How to Flirt with a Girl?


Flirting with a woman seems hard at first. If you do not know how to flirt you may end up falling in her friend zone. A guy who can flirt well are mostly liked by every woman and can be a charmer in every party. Flirting tends to be the delicate part you may have to handle it well if you do not want her to think you a pervert. Flirting is all about being balanced and a charmer at the same time. While flirting you should know the limit which you have to maintain. Well, flirting is a complicated part you do not need to show the woman who you desire them. Plus, flirting also sometimes mean that you just mean to make a woman smile nothing else. You have to know to do it right to maintain a healthy relation and to steal the girl’s heart. Everyone wonders how to flirt with a  girl but only a few know this cupid’s spell to charm a girl. We are not making you afraid as it is not a rocket science to learn. You too can learn the skill very easily but with bit practice and work on your overall personality.

How to Flirt with a Girl

Know These to Flirt with a Women

1.) A Good Sense of Humor will Help You to Score More

Learn from Chandler Bing, yes the master of humor from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. You do not need to be too funny and witty with your jokes like Chandler but few tips can be taken from him to impress girls. People love it when someone make them laugh. Girls like funny guys and want to be with a person who can keep her happy. Try to be good at humor it also helps you to keep a conversation alive. Flirting gets interesting when done in a humorous way and girls don’t mind flirting if someone is making them laugh. Nobody can fake being a humorous person for that you actually will have to look funnier side of things. For making others happy you will have to be happy within you.


2.) Use Decent Language to Flirt with a Girl

Girls like a mature gentleman who can handle her. If you are  gonna behave like some teenage guy then forget to flirt with girls. If you do not like to be get slapped by girls then use decent language while flirting with them. A proper language and mannered tone with a  hint of naughtiness will fetch you more and of course the better one. Guys when you want to impress a girl then definitely you will want them to have a good impression of yours in their mind. When you will fail to have a good impression then you will never succeed in flirting.

3.) Use Your Eyes to Flirt with a Woman

The part played by eyes in flirting is very crucible. You do not need to stare her the whole time, but make eye contact whenever possible. Look her in the eyes while talking, this will tell her that you are a confident man and she will want to be with you. Do not hesitate or show your hesitation to her. Make eye contact with her as often as possible and smile at her whenever you two make an eye contact. Making eye contact will make her feel the chemistry of your love. It is one of the very strong way to flirt with a girl.

4.) Compliment Her Well to Flirt with Her

A good complement can do the miracles. Give her a genuine complement, not a fake one mean only what you say. Like, if you like her style or her smile or her eyes give her compliment accordingly. When a person gives compliments honestly, then the compliments have more effect as a girl knows when you are being genuine or when you saying mere plain words to flatter her. Complement can also be a good start when you want to hit on any random girl on the streets or when you flirt with a person whom you meet on a frequent basis. A good compliment never goes wrong, add complimenting in your flirting style and look your success rates grow up exponentially.

5.) Use Body Language to Flirt

Use body language to show her that you are interested in her. Body languages plays an important role in flirting. When you want to flirt with a person showing few gestures and body language will tell her that you are trying to make a hit on her and if she is interested she will make a move on you too. You can use body language like these to flirt with a girl:

  • Lean towards her; this leaning towards her gesture will help you in flirting. She will get to know that you are interested in her.
  • Whisper in her ears; this is a very flirty gesture. You can whisper jokes in her ear or can compliment her in her ears. Closeness will have more impact.
  • Smile a lot; give a big ear to ear smile when you see her. This will make her feel welcomed and it helps in flirting.

6.) Make a Move to Flirt with a Girl

Making a first move is the act of boldness. When you flirt with a girl you need to make the first move. As you know girls are always around bold boys because they showed courage to ask her out. You too need to summon all your strength and get out of your comfort zone to flirt with a girl. You can ask her out on a date and if you feel like she is comfortable with you then you can take your flirt further.

Don’ts to Remember while Flirting

  • Don’t get overboard while flirting.
  • Indecent language should be avoided.
  • You should not be disrespectful towards the girl.
  • Do not cross your limits while flirting.
  • Do not be too touchy respect boundaries.
  • Do not pre-judge a girl.

With these given tips you can flirt with any girl withe decency and grace. Also, do not forget to avoid the points to not do to flirt with a girl.

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