How to Get a Girl to Notice You?


In this article, we will tell you how to get a girl to notice you. You may like a girl and want her to notice you. You may be wondering how to catch her attention without making the situation awkward. She should not get a wrong impression of yours. You may be worried for it. However, you can make your presence get counted before her using some basic tips. You just need to distinguish yourself from the crowd. Don’t follow others and use these effective ideas to get a girl to notice you.

How to Get a Girl to Notice You

Things to Do to Get a Girl to Notice You:

1) Familiarize Yourself to Her to Get a Girl to Notice You

You can give her sweepy glances and smile at her if by any chance she looks at you. By doing this, you are familiarizing yourself to her. By seeing you many times here and there she may start to notice you. You won’t be a stranger to her anymore. You can ask her something factual like going on a date. In this way, she may remember you in one or the other way. A girl never talks to a stranger. Thus, by keeping you in her sight will make you more familiar to her.

2) Be Confident when You are Around Her to Get a Girl to Notice You

You should act like a confident guy when you are around her. She may notice you by your confidence. Even if you feel nervous and doubtful, you should show her your positive and confident side. She may not like the scared guy who is not sure of his moves. You should play cool and relaxed while you around her. Keep a nice smile on your face and make eye contact with her if she looks at you.

3) Be Nice to Her Friends to Get a Girl to Notice You

You can compel her to notice you if you treat her friends nicely. You should give proper respect to every lady and it will be beneficial for you to do some favor to her friends. They may praise you in front of her and she may get curious to know more about you. You can earn her respect by doing this. However, don’t get mingle with her friends too much otherwise, she may doubt that you are interested in one of them.


4) Use Your Funny Side to Get a Girl to Notice You

You can make people laugh to grab her attention. You may stand somewhere with your friends and make sure she is also present there either alone or with her friends. Now, you may say something funny and make your friends laugh. You can laugh with them too. It may compel her to look at you. She may think that you are a fun loving person and your happiness quotient is quite high. Girls love to be with happy guys.

5) Get a Well-Groomed Look to Get a Girl to Notice You

You can work on your grooming to get a dashing look. Personality does affect one’s perspective towards you. You can dress well and get a nice haircut. It can amplify your physical attraction to many folds. You should wear a good pair of shoes. Your dress should fit you well. There are many loopholes in one’s personality which can easily be mended by a little careful approach. Observe yourself in a mirror and try to figure out the best look of yours. Keep your nails short and clean. She may like to see you in a classy look.

6) Uplift Your Body Language to Get a Girl to Notice You

You can make necessary modifications to your body language to get her attention. You should walk while keeping your spine straight. Keep your eyes up and wear a nice smile on your face. Your walking pace should be moderate. Keep your shoulders slightly in motion while walking. Do not fold your arms on your chest and do not cross your legs when you sit. These are the indication of defensive body language.

7) Smell Good to Get a Girl to Notice You

You should take a shower on a regular basis and use a good quality perfume. If you smell good then there will be a greater chance of being noticed by her. Girls get attracted towards nice body smell. You may walk past by her and she may notice the good smell coming out of you. Indeed, it is a simple idea to get noticed by her.

8) Use Your Talent to Get a Girl to Notice You

You can make great use of your talent to get her attention. You may like to sing songs or you may be a guitarist. You can use these talents while chilling out with your friends and make sure that she is somewhere around that place. Girls like to befriend happy, enthusiastic and talented guys. She may get attracted to you and may approach you for friendship. Moreover, it will make her think that you are having an interesting personality.

9) Be a Gentleman to Get a Girl to Notice You

You can behave well with others and follow good mannerism to get into her good books. You may help her with her stuff or help others in front of her. You may hold doors open for girls and carry their stuff. You should show that you respect girls and can take good care of them. She may notice it one way or the other and may appreciate it.

10) Try to Talk to Her to Get a Girl to Notice You

You may try to talk to her on a regular basis to get her attention. Even if it is a small talk, it may help getting familiar with her. You can start with general topics and may introduce yourself to her. You can talk about something she is interested in. you may observe her to know her likes and dislikes. She may tell you something about her. In this way, you can reach up to a comfort level and make her your friend.

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