How to Know If She Doesn’t Like You Anymore?


Relationships are formed and broken and girls are equally responsible for broken relationships as much as guys are. If you feel that your relationship is going good, then look for signs to see how she feels about you. What she says and how she reacts can give you all insights to their feelings. Girls get weird at times, it seems like she lost interest in you. You are scared that she doesn’t want to be with you anymore. It is very common for guys to fail to interpret what a girl really wants. If you know each other for a long time then sometimes it can be hard for guys to understand the girls. In this article, you will get to know some different signs how to know when a relationship is over. These signs will help you to find out the truth and to know if she doesn’t like you anymore. Here, you will get to know if she doesn’t like you anymore.

How to Know If She Doesn’t Like You Anymore

Best Ways to Know If She Doesn’t Like You Anymore

1. Notice Her Body Language When She is With You

Observe her body language when she is with you to know if she doesn’t like you anymore. The closing  body sends signals that she is nervous or uncomfortable.

  • If she is doing this consistently in her relationship then it may be a sign that she is not interested in you.
  • Your girlfriend used to stand close to you but now she stands away from you and crosses her arms when you talk that means she is telling you she is not interested in talking.
  • If she closes her body every time when you are together that means this is the time to rethink your relationship.
  • Notice her eye contact. If you find her avoiding eye contact then something is wrong.

2. She Fights with You over Unimportant Things

When girls want your attention, they sometimes put up some girly tantrums and would demand love. This is an amazing feeling to know that you are needed. But if she argues about irrelevant things then it is sure a sign that something is wrong. She would get irritated easily with you and will reply you in an irritated manner. These are the signs that she wants to stay away from you and you do not value to her anymore.

  • Misunderstandings and arguments are very common among couples but when fighting becomes a hobby then it is a red flag. There are cute couple arguments which end up with cuddling and sweet kisses but if you notice frequent arguments then something is wrong.

3. Check She Cancels Plans to Know if She Doesn’t Like You Anymore

If she cancels plans very often or she is too busy to go out then it is a red flag that something is going wrong. However, circumstances often occur with some valid reasons to miss a date, if she cancels more than 50% of dates then you are in the danger zone. She would cancel on you and you would find her spending time with someone else.

  • When a girl is always busy or starts to repetitively cancel plans that mean she is sending a clear message.
  • A girl is interested in you then she will make herself available for you or she wants to spend time with you. If your girlfriend constantly ditching plans then it is a sign.
  • If you find a pattern of canceled dates or she has other plans then this is the time to sit her down and talk to her.

4. Notice How Often She Touches You

By noticing how much she touches you, you will get to know if she doesn’t like you anymore. Physical touch is the way that girls use to flirt with and show her interest in a guy. Things like holding your hand, running her fingers through your hair or putting her hand on your chest all show that she is interested in you. She would get annoyed easily if you would try to come close. You will not find her showing interest in any physical interaction. These are the sure signs that she is not into you anymore.

  • If your relationship started with lots of physical touches but now she hardly touches you then this is the time to talk to her about what is going on in your relationship.
  • When your girlfriend is not interested in you, she stops touching you and go out of her way to avoid any sort of physical touch.

5. Notice How She Behaves With You in Social Gatherings

By noticing how she behaves with you in a party is the good way to know if she doesn’t like you anymore. If she leaves the room and go to other room or she talks to another group of people then it is a sign she doesn’t want to enjoy spending time with you. When you find her going to social gatherings and parties without inviting you then it also a sign that something is going wrong in your relationship. If you would matter to her then your self-respect and keeping your image intact would be her priority too. If she behaves as if you do not matter to her and only her happiness matters to her then you can be sure that there is something going on in her life.

6. Notice How Often She Texts or Calls You

It is a good way to know if she doesn’t like you anymore. Girls always like to talk. If your girlfriend is texting or calling you a lot is the beginning of your relationship but now she doesn’t call or text you anymore then consider it a warning. If you are the one who constantly making the calls or sending the texts first that means she is losing interest in you. When she constantly bothers you then be assured that

  • If she is flirting with other guys in front of you then probably she is looking to get out of the relationship.

7. Notice If She Gets Jealous

Notice her if she gets jealous. By noticing her you will get to know if she doesn’t like you anymore. It is natural when girls get jealous if you flirt with other girls. She may also get crazy and this could lead to unnecessary confrontation.

  • If she doesn’t care that you are flirting with other girls then you need to reconsider your relationship.
  • Try to flirt with other girls to see how your girlfriend reacts.

8. Talk to Her to Know if She Doesn’t Like You Anymore

Being honest is the best way to have a good relationship. Ask her how she feels and if you want to stay together then be willing to work through any problems.

  • Give her attention and listen to her actively when she is talking.
  • Let her speak without arguing or interrupting her.
  • Ask questions to clarify the things.
  • Through honest communication, you can find the root of a problem if exists.
  • If she is ready to end the relationship then bring up the problems which may make it easier to handle.
  • If she is upset then you should know what you need to change to keep her happy.

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