How to Ask a Girl Out Over Text?


In this article, we will tell you how to ask a girl out over text. You may have some doubts in your mind regarding the right way to ask a girl out. You may be thinking of texting her but might be waiting for the right time. You may be wondering about the state of mind of that girl when you ask her to go out. It can be the easiest way to ask her over a text if you want to take her out. There are numerous tips available to do it perfectly. Read more to know some of the basics of asking a girl out over text.

How to Ask a Girl Out Over Text

Cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out Over Text:

1) Know Her State of Mind to Ask a Girl Out Over Text

You should start a general conversation before coming to point. You may get the idea about her state of mind. You may ask her how is she and what is going on in her life. This is very important to understand her vibe beforehand otherwise you will face rejection or she may end up meeting you in a furious or reluctant mood. Although, it happens rarely that a girl meet up with you having an ulterior motive in her mind.

2) Know Her Schedule to Ask a Girl Out Over Text

You may get the idea about her schedule by asking her simple questions like if she is overloaded with work in the coming weekend or if she remains busy on weekdays. You can tell her about your schedule. She may reply you back with hers. It will help you planning a date with her. You may text her that you are going to have lunch at the famous restaurant of the city on Sunday afternoon and she can join you over that lunch. It is obviously an extension of your general conversation which allows her to grab the opportunity to meet you if she like.

3) Include Her Friends to Ask a Girl Out Over Text

You may tell her that you are going to some club with your friends on Saturday night and she may come with her friends too. It would be a nice get-together. She may feel interested as her friends are also going with her. However, it is generally applicable for younger girls. It is also an indirect way to ask her out as you are already going with your friends whether she joins you or not.


4) Plan a Date before Asking a Girl Out Over Text

You may have met her two-three times with her friends. Now, you may go ahead by asking her out on a one-to-one date. For this, you need to figure out the meeting place. Girls like those guys who have leadership qualities in them. They want you to plan a date for them. Thus, you can tell her that you two can go for a dance session and may have dinner afterwards.

5) Don’t Ask Her Over and Over to Go Out Over Text

It might happen that she may be busy in some of her personal work then you should not keep poking her for going out. She may be not interested in going out for now or she may need more time to get acquainted with you. She may say no to you and may pretend to be busy every time. You shouldn’t show your desperation to meet her. You may tell her that what you had done previously over that place. Share interesting stories about your lifestyle. She may get curious and may go out with you. Girls like those guys who have an interesting and lively lifestyle.

6) “Know Any?” Trick to Ask a Girl Out Over Text

You may tell her that you are going to watch a romantic movie in XYZ theatre and looking for a cute and nerdy girl to watch it with. Know Any? ;). This “know any?” text can be really flattering and she may like it. Indirectly you are inviting her out on a movie date and giving her compliments too. Chances are that she may accept your invitation.

7) Use “Yes Ladder” to Ask a Girl Out Over Text

It is also one of the commonly used techniques to ask a girl out over text. Ask a series of questions to her like “Do you like Shopping?” and much more whose answers may probably be “yes”. Then ask her about a date activity. The Higher probability is that she may answer you “yes”. She may come to meet you as well. This technique is generally used by the salesman to sell out their products.

8) Make Her Laugh to Ask a Girl Out Over Text

If you can make her laugh over text then you may persuade her to go out with you. It is generally observed that those people who make us happy are fun to get along with. She may feel interested in meeting you only if she finds you interesting and humorous. You may use your sense of humour to get acquainted with her.

9) Flirt with Her a Little to Ask a Girl Out Over Text

You may show her your fun-loving side to make her willing to meet you in person. You may flirt with her a little like complimenting her about her dressing sense. You should make her believe that she will be having a great time if she will hang out with you. You can keep her amused through your texts and keep the conversation going.

10) Accept Refusal to Ask a Girl Out Over Text

You should not get depressed if at all she refuses your proposal to go out with you. You may give her an alternative instantly. She may take some time to think about it so you should ask her to go out on day-after-tomorrow. She will probably say yes to you. You should immediately suggest her place and time of the meeting. Avoid pressurizing her to meet on the very next day. She may get irritated.

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