How to Deal with Falling in Love with Your Best Friend?


In this article, we will tell you how to deal with falling in love with your best friend. It can be a surprising and confusing feeling for you to realize that you have fallen for your best friend. Your best friend may not be thinking of you as a dating option. You may have several thoughts running through your mind here and there. As a matter of fact, it is highly possible that you and your best friend can become partners for a lifetime. There may not be any compatibility issues among both of you. Thus, you can handle this phase carefully and may utilize these tips to deal with this situation.

How to Deal with Falling in Love with your Best Friend

Best Ways to Deal with Falling in Love with Your Best Friend:

1) Make Sure that You Really Love Your Best Friend

It is always good to be sure about something before thinking too deeply about it. You may give a check to your emotions and feelings for your best friend. It can be possible that you are feeling attracted to them due to a mild crush of yours on them. They may have undergone a makeover and you may have fallen for their new look. Or, you are in a rebound relationship after breaking up with your ex-partner. You can wait for 2-3 weeks to evaluate whether your feelings for them have vanished or not.

2) Observe Their Feelings to Deal with Falling in Love with Your Best Friend

You may observe your best friend’s feelings for you to determine if they are into you or not. They may see you as their best friend and may get shocked if your reveal your feelings for them. They may accept your proposal too if they have a crush on you. Anything can be possible but you should analyze it first before taking any step. Do not rush up to confess your love for them. Take some time and you may hint them about it. See their response and act accordingly.

3) Confess Them to Deal with Falling in Love with Your Best Friend

You may tell them what is there in your heart for them. But, do it in a planned way. Don’t confess it casually. Otherwise, they may take it as a prank. You may take a few weeks time to make them realize your worth to them. Show them that both of you can be a very good pair. You may give hints to them and then speak up finally at the right moment. Tell them in a romantic way that you have fallen for them.


4) Don’t Push Your Friend to Deal with Falling in Love with Your Best Friend

You may have fallen for your best friend but your friend has got all the rights to accept or reject your proposal. They may want to continue with you as their best friend and not a lover. You must accept it. Don’t push your friend to get into a relationship with you. You may ruin your friendship too. They may reciprocate your feelings if they see you as their love interest.

5) Write down Your Feelings to Confess about Your Love to Your Best Friend

You should write down a short and sweet love note to your best friend. They may not find it that much awkward. If you are not comfortable in facing them while confessing to them about your love then also you may pick up this trick. You can write it down using simple and straightforward words. Don’t write romantic slangs or pickup lines to compliment your feelings. It may make them misunderstand you.

6) Be Ready to Face Rejection to Deal with Falling in Love with Your Best Friend

You can be rejected too. It is highly possible in your case. Thus, it is advisable to be mentally prepared for it. Be open to accepting them as your best friend even after getting rejected. It may become awkward for some time for both of you after your confession to them. But, everything may become normal after some time. Thus, don’t take it too much emotionally or you may get hurt.

7) Ask Them Casually if They can Consider You for a Relationship

It is one of the simplest ways to check out your status in their mind. You may ask them casually if they can consider you for a relationship. They may not get shocked after listening to this question. They may respond you positively and may say that they want you as their lover. Then you won’t have to do any planning for confessing your love for them. However, they may tell you that you are just a friend to them and they can’t see you as a prospective partner. You should accept the fact in that case.

8) Wait for the Right Time to Deal with Falling in Love with Your Best Friend

You should wait for the right time before confessing about your feelings. Your best friend may be going through a rough patch of their life. They may have lost a close relative recently or they may be dating someone else. Anything could be the case. You should take these factors into consideration before unraveling the shocking truth before them.

9) Try Flirting with Them to Deal with Falling in Love with Your Best Friend

You may easily flirt with your best friend to check whether they are into you or not. It can take place in any manner like making eye contact with them for a longer period having a smile on your lips. You may hold their hands while walking with them. Go to a romantic place with them and sing a song for them. They may get all the hints that you are tuning to some other wavelength. If they respond back in a positive way then they may have fallen for you as well.

10) Do not Fear to Confess to Deal with Falling in Love with Your Best Friend

You may get rejected or accepted. In both the cases, you should react appropriately. Do not fear to confess your feelings to your friend. Otherwise, you may regret it later. It is possible that they may have wanted to hear it from your mouth and they may have been waiting for you to take the initiative. If you come to know about it later then you may feel really bad. Thus, it is better to show them what they mean to you.

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