How to Make Him Miss You?


In this article, we will tell you how to make him miss you. You may be missing him a lot but he is out there in his own world not bothered about you. You can change this scenario. By following certain effective tips you can make him die for you. He may miss you more than you do. Men are bit different and they can lose their passion in love more easily than girls. They may think about you one or more times a day but making them call you often can be a tricky thing for you. Follow these tricks to make him miss you more.

How to Make Him Miss You

Best Tricks to Make Him Miss You:

1) Play Hard to Get to Make Him Miss You

You just make him realize that you are not available to him all the time. Pretend to be busy in your work then he may feel that you are not easy to get. Thus, he will make calls to you and will show up at your home in the evening. However, if you show him a clingy behaviour and make calls to him every time then he may get bored with you. He may think of ways to avoid you. It is necessary to create a gap to make him attracted towards you. Try out this trick and compel him to stay close to you.

2) Go Out with Your Girlfriends to Make Him Miss You

You can try going out with your girlfriends to make him miss you endlessly. Have fun with them and share some pictures with your boyfriend. It will definitely drive him crazy and he will try to come down to that place for sure. Furthermore, you can restrict the boy’s entry and see him craving for you. This is really a fun idea to make your boyfriend miss you.

3) Be Mysterious to Make Him Miss You

Girls have that tendency to over-share things with anyone. You need to avoid it and give only required information to him so that he may wonder about the next thing that you are going to share with him. The trick is that you need to leave behind some mystery to be get resolved by the next time you meet him. It will create his interest in you and you will surely be missed by him.


4) Try Jealousy to Make Him Miss You

You can show to him that you have befriended a guy who is very nice and cool. It will certainly bother him. He will become a little jealous and may call you very intermittently. He may start missing you too. However, you should take care that he may not get hurt in the process. You should try flirting with the new guy but within a limit. Most importantly that new guy shouldn’t misunderstand your approach so take him into confidence first.

5) Leave a Note to Make Him Miss You

You can apply this simple trick to make him think about you. You can put a note in his wallet or bag or car or room. Write down something romantic on it. He may find it later and may feel the love which you have poured into it. It will definitely make him miss you. You can also expect a romantic date with him in the evening. He just needs to be reminded of your love and affection so as to miss you.

6) Get a Nice Perfume to Make Him Miss You

Fragrances can leave an impression on your mind for a longer period of time. Thus, you can take help of a nice womanly perfume to get him clung to you. You should apply this perfume every time you meet him. Guys like sweet body odour. You can leave it on his shirt while hugging him. While you will be away from him, your fragrance may keep you alive in his mind all the time.

7) Have a Don’t Care Attitude to Make Him Miss You

You may pretend like you do not care about what he is up to and where he is. You can just disappear from his surroundings, virtual and physical both. He may think about you in that case as you are not bothering him now. When you care about him a lot then he may take you for granted. He may think that you will surely call him or arrange a meeting. But, after seeing your “don’t care” attitude he may start to miss you more.

8) Look Awesome to Make Him Miss You

You can flatter him with your splendid look. Dress well and flaunt your sense of style to make him attracted towards you. Guys like to date those girls who have a nice figure, beautiful hair, sharp features and who are fashionable too. You don’t need to be perfect but at least groom up yourself to show off the best you. It may build up your confidence too.

9) Leave Something Behind to Make Him Miss You

You may leave something in his home or car. It could be your bracelet, lipstick, necklace, handkerchief, etc. When he may notice that thing around him, he will definitely get lost in your memories. He may start missing you at that moment. Thus, you can expect a call or a home visit from his side. It shouldn’t be a precious thing, any petty thing of yours can do the job. He may think of ways to return that item back to you. So, next meeting may happen very soon.

10) Flirt with Him to Make Him Miss You

You may flirt with him often to keep him interested in you. When you stop flirting with your partner then they feel less excited about the relationship. To make your relationship fresh you can try out flirting with him. It may not look weird to him. He may miss you more frequently when you are not with him. He may think of cute ways to flirt with you. Tease him, seduce him, charm him to make him miss you more.

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