you.

Signs that a Girl Likes You

Sure Signs that a Girl Likes You:

1) She Plays with Her Hair

If a girl really likes you then she may often play with her hair while a conversation is going on between you and her. She may want to correct it to make herself attractive. This is a behavioral way among girls to rectify their looks and present before you perfectly. In this way, she can be indicative of her interest in a relationship with you. More precisely, if a girl is making a mess out of her hair in your company then this could be a great sign for you. She is attracted to you immensely.

2) She Asks for Your Help and Assistance

Some girls like to play “Damsel in Distress”. They want your assistance and help in almost any situation. She may say “I am cold”, and this can be a hint that she wants your sweater to get herself covered. She pretends that she is really bad in doing something and expects you to help her out. It allows her to see your reaction and wants you to take good care of her. These could be one of the sure signs that a girl likes you.


3) Her Pupils are Dilated

To more about what is going on in her head, you should look into her eyes. If her pupils look dilated when she is talking to you then this could be a sure sign that she is interested in you. She will keep on gazing at you for longer if she really likes you. If she is looking away in a few seconds then this could be a negative sign. Some girls are shy and they turn their heads in a different direction after you catch them staring at you. This doesn’t mean that they don’t like you but they are feared to tell you. She will smile a lot while talking to you and you can see it in her eyes. This can be one of the signs that a girl likes you.

4) She Touches You Often

She may find ways to bump over you again and again. In this way, she is trying to touch you and this clearly signifies her interest in you. She may wrap her hands around your shoulders and may play with your hair to tease you. She will sit closer to you and hope for a little grazing in your arms. These are some of the prominent indications that she wants a relationship with you.

5) She Touches or Bites Her Lips

She may touch or bite her lips occasionally while conversing with you. This could be a possible sign that she likes you. By this gesture, she is trying to attract you and showing a desire to be kissed by you. This is a big sign which reflects her interest in you. This is really a provocative way to show up her feelings for you.

6) She often Looks at You in a Group

When both of you are in a group setting then she makes sure that she sits closer to you. She keeps on gazing at you when you are at some distance. This signifies her efforts to make out a conversation with you. She may want your attention. She is probably interested in you and all these signs are great for you to go ahead.

7) She Tells You Personal Things of Her Life

If a girl is interested in you and she wants to be in a relationship with you then she may be sharing her personal things while conversing with you. She may tell you about her life goals and dreams. The conversation between you two will not remain superficial anymore. Besides, talking about her favourite movie, she may tell you her likes and dislikes as well. This could be one of the sure signs that a girl likes you.

8) She wants You to Meet Her Friends

It could be another good sign to tell you that the girl likes you. She might be talking to you about her friends and room-mates. She can probably ask you to meet her friends as well. It could mean that she may have told her friends about you and want their respective opinions. She could be thinking of keeping you for a while. This signifies that she is definitely interested in you.

9) She wants to Go Out with You

She can show her interest in you by showing up a desire to go out with you one-on-one. She may want to spend time with you and to know you in a better way. She keeps herself engaged in totally what you two are doing together. Moreover, she can converse with you more personally and a kiss may happen between you two. You have her attention which is a good sign. She probably likes you.

10) She Laughs Even on Your Poor Jokes

The girl who is showing interest in you may laugh even on your poor jokes. She can be affirming you that your motive to amuse her has fulfilled. By this, she is kind of supporting you in your efforts. This could be one of the sure signs that a girl likes you.

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