How to Give Your Girlfriend an Unforgettable Birthday?


You can give your girlfriend an unforgettable birthday if you plan it well. You need to be very much creative and spontaneous to make that day very special for her. Of course, it is the most awaited day of the year for her and she will be overwhelmed with joy if she gets a surprise from your side. It may be a tough affair for you to ponder about the gift ideas for your girlfriend’s birthday. Well, you need to do some research work and you will get a fruitful outcome out of it. For this, you may use these quirky ideas given in this article.

How to Give Your Girlfriend an Unforgettable Birthday

Best Ways to Give Your Girlfriend an Unforgettable Birthday:

1) Observe Her Carefully to Give Your Girlfriend an Unforgettable Birthday

You can get various ideas just by observing carefully your girlfriend. She may let you know whether she is interested in a romantic date or in a group party with her friends. You can listen to her words and anticipate what’s going on inside her. It will be logical to provide her something which she wants on her birthday. Altogether, you just can’t assume what she will like to see on her birthday. Anything you like does not imply that she will like it too. You can surprise her with your gift.

2) Plan Ahead to Give Your Girlfriend an Unforgettable Birthday

For making your girlfriend’s birthday unforgettable, you need some time to plan things. You just can’t do it overnight. If at all, you do this overnight it may not be as impressive as it could have. You should set reminders and mark your calendar at least a month before her birthday. Look for great party ideas, gift ideas, getaway ideas, etc. You can order something for her which would take the time to get prepared.

3) Look at Her Pinterest to Give Your Girlfriend an Unforgettable Birthday

On Pinterest, you can look for her boards and pins to get an idea about her interests. She can be interested in artworks, books, dresses, pieces of jewelry, gadgets, shoes, movies, music, etc. It can be anything and you can analyze what are her fantasies. You can get many ideas from there. If she is creative then you can gift some creative thing to her. If you have given a thought before buying any gift for her then it will not go in vain.


4) Throw a Theme Party to Give Your Girlfriend an Unforgettable Birthday

You can arrange a theme party for her. Look for something which makes her happy. It can be a Disney princess themed party if she likes Disney kind of things. Tell your guests to treat her like a princess. Order a stylish glittering gown for her prior to her birthday. Birthday cake could reflect any character of her choice. Make invitation card in a creative way and mail that invitation to her one day before. Similarly, you can go for other themes.

5) Go Somewhere to Give Your Girlfriend an Unforgettable Birthday

You can take your girlfriend somewhere on her birthday if she is quite outgoing in nature. You can look out for some places which are must visit tourist attractions in your city. You can also take her to some romantic place nearby your city. She may love to be with you in an ambiance which could make her fall in love with you again. A long drive to a hill tower or a night date on a cruise can be memorable for her.

6) Make Use of Memories to Give Your Girlfriend an Unforgettable Birthday

You can make great use of your memories with her to gift her something unforgettable. You can prepare a recording in which you can share incidences spent with her. You can even sing a song for her if you can sing well. Include it in your CD. Tell her what she means to you and how much you love her in that recording. Similarly, you can make a scrapbook using pictures and inserting comments on each memory.

7) Ask Her Friends to Give Your Girlfriend an Unforgettable Birthday

You can run out of ideas to plan something special for her birthday. In that case, you can ask her friends for suggestions. They may know her well as they are with her from a longer period of time. You can take their help in arranging things for her birthday. It is not mandatory to do everything alone. However, don’t just leave them alone to arrange everything. Be there with them to show that you are excited about her birthday.

8) Do Cooking for Her to Give Your Girlfriend an Unforgettable Birthday

That can be really exciting for her to see you cooking for her. You can follow you tube or any other cooking website for the video tutorial. You may know what cuisine she likes. You can practice 2-3 recipes of her choice beforehand so that you do not create a mess on her birthday. Allow her to have her breakfast in bed. Prepare lunch as well and then go for a date night to her favourite restaurant. She will totally love it if she is kind of foodie.

9) Go for Picnic to Give Your Girlfriend an Unforgettable Birthday

You can pack your picnic basket and leave for some beautiful place in your cities like a lakeside park, a hilltop park, or anywhere else suitable for you. You can cook your lunch at home and pack it with some cards, flying discs, badminton, etc. Have your lunch in the lap of nature and play with your girlfriend and her friends to make it memorable.

10) Propose Her for Marriage to Give Your Girlfriend an Unforgettable Birthday

You may propose your girlfriend to accept you as her other half. She may love this idea and it will be memorable too. However, you should do this only if you two have agreed to it. It will be suitable if she is with you for a longer period of time. You can buy a ring and stand on your knee to propose her for marriage. You can even bring her favourite flowers with you.

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