How to Talk to a Girl by Texting?


Many guys want to know how to talk to a girl you like over text. If you are one of those guys then you are at the right place. This article will give you some useful tips on how to talk to a girl by texting. The best way to text a girl is to have fun. Always keep your texts with girls playful and lighthearted. Making a girl feel light and smile when she sees your message is the key to making a girl like you over text.

Guys fall for a girl at the first look as they find her attractive. When it comes to impressing a girl then texting is important. When you just met a girl, it is important to keep her interested. Some guys don’t know how to talk to a girl by texting. It is easier to talk to a girl by texting and get her to fall for you rather than impressing her with gifts and wooing her on dates.

How to Talk to a Girl by Texting

Best Ways to Talk to a Girl by Texting:

1.) First, Ask for Her Number

If you know her phone number then texting will work. It is quite difficult to ask a girl for her number, but be casual about it. A simple way to ask her “Hey, I don’t have your number yet. Can we exchange information?”

When you get her number, then avoid:

  • If she didn’t give you her number personally then she is not going to expect you to text her or call her. She finds it creepy if you got her number from another friend without asking her.
  • Ask her over the internet or IM. Asking her in person will make it hard for her to refuse. Unless she doesn’t like you or she is in control.
  • If you look like that you don’t care about getting the number then you will be better. If you look like that you really care about getting it then she could be a little put-off.

2.) Introduce Yourself in First Text

If she doesn’t have your phone number, then introduce yourself in your first text. If she has already given you her number and is waiting for you to text her then start your conversation with something like this:

  • “Hey, I am George, How is it going?”
  • “Hi there, it is Jack. I don’t want to bother you long but have you seen this Movie?
  • Or you can try for something a little funny like you can say,” I am the guy who just tried to ask for your number yesterday.
  • Send her texts gradually and see how she responds. Don’t do hundreds of messages in the beginning. A few texts in a day or two will show her that you are not crazy about her.

3.) Understand the Signs

Understanding the signs is the best way to know that you are doing something right. Everyone has a particular body language and it is not possible to understand the body language through texting. Signs that you are texting her the right things include:

  • Notice if she responds quickly when you text her. If she doesn’t respond quickly then she might be waiting.
  • Emoticons and smiley faces are good signs. If she laughs all the time with “Lol” or “haha” then it is a good sign.
  • If she is flirting back with you then it is also a good sign. If she texts you something like, “Anytime, I talk to you, it is a good day.” This shows that you are doing something good.

4.) Understand the Signs if She is Not Interested

There are some positive and negative signs that you should pick up on. When you start to talk to a girl you like for the first time, then pay attention to these signs.

  • If she is not interested then she will ignore your texts and she doesn’t respond to your texts. She doesn’t respond to some of your texts. If you said something insensitive or impolite then don’t text again. Try to give her space.
  • If you sent her nice texts, well-thought texts and she responds with “That’s nice”, that means she is not in the mood.
  • If she never makes an effort to text you and you always text her that means things are not going great yet.

5.) Make Her Comfortable

Making her comfortable is the way to talk to a girl by texting. Think about the things that you want to text her. It can be a great idea to start with some generic things and build up to more personal things. Like, you can tell her about your upcoming parties and events. Later, you can text her and ask her to go to the parties with you. Finally, you can send texts and let her know that you are thinking about her and the things you like about her.

6.) Put Some Humor into Your Texts

Texting her funny things will help make your texting easier. If you have a good sense of humor or you are a funny person then use that in your texts. If you are not, then try to develop jokes inside jokes, playfully tease her, or simply comment on funny situations you both are part of.

7.) Understand What Her Texts Say

By understanding what she says in her texts is very important. Respond to her questions that she asks and also respond in a good way that shows that you have read and you have taken an interest in the things that she has been texting. She will like it. Don’t responds quickly every time she texts you. Sometimes wait a bit more before you text back.

8.) Move Beyond Texting

If you start to build up a relationship with a girl then don’t rely on texting her forever and ever. Now you should start hanging out with her, call her on the phone and go out on dates. If she likes you that means she was expecting all such things.

  • When you talk to a girl by texting, don’t try to always flirt with a girl. A little bit flirting is fine but doesn’t over do it.

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