How to Become Friends with a Girl?


In this article, we will tell you how to become friends with a girl. You may want to befriend a girl but never have done it before or you are hesitant now because of some other reasons. Well, you can be friends with a girl without making her feel awkward. You may have a fear of getting rejected. Your confidence may be going down as well. It is not that tough as you are assuming it to be. You just need a friendly approach to add her to your friend’s list. Just don’t feel pressurized. Follow these important tips to get things started.

How to Become Friends with a Girl

Best Ways to Become Friends with a Girl:

1) Notice Her to Become Friends with a Girl

You should first notice her. You may check if she is talkative or not. She can be a shy girl. You should notice her friends too. However, you should not spy on her. Checking each and every detail about her is not necessary. You just have to get a brief idea about her personality. It may help you build a friendship with her. You need to know a little about that person with whom you are going to do friendship. Thus, you may know what kind of person she is. It will help you in carrying out your first conversation with her.

2) Introduce Yourself to Become Friends with a Girl

You should introduce yourself to her. It should be a casual introduction. You may say what your name is and ask her about her well-being. These casual things should go on in the beginning. It will be good for you if you catch up with her at a time when she is free. With time, you can be bolder and can ask her few other questions related to her whereabouts, hobbies, passion, dreams, etc. It takes some time to reach to a comfort level with someone.

3) Share Common Interests to Become Friends with a Girl

You two may have something in common. You can figure it out while noticing her and through her conversation. You can carry out that activity with her to be a good friend of hers. Both of you can go to some amusement park or for exercising together or to a movie. It can be anything cultural, professional, scientific or health-related activity. You just have to figure out what is common between you two and use it to make strong bonding with her.


4) Support Her Emotionally to Become Friends with a Girl

You should always be available with her when she needs emotional support. It can be a stressful phase of her life or just to boost up her confidence when she feels low before a competition or exam. You should make her feel that you are there to support her in any situation. However, don’t get involved with her emotionally or you may go to a wrong path. Don’t approach her romantically or she will misunderstand you.

5) Compliment Her for Her Achievements to Become Friends with a Girl

You should give compliments to her whenever she wins a competition or clears an exam with good marks. You can appreciate her calibre and motivate her to take up future challenges in the same way. She may feel that you are happy in her happiness and may share every victory and achievement with you. In this way, you may get accepted as a friend by her.

6) Respond to Her Invitations Positively to Become Friends with a Girl

You may get invited by her to attend a social event. Girls like to go to a social gathering with their friends so you can be there with her. It will help building a good friendship with her. She may trust you more if you show your genuine efforts to support her every time. However, if you have something important task in hand then you may notify her about it in advance so that she can go with somebody else.

7) Be Bold to Become Friends with a Girl

You should be bold enough to ask questions to her to know more about her. You can ask her about her hobbies, her interests, her siblings, her parents etc. You may observe her sense of style, her way of talking, etc. to analyse her taste about things. You may get to know her opinion about several topics. In this way, she may open up more before you and your friendship may become stronger.

8) Help Her in Tough Times to Become Friends with a Girl

She may be going through a tragic situation then it is your duty to lend your hand forward to help her. Assure her that you can do your best to make things right. Be with her when she feels low and disappointed. Real friends do not show their back in the time of need. Thus, you can prove your genuine nature in these tough times only. She may appreciate your efforts and consider you a good friend of hers.

9) Make Her Laugh to Become Friends with a Girl

You can show your immense sense of humour by making her laugh every time she meets up with you. Girls like to be with a funny guy. You can crack light jokes or interpret some incidence in a funny way or mimic someone in a funny way. You just have to use your wit and creativity to be humorous. However, do it in a controlled manner. You should not keep joking every time. Otherwise, you may be treated like a clown.

10) Be Helpful to Become Friends with a Girl

You can help her whenever she needs it. Similarly, you may also ask her for help. Friends can share sorrows, happiness, insecurities, fear, etc. Don’t think that she is a girl so you should not share your fears and insecurities with her. She may not judge you for those. In fact, she may tell you about her fears too. You can lend her things if at all she asks for anything. She may be reading a book which you also find interesting then you can lend it from her.

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