How to Make Your Teacher have a Crush on You?


You may want to make your teacher have a crush on you. But, you may have hesitations in your mind. You may not be sure of the ways to execute it. You can attract them to seek their attention and make them admire you as well. For this, you may have a friendly talk with them. However, you should respect their stance on it. If they are not interested then you may accept it without feeling bad about it. It is just a phase of life. You may have a crush on them. It is a mere attraction or infatuation and you should handle it sensibly so that you do not land up in any awkward situation.

How to Make Your Teacher have a Crush on You

Things to Know to Make Your Teacher have a Crush on You:

1) Choose an Appropriate Seat to Make Your Teacher have a Crush on You

You can choose a strategically good seat to sit in the classroom. This may allow your teacher to locate you in the class easily. It can be a seat adjacent to the wall. You should avoid sitting in the first row of the classroom. It may make your teacher think that you are trying to seek their attention and they may become defensive. However, you should not sit on the back benches of the classroom or you may end up falling into the category of naughty and mischievous students.

2) Give Them Compliments to Make Your Teacher have a Crush on You

You can try giving compliments to your teacher. However, it should not be related to their physical traits. It may sound odd to them. You can’t say to them that they look beautiful or handsome. They are not your classmates. You can compliment them about their clothes or shoes or handbags or pen. It may be impressive to them for a while. You can appreciate their efforts which they put while teaching in the class.

3) Do Your Homework on Time to Make Your Teacher have a Crush on You

You should complete your work on time. Don’t give them a chance to point out you because of in-completion of your work. Likewise, you can make a good image in their mind. Moreover, you are supposed to do a study in the class. If you lag behind in your studies then you may not be able to impress them to that level. They may not like you for this. Thus, keep studying and write your exams to get good grades. In this way, your teacher may start liking you.


4) Ask Doubts in Office Hours to Make Your Teacher have a Crush on You

You can get clarified your doubts by your teacher in the office hours. At that time, you may get the one-on-one attention from them. However, you should ask them if they are free to have a chat with you or not. If not, then you may go to them after some time. Chats should include subject topics. You may ask one or two things on the personal level.

5) Ask Relevant Questions in the Class to Make Your Teacher have a Crush on You

You may ask questions in the class which is related to the course. For this, you should learn the topic thoroughly. You should avoid asking them irrelevant questions. Otherwise, they may think that you are not giving proper attention to your studies. Teachers love to interact with their students unless students talk to them about pointless things in class. Thus, stick to the point and ask straightforward questions.

6) Go to Class to Make Your Teacher have a Crush on You

Most importantly, you should go to their class to make them have a crush on you. Don’t miss their class for vague reasons. Otherwise, you may not get noticed by them. They may make some opinion about you and that too not for good reasons. Attend their classes on a regular basis and try to make a connection with them.

7) Build a Friendship to Make Your Teacher have a Crush on You

You may make friends with them to seek their attention. Take out some time to talk to them about their hobbies, favourite sports, and show respect while talking to them. You may help them in any way. Pick up the bundle of notebooks for them or show up as a great student. They may not fall for you because of these acts but they may like you as a person.

8) Look Good to Make Your Teacher have a Crush on You

You should look good to get noticed by your teacher. For this, you may just adopt a style in which you are most comfortable. Flaunt your natural beauty and get yourself well-groomed. Pick a nice hairstyle and wear clean clothes. However, you should not look like a rockstar. You are a student and limit your options of styling yourself to that level.

9) Don’t Cross the Boundary to Make Your Teacher have a Crush on You

You are a student and they are your teacher. You should keep this thing in your mind all the time. You are not allowed to have a romantic relationship with your teacher. It may make you face humiliation and discrimination from the people around you. Moreover, your teacher may lose their job because of this. Thus, you need to be very careful and should not do anything objectionable. You can admire them for what they are. Don’t think of dating with them.

10) Talk about Real Life Things to Make Your Teacher have a Crush on You

You may talk to your teacher about real life things. They may think that you have a mature outlook. However, you should not be intrusive and ask about personal things or make a comment on it. You are still too immature for those things. You can talk about your goals and dreams and ask them how you can make it come true. They may give their valuable suggestions to you. In this way, you can make a bonding and spend some extra time with them.

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