How to Pick Up Girls in High School?


In this article, we will tell you how to pick up girls in high school. You may want to be with a girl. You can be friends with them or make them your girlfriends. You don’t have to do something extra to pick up girls in any environment, whether it is a high school or college or workplace. You just have to be yourself, a confident version of you may seal the deal for you. Besides confidence, you ought to take out your real personality. Show everyone what you are as a person. You may come out of a shell to face the world and pick up girls to be on your side.

How to Pick Up Girls in High School

Best Ways to Pick Up Girls in High School:

1) Approach Her to Pick Up Girls in High School

You should approach a girl whom you want to pick. You may try small talk to initiate the conversation. Ask her about some random class’ direction or ask her for her notes. In this way, you can ask about her name and tell her yours. It is just an introductory phase so that she can know who you are. You may act casually and keep the conversation light. You may tell her that you want to join the same club in which she is already in as your club is not that interesting.

2) Control the Conversation to Pick Up Girls in High School

You should control the conversation so that you can divert it in your advantage. Although, you should be tactful to do this job as she may find it offensive to cut her talks in between. You may pick a word from her talks and start a new conversation. It may help you get rid of those boring topics which she may be talking about like what other girl is wearing or what she does in the class, etc.

3) Give Her Compliments to Pick Up Girls in High School

You may impress her by giving her compliments. It is a nice way to get closer to someone. People like to be flattered in a good way. You can tell her that her dress is so beautiful and it looks pretty much nice on her. You may compliment her for having a great fashion sense. You may tell her something about her hair, eyes, lips, accessories, etc. Girls like being noticed and she may take it wholeheartedly. However, don’t comment about her physique or any objectionable body parts.


4) Be Confident to Pick Up Girls in High School

You should develop some confidence in you to talk to girls. However, some of you may not find it that difficult as it depends on how much introvert you are. But, some of you may take time to open up with some random girl in your school. You can make eye contact with them while talking to them to show that you are confident. Your voice should be clear and loud.

5) Use Sense of Humour to Pick Up Girls in High School

You may talk to her in and around her class, probably in the lunch break. You may feel comfortable being with you if she gets to talk to you more and more. So, don’t miss even a single chance to come closer to her. You may crack jokes in front of her and use sarcasm to entertain her. Girls like to be with a funny boy. Use your wit and make her laugh.

6) Build Your Reputation to Pick Up Girls in High School

You may be good at doing something whether it is related to sports or academics or something else. You can hone your skills and talents to attract girls towards you. You may participate in different curricular activities and get a good rank in some inter-school competition to impress girls of your school. These things help in building your personality and it gives you a good platform to stand on in life.

7) Be Friendly to Pick Up Girls in High School

You can be a friendly guy who can befriend almost anyone to become popular among your classmates. You may approach a girl nicely but she may need approval from her friends about you so you need to befriend them as well. In school days, girls depend too much on their friends. You need to prove them how fit you are for their friend. Keep a smile on your lips and laugh enough to look friendly.

8) Don’t be Afraid of Rejection to Pick Up Girls in High School

You may get rejected sometimes. But, it is ok. You can look for some other girl. There are many in your school. Isn’t it? People act differently and you can’t control their actions. So, just accept what has come to you and move on. There is no meaning in crying over the spilled milk. Gather yourself and analyse where you may have gone wrong or maybe that girl was just out of her mind. Be cool and don’t let it affect you deeply. It is just a phase which will pass on.

9) Be Dominant to Pick Up Girls in High School

You can be dominant enough to guide what has to be done and what not. Generally, girls in high school are naturally compliant. You may tell her easily to wait for you after school or tell her to go to a café for a cup of coffee. She may get ready for almost everything. You just need to be that much authoritative. Practice it in your character and you may have the upper hand all the time.

10) Flirt with Her to Pick Up Girls in High School

You may flirt with a girl in a sophisticated manner just to show that you are interested. It can be a light handshake or a high-five or just holding hands. You can keep your hand over her shoulder abruptly just to tease her or during a humorous moment. She may not find it offensive. You may just pat on her back while having a light conversation. However, if she is not enjoying it then stop continuing it.

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