How to Be More Physically Attractive (MEN)?


In this article, we will tell you how to be more physically attractive (men). A beautiful heart and a great personality that is all a girl want in a guy. But we can’t overlook the importance of a man’s looks in his attractiveness. At a first glance, girls fall for your carved facial structure and toned body. Similarly, there is a huge list of physical traits which are highly liked by girls in boys. Girls look for those traits in men while selecting them as their partner. You can be the most desired man of the town. There are several tips which you need to follow to attain that look.

How to Be More Physically Attractive (MEN)

Proven Ways to Be More Physically Attractive (Men)

1) Remove Excess Hair from Your Body to Be More Physically Attractive

It has been found in a survey that girls like those boys around them who have comparatively less bodily hair. Hair present on your chest and abdomen area should be clean-shaved before your first date. Girls don’t want to see hairy you when you go shirtless. You may shave down your hair or wax it or remove it through laser treatment. It only requires hardly ten minutes of time to do it.

2) Tall Stature to Be More Physically Attractive

Women like to date taller guys. Men are supposed to protect the women and their offspring from others since the Rock Age. Thus, a taller stature provides you that edge to confront anyone. It makes you look more confident and dominating. If you are taller then you can be more physically attractive. Somewhere in the deep in the minds of females it is embedded that tallness is equivalent to attractiveness. You can’t change their psyche about it. You may stand while keeping your shoulders backwards to give yourself a taller look.

3) Deep Voice to Be More Physically Attractive

Deep voice can be used to attract girls towards you. Generally, girls get attracted to those guys who have deeper voice. They perceive it as a sign of strong and masculine personality. This can be the simplest trait to be tried and adopted by you. You can manipulate and modify your voice to give it a little deeper touch. You just need to practice a few speaking lessons and go for voice training to attain versatility in your voice. You may get rid of that squeaky voice of yours to be more physically attractive among women.


4) Get Broad Shoulders to Be More Physically Attractive

If you have broad shoulders and muscular body type then you may be the eye candy for women. You don’t need to flaunt bulky muscles to attract girls but a masculine look can do all the magic. For attaining this, you can do upper body exercises and follow appropriate diet regimen. A V-shaped body is all you need to be more physically attractive.

5) Get Chiselled Jawline to Be More Physically Attractive

Girls want that chiselled jawline to fall for you. A perfect jawline represents masculinity and body fitness. It is also a sign of good immune system. Thus, girls can go for those guys having chiselled jawlines if they want a better catch from a genetic perspective. You may get it by doing certain facial exercises for some time. You can always look for enhancing your facial structure. Improving your jawline can make you look more attractive physically.

6) A Little Beard to Be More Physically Attractive

It is found that women like those men who have a little beard grown up on their chin area. It gives you a manly look and defines your masculinity. It is an ancestral trait found among women to get attracted to bearded men. Beard can make you look more mature, dominant and aggressive. Moreover, if you cover your chin with a beard then it can make your jawline look prominent. It is an evolutionary preference for women. You can avoid shaving for two days to attain this look.

7) An Athletic Body to Be More Physically Attractive

Women get attracted to that man who has an athletic body. You can make yourself fit and muscular to get that body shape. You should wear those clothes which fit you well. Get that blazer which can broaden your shoulder and shows your V-shaped body. An athletic body is the symbol of strength and good immune system. Adopt a good diet and exercise regimen to be in correct shape. If you are fit and fabulous then you can be more physically attractive.

8) Erect Posture to Be More Physically Attractive

An erect posture can symbolizes dominant, confident and aggressive figure of yours. You should always keep your spine straight to flaunt an erect posture. Moreover, an erect posture can help you look taller too. It is not an evolutionary preference for women. You can attain it by practicing daily. It is one of the easiest ways to be more physically attractive.

9) Get Symmetrical Body to Be More Physically Attractive

Symmetrical faces and body types are said to be more attractive than asymmetrical ones. Women prefer to get a guy whose body and face are symmetrical. It is a sign of good inheritance. Thus, girls seek those guys to create healthy offsprings. Moreover, asymmetrical body indicates that man has suffered more biological as well as environmental changes while growing up. So, they are less preferred among girls. You can attain symmetry by making some nominal changes to your face through makeup and growing beard.

10) Embrace Grooming to Be More Physically Attractive

A well-groomed guy is always preferred among girls. Clean up your teeth, hair, face, etc. You should get a nice haircut. Haircut doesn’t mean trimming down few inches but it should be according to your face cut and personality. To be more attractive, you may take good care of your face and skin. Use good quality facial cleanser and tweeze out the extra hair near your eyebrows, nose and ear. Similarly, your nails should be properly cut and cleaned. Girls always notice your hand and face as soon as they meet you. Thus, you may keep yourself neat and tidy to be more physically attractive.

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