How to Know if He’s Really into You?


Dating a guy is really interesting but how do you know if someone you like feels the same for you? You surely like him and thinking whether he likes you or not is just driving you crazy. The fact is most of the guys hide their feelings if they like you or pretends to be cool. If you really want to know that he likes you then you have to pay attention to what he says, what he does and how he acts around you. But still there are many brilliant signs that will help you to know if he’s really into you. Read this article to know about signs a guy likes you.

Guys like the girls who are smart, attractive, and intelligent. Guys also like the girl with a good sense of humor. If you have all these qualities then you can easily make a guy like you or fall in love with you. Understanding a guy is really very simple. But to know more about him you have to take care of some little things.How to Know if He's Really into you

Best Ways to Know if He’s Really into You:

1.) Notice His Body Language

Body language is the best way to know about the guy’s true feelings. Doesn’t matter how hard he tries to hide his feelings. Though body language doesn’t always tell you exactly how a guy feels for a girl. You can only predict from his body language whether or not he likes you.

Here are some signs that will help you:

  • He looks at you a lot, smile and then look back down.
  • He will turn his hips toward you even if he is facing the opposite direction.
  • While speaking he may lean toward you.
  • When you look at him, he will smile.
  • He will never cross his arms or put his hands in his pockets while talking to you.
  • He turns his feet toward you. If he doesn’t turn that means he may not be interested.
  • He can accidentally brush up against you when you are talking. He may also touch you gently with his hands.

2.) He Calls or Texts You without any Reason

If he’s really into you then he will not wait for a week after meeting you to call you or text you. He will call you without any reason. Whenever he feels talking to you then he will call you just to say simply “Hi” and “how your day is going”. If he spends more time around time then probably he likes you.


3.) Notice What He Does

When a guy likes you then he starts treating you differently from his friends. He tries to be best in front of you. Like he might swear or burp in front of his friends but he doesn’t do such things around you.

  • If you are with your friends and he comes along with you then notice him how he treats them. If he’s really into you then he will want to make an impression on your friends so that they will tell you how awesome he is.
  • If he wants to introduce you to his friends then it is a great sign of liking. That means he wants to show you off in front of his friends.
  • If he’s really into you then he will do nice things for you. He will always help you.
  • If his friends laugh when you are with him or tease him by your name that means they know he likes you.
  • If he takes a little time to talk to you that means he is shy.

4.) Notice How He Talks to You

If a guy calls you by a pet name or by your nickname then it is a big sign. Anything he says that shows a unique interest in you or makes you feel special that means he is falling for you.

  • If he’s really into you then it is very common that he cares more about his looks when he is around you. You can catch him easily by noticing such things like running his hands through hair or checking himself out in the mirror and try to straighten his clothes.
  • He may be nervous when he is around you.
  • If he says anything wrong about a guy that means he sees that guy as a threat.

5.) He Always Teases You

If he’s really into you then he will tease you all the time. He gives you special treatment and makes fun of you. A big part of flirting is teasing. When he is being playful that means he is flirting with you.

  • If he is making eye contact with you that means he is paying attention to you.
  • If he laughs around you that means he is really into you.
  • If he starts opening up to you and treat you more than a friend that shows he likes you. If he tells you everything then he wants to take the things to the next level. Like he talks about his childhood, his interests or about his future.

6.) Ask Him Yourself

Asking him is the best way to know if he’s really into you. Don’t ask your friends and his friends to ask him for you. Be brave and ask him directly. Now this is the time to choose the best place where you can have some privacy. You can also him in the evening if you have a romance factor.

7.) Share Your Feelings

After coming at the isolated place, talk to him and ask him how he feels about you. Tell him that you have developed feeling for him and want to know how he feels for you. Try to make your conversation cool and ask him without putting the pressure on him.

8.) React Appropriately

If you get to know if he’s really into you then you can celebrate privately. Both of you can plan a date where to go. Be confident and be proud of yourself to ask him and move forward. If he likes you, he listens to you carefully. He shows his interests in you. If he doesn’t like you then don’t ruin your friendship.

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