How to Text a Girl You Like?


In this article, we will tell you how to text a girl you like. You may like to send messages to a girl you like but you are out of topics to talk on. Or, you may be hesitating to start a conversation with her over text. There can be many things which you need to take care of while texting a girl. You should pick the right time to text her. Being in excitement, you may send her lots of texts in a single day or sometimes you just not reply to her even after two-three days. You may be feeling anxiety, nervousness, excitement, and fear all at the same time. Well, do not take so much stress. Follow these tips to text a girl you like.

How to Text a Girl You Like

Best Ways to Text a Girl You Like:

1) Keep it Short and Simple to Text a Girl You Like

You should not go for longer texts. You may write short and simple texts instead. She may find it readable and she will not get bored too. You should not use sarcasm as well in the beginning otherwise, she may misunderstand you. Be specific about what you are texting to her. You just have to be confident and use your presence of mind to get her interested in you.

2) Be Inconsistent to Text a Girl You Like

You should be inconsistent in your texting style to make a girl wonder when your message she is going receive. She may keep on checking her phone now and then just to confirm whether it is you or someone else. You should text her when you get time. Don’t take much burden to text her at a particular time. Or, you may become predictable.

3) Flirt a little to Text a Girl You Like

You can be a little flirty to give her hint that you like her. You may praise her for her wit and attitude. You may make fun of yourself and be playful at the same time. She may like to be with a guy who can make her laugh and don’t take himself so seriously. You can make great use of emoticons to suggest her about your intentions. Easy-going attitude and fun personality is highly desirable among girls.


4) Guess Her Answers to Text a Girl You Like

You can show her your zealous attitude by keep guessing her answers. She may find you different from other guys and may like you for it. For example, you may ask her about her evening plans and quickly guess her answer and state it as “let me guess, you want to be with me over a cup of coffee ;)”. She may laugh on it and find you quite approachable. This is a good way to flirt with a girl as well.

5) Make Her Feel Special to Text a Girl You Like

The best thing which you can do over text is to make her feel special about herself.  Give her examples which show her best qualities. In this way, you can make her realize that you are the one who can understand her motives and thoughts behind any work she does. She may think that you can understand her very well.

6) Tease Her to Text a Girl You Like

Teasing each other can be a playful and friendly gesture. You can make an impact on her mind by indulging in fun activities like this. You can give her a nickname. It could be related to her habit or her personality. Make fun of her hairstyle, her clothing, her shoes or anything else just to tease her. She may like to get that quirky comment from you. You can go closer to her if you keep her interested.

7) Do not Bore Her to Text a Girl You Like

Texting should be limited to a certain limit. You should not over text her otherwise she may get bored of you. It may also let her think that you are needy and desperate. Moreover, you will run out of your strategies to woo her if you use all of it one after another. Thus, proceed with a medium pace and let her think about you too. She may initiate to text you back. Let her miss youso that she can develop feelings for you.

8) Create Personal Memories to Text a Girl You Like

You can tell her about yourself and about your favourite movies and songs. Share fine details of your life with her. She may relate any incidence or circumstance with your experiences. She may listen to a song and think of you. Tell her what you are doing presently. She may have your favourite sweet and may think of you. But, you should narrate all these details in an interesting manner. Otherwise, she may try to avoid you.

9) Show Her that You Have a Life to Text a Girl You Like

You may show her that you are enjoying your life a lot. Tell her where you are going this weekend and share your experience with her. Send her pictures of places which you have been to on your trip. For this, you should avoid telling her that you are bored of your life. Show her that you are very much happy and satisfied with your life. Share your dreams and goals with her. She may get positive vibes from you. People get attracted to those individuals who have the zeal and enthusiasm to do something in their life.

10) Show that You Care for Her to Text a Girl You Like

You can impress a girl if you let her think that you care for her. You can do this by texting her when she is somewhere outside. Tell her if she needs any help she can contact you anytime. You can remind her to take medicines on time if she goes unwell. Ask her about her well being and let her know that she can come to you whenever she feels alone or bored. You can reach out to her to help her whenever she needs it.

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