How to Win a Girl Back after Breakup?


In this article, we will tell you how to win a girl back after breakup. You may have broken up with your girlfriend but now you are missing her. You may be feeling like a lifeless creature having no zeal and no enthusiasm. Probably, you are sitting alone at this moment and thinking about your mistakes. Well, if this is the case with you then don’t worry. You can win her back. You just have to be enough hopeful and strong to put efforts in winning her back. She may get back to your life and may love you like you have never lost her. Follow these tips to make her love you again.

How to Win a Girl Back

Best Ways to Win a Girl Back after Breakup:

1) Cut Down All Communication for Some Time to Win a Girl Back

You should not communicate with her through any medium for some time. Giving a gap of 15-20 days will be enough. By doing this, she may not get irritated with you and she may miss you too. Moreover, by continuously begging her to come back in your life once again may make you look desperate and clingy. It may deteriorate your image in her eyes. If you do not show up for a certain period then she may think a lot about you and you may get more time to get yourself prepared. Thus, cut off all the ties for some time to get back her in your life soon.

2) Adopt New Hobbies to Win a Girl Back after Breakup

You may invest some time in adopting new hobbies which she wanted you to take up. Or, you may think of some on your own. It will make you creative and busier. Thus, you may not be wasting your time thinking about her. Moreover, she may notice that once you meet up again after the gap. You may put your point at that time if she may ask you what you were up to all those days. Self-improvement is very much needed at this moment and you should consider it seriously.

3) Write a Letter to Win a Girl Back after Breakup

You may specify in a letter what you are thinking right now. You may write her that you are feeling sorry for your mistakes and regret deeply about your behaviour. Tell her that she is an amazing girl to be with and you have enjoyed her company a lot. Something great is going to happen in your life and you may look forward to becoming her friend when she may be ready for it. This letter may leave her wondering what great thing is going to happen with you. You may stop all communication with her after sending this letter.


4) Analyse the Reason behind Breakup to Win a Girl Back

To win a girl back, you should analyse the reason behind your breakup. It is obvious that you are aware of that reason. You should figure out the best role which you may have played in that situation. What necessary changes you are about to do in your behaviour, think about it. You can think of some ways through which you may put things back on track. Make some amendments to win a girl back.

5) Look Happy to Win a Girl Back

Even if you are not that happy from inside but you should look out for ways to keep yourself happy. You may go out with your friends and have fun with them. Do those things which may lift your spirits. If your ex-girlfriend may notice you in a happy and joyful mood then she may find you attractive again. Thus, do not push yourself in a dark dungeon instead seek enjoyment to get a girl to like you again.

6) Make Her Jealous to Win a Girl Back after Breakup

You may try out this technique too if she used to be very much possessive for you. However, almost every girl gets jealous after seeing her guy roaming around with some other girl. So, you should upload some pictures on your social media account with those new friends of yours who are girls. She may notice it and may start to miss you. She may even try to contact you.

7) Apologize to Her to Win a Girl Back

You should apologize for your mistakes in order to win her heart. She may be feeling hurt and may be expecting an apology from your side. You may show her that you know the reason behind her anger and make her feel that she is right in her decision. Don’t be arrogant and try not to prove yourself right in every situation. Be polite and show her that you regret your behaviour.

8) Meet Her to Win a Girl Back

After a gap of 15-20 days, it is time to meet her. You may call her to arrange a meeting. Fix up a time when both of you are free and can sit for a couple of hours. You may tell her about your feelings. Now, you may open up and show her that you are a changed person. You may apologize for your past mistakes again. Tell her that you are looking forward to making a fresh start and expects from her to give another chance to you.

9) Do Not Chase to Win a Girl Back after Breakup

You should not chase her to get her back in your life. She may get irritated and may start to avoid you. The more you push her, the worse your image may become. She hated you for some things and now you are giving her new reasons to hate you more. Control your emotions and act sensibly to get your ex-girlfriend back to your life.

10) Do not Send Her Gifts to Win a Girl Back

You should not send her numerous gifts to make her love you again. It may make you look desperate. Instead, you may make your personality more pleasing and attractive. You may get a new haircut, update your wardrobe, buy new shoes and be well-groomed. This may make her change her perspective for you when she may meet you in future.

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