Hook up with a Girl who has a Boyfriend?


Finally, you got the girl for whom you waited for long but it is so unfair that she is already taken, what will you do now? Will you just quit or will you try harder? If you have decided to quit then you might lose a great girl and might regret it for your lifetime. Thus, I would suggest you first, try so that there will be no regrets in your life. Now the questions crops up is how to hook up with her if she already has a boyfriend in her life? There are several ways which you can choose to do to hook up with a girl who has a boyfriend. Well, it is said everything is fair between love and war and here you have to get her by love. We have few points which you can follow to hook with the girl of your dreams.

How to Hook Up with a Girl who Has a Boyfriend

Follow These Steps to Hook Up with a Girl who Has a Boyfriend

1.) Get Visible to Her

Becoming her friend is the first step definitely if you want to hook up with a girl who has a boyfriend. Get close to her anyhow you can do friendship with the help of your mutual friends, or can approach her directly. Get noticed by her anyhow. If she would not know of your existence then there will be no hook up at all in any universe. Thus, it is very important for you to be visible to her. If you do not want to be friends with her then be a person she would like to hang out with. What I mean to say is just trying to increase your proximity and start existing in her world.

2.) Do Not Get Friend Zoned

This is the most important factor to be careful of when you want to hook up with a girl who has a boyfriend. There might be many other guys whom would have thought to hook up with her but became her friend and got stuck in her friend zone. You can start with a friendship but do not stay there forever. Try to avoid meeting her much and do not do what her other male friends do with her. Try to impress her with your skills. You can also, flirt with her so that she will know that you are not interested in only becoming a friend. Remember, once you get stuck in the friend zone it is very hard to come out. Thus, it is advisable to not to stay in her friend zone for long. If you see that there are no chances of getting close to her then you can stay becoming her friend but still do not do it for a longer period or else you will be her friend forever and nothing else would happen.


3.) Tell Her Your Feelings

If you see that you are stuck at the same place for long and cannot do it more then, it is the time to confess your feelings to her. As she already has a boyfriend so she might deny at first but she might also agree to give a chance to you. Whatever the conclusion may arrive you should tell her that your intentions are not at all of becoming her friend and you want to take your relationship further. You can also say to her that you have no problem from her past and is happy to accept her the way she is. Just confess and look how she reacts to it.

4.) Try to Spend Time Alone with Her

Try to spend as much time as you can spend with her but do not hang out as friends. Ask her out on a date and take her to romantic places. She will know about your feelings and she might feel the same for you. When you will spend alone time with her she might also want to be with you and thus, it may work out. Once, you start feeling that she is open with you and doesn’t not hesitate in being with you then you can try getting closer to her.

5.) Try to Find Weakness in Her Relationship

Try to find weak points in her relationship so that you can make use of it to get closer to her. When you will become closer to her then you will get to know that she has few flaws in her relationship which makes her sad. Try to be with her at those moments when she feels alone and feel like crying. Try to comfort her. This way she will also feel attracted towards you and you will get the chance to become closer to her. Once the spark creates between you two then it will not be tough to get the green signal from her side. You should stay with her in all bad and good times to know about her current mood.

6.) Ask Her Out to Hook Up with Her

After all, these you have to ask her out if you want to hook up with a girl who has a boyfriend. If she is not interested then she will deny your proposal but if she says yes then it might be possible that she also has such feelings for you. Take her out for a date, choose a nice and less crowded place. You can also take her to your place but only if she has no objection with it. You can ask her if she is interested in coming to your place. If she says no then also it is okay take her to any romantic and less chaotic place as ambiance has a great impact in setting the mood.

7.) Make Your Move to Hook Up with a Girl who Has a Boyfriend

Now it is time to make your move, once you get the chance try to get close to her. You can initiate with a touch and look for her reaction. If she is okay with it get closer to her and kiss her. Also, keep an eye on her reaction if you think that she is not comfortable stop right away. Try to make her feel comfortable and if you feel that everything is going fine then you both can go on. You can also stop at kissing and leave further for the next time choose what to do with your gut feeling.

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