How to Tell if a Girl has a Crush on You?


In this article, we will tell you how to tell if a girl has a crush on you. You may be confused in analysing the behaviour of girls. Particularly, you may not be able to understand the behaviour of that girl who may have a crush on you. She is not telling you her feelings but she may have shown you certain signs that she likes you. You need to observe some particular things about her to make sure that she is really interested in you. Follow these important tips to know what is going on inside her heart.

How to Tell if a Girl has a Crush on You

Things to Know to Tell if a Girl has a Crush on You:

1) Observe Her Presence around You to Tell if a Girl has a Crush on You

You can notice the number of meetings with her in a day. She may be following you here and there. If you two are in the same office or class then you may notice this behaviour of hers. You can find her running into you many a times in the whole day. This cannot be a coincidence for sure. She may like to talk to you and thus she is looking for opportunities to get a glance of yours. She may clear out her doubts with you. These are some obvious signs that you can for.

2) Her Wish to Hang Out only with You can Tell if a Girl has a Crush on You

If a girl is interested in you then she may like to go out with you. She may tell you that she has some extra passes of a concert or water park. She may ask only you for this while ditching out her friend’s group. It is a great sign to take into account. She may like to spend time with you alone. You can respond her well if you like her too. After some time you two can go for a date.

3) Notice Her Body Language to Tell if a Girl has a Crush on You

Body language can reveal her feelings for you. You should notice her body language for some time to draw a conclusion out of it. She may twirl her hair around her fingers while talking to you. You can notice her smiling at you frequently when she talks to you. She may be looking at you with a deep gaze. Her upward lifted shoulders and blush on her cheeks can tell you if she is interested in you or not.


4) Catch Her Continuously Looking at You to Tell if a Girl has a Crush on You

She may like to see you every time. Girls like to watch their crushes from a distance. They are so attracted to their crushes that they find excuses to look at them. You may notice that she used to stare at you for longer duration. When you notice her doing this, she just starts looking away. You can look into her eyes to find out what her heart wants. Eyes are the mirror of soul and you can know about her intentions by looking into her eyes.

5) Having a Prolonged Conversation with You can Tell if a Girl has a Crush on You

She may look forward to talk to you for hours. She may be interested in sharing every little detail with you. You can take it as a great sign to know what she thinks about you. She may have a crush on you. You can see her laughing a lot in between the conversation. She may ask you numerous questions or tell irrelevant things just to carry on the conversation with you. You can take it as the positive sign and go ahead with your plans for her.

6) Her Closeness to You can Tell if a Girl has a Crush on You

You can notice her standing too close to you while talking. She may rest her head on your shoulder while sitting next to you. When a girl is into you then she will love to get closer to you. Same goes with boys too. If she has a crush on you then she will remove all the obstacles between you and her. You may take it as a good sign and respond appropriately to make a connection with her.

7) Observe Physical Touches to Tell if a Girl has a Crush on You

She may touch you in your hand knowingly or she may try to rub her shoulder with yours. However, these physical touches can be accidental too. You may observe its intensity to get the sign. Generally, girls want to attract guys through physical touches. She may touch your leg too. You should take these things into consideration to find out her feelings for you. Sometimes, girls behave like this with their friends too with whom they feel comfortable. It may happen that she has friend-zoned you.

8) Watch Her Friends to Tell if a Girl has a Crush on You

You may watch what her friends do when they see you around her. They may be elbowing her when she passes by you. They may start giggling finding you at the other end of passage. These are some indications which can tell you that a girl has a crush on you. They may be telling you in a more subtle way through their actions that their friend has fallen for you. Watch their smiles which look very obvious on their faces and signal you about their friend’s feelings for you.

9) Her Teasing Attitude can Tell if a Girl has a Crush on You

A girl may tease you for everything. She may tease you for your clothes, shoes, hairstyle, talks, etc. If she is trying to be playful with you then she may have a crush on you. She may push you away in a playful manner or spoil your hairdo. This can be a sign that she likes you. However, if she does the same thing with every other person then she may be just a playful person.

10) Notice Her Compliments to Tell if a Girl has a Crush on You

She may give you few compliments now and then. It can be related to your new shirt or hairdo. She may appreciate every little act of yours. These signs can tell you that she likes you. She may suggest you some styles of clothing which may suit on you. It shows that she is concerned for you and noticing you a lot.

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