How to Know If a Girl Likes You or Not?


Girls who like you behave in a certain way. Women are mysterious creatures so they are very difficult to understand. One of the most tedious things is to determine whether a girl you like or love or wants anything more than a friendship. Like they may agree to go on a first date with you, but never text you or call you back. They may act like they are interested in you at a group of friends but shows no signs of interest to be alone with you. Girls have a vast array of physical and emotional tells when they are attracted to a guy. There are some interests that you would like to know if a girl likes you. So guys, pay attention to her eyes that can tell you everything which you want to know about her interest and potential.  A girl can say a lot just with her appearance or look, she can reflect fear, sadness, joy, excitement and even attraction. Read this article thoroughly to know if a girl likes you.

How to know if a girl likes you

Ways to Know if a Girl Likes You:

1.) Make Eye Contact

Making eye contact is a good sign. If a girl feels for you then she will look at you like you are the only guy in the room. So pay attention to her eyes that can tell you everything that you want to know about her romantic interest. She wants to get attention by looking at you.

  • If she will try to make eye contact then her pupils may be dilated.
  • Every time you look at her, she will blush and look away from you.
  • When you are busy or occupied with something else, a girl can’t stop staring or looking at you.
  • She smiles when she is making eye contact.

2.) Play with Her Hair

While it may sound strange to a guy that girls use hints to say many things. If a girl is interested in you, she will play with her hair by twirling hair around her fingers. Touching hair is the subconscious sign that she does when she is attracted to a guy.

3.) She Smiles at You

A smile is a clear sign if a girl likes you. If a girl is interested in you then she will definitely smile at you. When you catch her smiling at you then she looks away or lowers her eyes when you smile back. She will give all her attention if she likes you. She will keep everything aside so that she can spend time with you.


4.) Notice Her Body Language

By observing her body language, you can learn a lot about a girl. There are many signs that will tell you she is interested.

  • She sits in a closed body position, mainly crossed legs or arms then she may be nervous or shy to talk to you.
  • Watch her eyes, if they are dilating then she really like you.
  • Look at her lips, if she constantly bites and touches them then she is probably interested in you. If her lips slightly shiver when you look at her, then definitely she likes you.
  • If her torso, hips and shoulders are facing you then she is interested.

5.) She Touches You

Physical contact is the most common way by which a girl shows her interest. If she likes you, she will find excuses to touch you a lot.

  • Some girls are shy, so they don’t feel comfortable to touch you but that doesn’t mean they don’t like you. She may be little nervous to touch you.
  • She finds reasons to touch you such as by soft punching to your body or by slightly hitting you above the head.
  • She tries to get closer to you.

6.) Notice Her Friends

A girl who feels attraction to a guy will want to talk about him to her friends.

  • If her friends looking at you and smiling or giggling then probably she might have told her friends about you.
  • When she talks with her friends and suddenly you come over then she might stop talking because you may be the topic of the recently ended conversation.

7.) She Brings You Little Gifts

If a girl likes someone then she would like to bring a little gift or a note.

  • She can give candy, chocolates, pen, teddy bear or any other thing.
  • She will help you in small things. If you want to have water then she offers water to help you.
  • If she compliments you, then she might be interested in you.

8.) She Laughs at Your Jokes and Listens to You

If someone likes you then he or she likes everything about you.

  • She laughs at your poor and worst jokes because she enjoys your company.
  • She suddenly starts acting like a playmate and wants to share your activities.
  • She knows your birth date or special dates and the name of your siblings.
  • She always pays attention when you talk.

9.) She Texts You First

She starts to message you first. If she likes you then she would like to have a conversation with you. When you text her she will reply you back quickly. Texting habits prove that she doesn’t want to miss any opportunity to talk to you.

10.) She Shows Signs of Jealousy

A girl feels jealous when you are chatting with another girl. Whenever other girls are involved, she acts jealous because she wants to be with you or she likes you.

Other Ways to Know if  a Girl Likes You:

  • If she likes you then she will apply lipstick on her lips in front of you or she touches her lips.
  • If she teases you that means she is trying to flirt with you. She is always playfully making fun of you and tickling you.
  • She will try to impress you by telling her accomplishments. She wants to prove herself in front of you so that you know how amazing she is.
  • Some girls are super shy when their crushes are around them.
  • Social media is the best way to know if a girl is interested in you. She will always like your Instagram photos and poke you on facebook.
  • If she is everywhere you go that means she is following you so that you will notice her. It is also a sign of liking.
  • If she gives compliments then she might be interested in you.

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