How to Date a Leo Woman?


In this article, we will tell you how to date a Leo woman. Leo is a sun sign which is fiery and bold. You may be dating a Leo woman and want to know about her traits astrologically. Basically, Leo woman seeks warmth and attention in a relationship. Leo sign is ruled by the Sun and hence, a Leo woman is always full of energy. However, they like to be the center of attention and you may get sidelined. It can be an experience full of turns and twists to love a Leo woman. You may expect ultimate crazy things from her. You can go through some amazing dating tips mentioned in this article to date a Leo woman.

How to Date a Leo Woman

Things You Need to Know to Date a Leo Woman:

1) Pamper Her a lot to Date a Leo Woman

If your girlfriend is Leo then you should take good care of her. Leo woman likes to be pampered by their man. You should flaunt them as your “beautiful” girlfriend. They like to receive compliments. Even million of words can prove insufficient in their praise. The lioness lives with immense pride in herself. You may tell her that her hair looks so gorgeous and you doubt if all of these are hers. Give her uncountable compliments and you will see her sparkling eyes full of love for you.

2) Check Your Compatibility to Date a Leo Woman

Leo woman can be compatible to any other sun sign. They can go well with anyone. However, the most suitable match for them may be a Gemini or a Libra. People belong to both of these signs loves to have a dramatic and interesting life. Thus, they can be compatible to Leo woman. A Sagittarius lover can be fun-loving and sociable for a Leo woman but it is impossible for them to obligate a Sagittarius lover to family life. Similarly, a Leo woman can be too dominating for a Cancer lover and too much obsessed with her looks for a Taurus lover.

3) Be Romantic to Date a Leo Woman

Collect all the romantic ideas to charm a Leo woman. They want you to make them feel special. They want to be treated like your princess. Show them all of your love through the romantic gestures and they will love you like crazy. For this, you may leave a sweet note in her bag or just play her favorite song album in the car. You may do something kind and thoughtful to earn love-points from her. Surprise her with romantic gestures and you will be rewarded for that.


4) Take Her Out to Date a Leo Woman

A Leo woman wants to be seen with you everywhere. So, take her to a plush restaurant, renowned bar or club, broadway, casino, etc. She will make you popular too. She likes to flaunt everything she does in her life. She will seek enough attention wherever she goes. You can plan an adventure trip for her or a simple romantic date. She is fine unless she is going somewhere outside.

5) Be Sensitive to Date a Leo Woman

A Leo woman is a “small cub” from inside. However, she portrays her lioness side from outside. She is very much sensitive and can easily be hurt by other’s behavior. You should not get confused with her exterior aggressive persona. She is very much softer from inside. You should help her in her crisis even if she may not ask it from you. She can be affectionate to you when you will feel low.

6) Listen to Her to Date a Leo Woman

You should be a good listener if you are dating a Leo woman. She wants everyone to listen when she is saying something. A Leo woman loves to put her opinion in front of you. She loves to take decisions. You may play submissive sometimes. However, you should avoid arguing with her. She may not let you win. She is very much straightforward in her talks and may lash you with her words.

7) Make Her Center of Attention to Date a Leo Woman

A Leo woman will love to be the center of attention. Keep her in the limelight to take out the best from her. She will reward you for this. Isn’t it a simple idea to date a Leo woman? Gift her some of the finest cosmetics and she may scream out with happiness. A Leo woman loves to work on her appearance. You may find her dressed well from top to bottom every time.

8) Be Open to Date a Leo Woman

A Leo woman is very much open and likes, to be frank with the ones she loves. You should imbibe openness too in your character to get yourself connected to her. She may love to hear what you actually think. If you make out something which is not true then she may find the bug in it. You should speak your mind to her to keep her happy.

9) Don’t Make Her Jealous while Dating a Leo Woman

A Leo woman can be very much susceptible to your attitude towards other women. Make sure you are not trying to make her jealous. She may catch up a fight with you over this offence of yours. She can’t see you with another woman. If at all you have any female friends or colleagues then do let her know about it. Your mild flirt with any other woman can compel her to break up with you. So, forget about it. Give her all of your focus to save yourself from her wrath.

10) Have a Positive Attitude to Date a Leo Woman

A Leo woman can’t be in a relationship with a negative person. You should think positively in all situations otherwise, she may sideline you. If you are that person who talks about difficulties and problems of life every time then she may find you boring. Thus, you should share all the positive things with her. Talk about your dream and aspirations. Don’t cry over petty issues. She may like to see a happy and colorful picture of life.

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