How to Make Girl Happy?


If you want to be the perfect guy for a girl you like then you need to keep her happy. Girl’s nature is to be loving and affectionate. Girls love being treated in a special way. Making a girl happy is not a difficult task. Keeping a girl happy is the key to a successful relationship. When a girl of your dreams smiles because of something you did then it is pure and genuine happiness. But it takes a little effort to get to know what makes her happy. Keeping her happy doesn’t mean that you need to give gifts to her. It is all about small things that can make your girlfriend happy. Paying attention to the little things and showing that you care about her is really meaningful to girls. Here are some ideas that will help you to make girl happy.

how to make girl happy

Best Ways to Make Girl Happy:

1.) Listen to Her Actively

Every girl wants to be listened to. Discuss the things she says. If you listen to her conversation then you are able to ask questions. Show her that you are listening actively.

  • Don’t interrupt her when she says something. If you do then it shows what you have to say is more important than what she wants to say. That is not good. Let her finish first then say something.
  • Everyone has some moments that they would like to forget. Listen to her best moments and forget the times when she was frustrated or off her game. This will make girl happy and make a girl to miss you.

2.) Earn Her Trust and Value Her Point of View

Trust is most important for girls. If you succeed to earn her trust then you can get a girl to like you. Don’t flirt with her friends if you like her or want to keep her happy. Don’t lie to her, always tell the truth. When she needs you, always be there for her. Show her how much she means to you. Get her flowers and make her feel special to you.

  • Value her opinions on things. Every person has a different point of view. So you should respect her opinion.
  • A girl will feel happy if she feels protected and secure. Make sure that she knows she is secure. Never break her trust and keep your promises.

3.) Be a Gentleman and Make Her Feel Special

A gentleman will treat a girl with care, attention and patience. Opening doors for her and offering her seat will help you to make her feel special.

  • Tell her what you like about her, how much she means to you and what she is good at. Say something like when I saw you the first time, I fell head over heels for you.
  • Making her laugh depends on your own sense of humor. Humor is one of the most attractive things that a girl looks for in a guy. Making fun of yourself is also the good way to make her laugh.
  • Girls love compliments. If you like something about a girl you like then tell her.

4.) Tell Her that You Love Her

Telling her how much you love her regularly is the best and simplest way to make girl happy. Let her know how special she is and tell her you love her.

  • Let her see that you are really happy to see her. Give her a smile or when you meet her after a long day hug her or kiss her.
  • Everyone likes to know that they are funny. So laugh at her jokes.
  • Call her and text her sweet messages. Talk to her on phone at least 20 minutes a day. This will make her feel happy.
  • Don’t scare to ask her out if you really want her in your life. Ask her what she needs and what she wants. This shows how much you are concerned about her.

5.) Be Nice to Her Family and Friends

Every girl loves their family and friends. They mean a lot to her. She listens to their opinion or views too. Make an effort to get along with her family and friends. Show them you are a good person. If you are with the people that she cares about, she will be happier.

  • Make comprises for her and let her go own way. Let her do what she wants to do without complaining about it. She will be happy that you love her.

6.) Surprise Her with Flowers and Gifts

Pleasantly surprise her to make girl happy. Be a romantic guy and get her flowers and gifts spontaneously. Chocolates, flowers, perfume or treat her to surprise her. Show her that you are missing her or thinking of her when she is not with you.

  • Be open with her. Talk with her about your dreams, interests, fears and hopes. Also, ask about her interests or hobbies. If you share common interests then it will create a good bond between you and your girl.

7.) Groom Yourself and Give Her Space

If you expect that your girl looks great then she also expects the same. Girls don’t like a guy with the beard. So shave daily. Go to the gym daily and stay fit. Girls like guys who smell good.

  • It is very important to give her some space once in a while. Giving her space means letting her enjoy with other guys. Be confident and have a life of your own. An independent person will never lack admirers.

8.) Show Her Physical Affection

Physical affection is very important as verbal affection. It is important to physically show her that how much you love her and care for her. Don’t force her to get physical with you. Plan a date and take her to the most romantic place.

  • Hold her hand, hug her and slowly kiss the back of her neck. This sensuous kiss is sure to get her excited.
  • Try a six-second kiss that will help to make your love last and make girl happy.
  • If she responds then go for a French kiss.

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