How to Get the Girl You Like?


Many guys want to know how to get a girl to like you? If you are one of them then you are at right place. You like a girl who is funny, beautiful, intelligent and attractive. Obviously, you want to win her heart or you want her to be into you. When a girl feels comfortable around you that means you are such a nice guy. Many guys try to become a nice guy and there is nothing wrong in that. Girls are sometimes very hard to understand unless you have experience with them. Figure out what attract girls. Not every girl is equal; you have to use your better judgment. Have a great time with a girl you like. In this article, you will get some brilliant tips to get the girl you like.

How to Get the Girl You Like

Best Ways to Get the Girl You Like:

1.) Build Attraction between You and the Girl

Building attraction between the girl and you is very important to get any girl to like you. Personal grooming is necessary to get the girl you like. Make sure that your facial hair and your hair are shaped up well and smell good. Wear something which is comfortable and fashionable too. If you want to take her out on a date then dress appropriately means don’t underdress or overdress. Don’t think much about trying to attract her because if you do then it will turn her off. Have fun and stay relaxed. Other than looks, aromas can also be used to entice her.

2.) Keep Your Body Well Shaped

Girls don’t like guys who look out of shape. You look unattractive and also it seems like that you can’t protect the girl. No matter how independent a girl may seem but she always wants a guy that she feels secure with. If you are overweight and flabby, then this will make you look bad. So try to keep your body toned. Go to the gym once or twice. A well-toned body will attract a girl you like.

3.) Talk to a Girl You Like

Talking to a girl is a great way to get a girl you like. If you speak to her then you can get the attention of any girl. Once you have groomed yourself, now you can approach the girl you like and get her attention. If this is the first time talking to her then you should find out the things about her. Don’t be too quiet and don’t over talk her. Both the signs show that you are not interested.

  • Ask some questions about her hobbies, likes, and dislikes.
  • Know her opinions of current events like news, fashion, trends, music, movies etc.
  • You can talk her about her childhood.
  • Talk about things the two of you have in common.
  • Let her speak and listen to her carefully.

4.) Pay Close Attention to Her

If you pay attention to her then you can easily get the girl you like. Show her that you have taken a deep interest in what she enjoys by putting them up or use it to buy gifts. You can take her out or surprise her. When conversing, look into her eyes and give a good facial expression that matches the mood. Show her that you are listening to her because if you do it seems very interested. Listening to someone is very important because it shows that you care and it will help you to gather important information about the girl of your dreams. Save something to talk later on so that you both can meet again.

5.) Get Her Phone Number

After having a good conversation, try to ask for her number, so that you can talk to a girl over the phone. The good way to ask for her number is that after a good topic, pretend like you have to go somewhere. Look at your watch and give her an apologetic look and tell her that you have to go but you would like to continue chatting with her. Now you can ask her phone number. If you ask her number then it shows you are really interested in talking to her. If you are shy from asking her number then it will make you seem like you are lacking confidence or uninterested.  You can also ask her for social media accounts so that you can chat there also.

6.) Take Things to the Next Level

Now you can take the things to the next level. Flirt with her if you are around her. If you do so then it will keep you out of the friend zone because it shows her that you like her more than a friend. You can flirt by giving her a warm smile and by making eye contact. You can also do casual, flirtatious conversations when two of you are alone. Notice her reaction, if she seems interested then you can take the things further.

7.) Give Her Compliments

Giving her compliments is the brilliant way to get the girl you like because girls love to be complimented. Give her compliments about what she is wearing or something she did well. Try to make the compliments more unique. Girls like to feel distinct, so find something about her that looks great and give a compliment.

8.) Ask Her on a Date

By this time, you should know if she likes you or not. She may be waiting for you to ask her out. Invite her to a show, dinner, a park or anywhere that you think she will enjoy. On your first date, make her feel that she is the princess. This is the time to get more intimate with conversations. Make her feel comfortable and special by being yourself, by confiding in her and by being genuinely romantic. Bring her favorite chocolates and flowers.

  • There are many ways that you can touch her without being sleazy. But avoid sensual areas and focus on her arms, hands and shoulders. As it is your first date, you should not do this. If she is comfortable with you touching her then you can take it to the next level. By doing this, you can get the girl you like.

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