How to Kiss a Girl for the First Time in your Room


The most lovely thing that happens in every couple’s life is the ‘First Kiss’. Kissing your loved one for the first time is an art. It is not difficult art but many guys haven’t mastered yet. Girls like kissing because it is an emotionally intimate act. Your girl is sweet and beautiful. You can’t resist her luscious lips. Now you are finally clicking that it is the time for a kiss. A little practice and a little preparation will make your kiss perfect. If you have never kissed her before then it can be a bit scary. Don’t worry. Here we will help you to kiss a girl for the first time in your room.

How to kiss a girl for the first time in your room

Best Ways to Kiss a Girl for the First Time in Your Room

1. Bring Her into Room and Close the Door to Kiss a Girl for the First Time

The best and effective way to bring her into the room is to ask her. If she seems not interested then don’t force her. Make her comfortable first to move forward.  If you are going to kiss your girlfriend then keep in mind that most girls are not happy with being closed in a room by her boyfriend especially when she has not kissed yet. It is not good if your parents or her parents come in while you both are kissing. So be careful and keen an eye on the door. If she feels uncomfortable or not happy about it then drop the plan immediately.

2. Keep Standing to Kiss a Girl for the First Time in Your Room

Keep standing until your girl sit on your bed. If you sit down and pull her close to you, she might feel threatened or she may think that things are moving too fast. Wait until she sits on the bed. When she sits, sit close to her. Do it casually. If you have something to show then show her. If you start talking about something while you sit down then you will make the atmosphere less awkward.

3. Have Good Breath to Kiss a Girl for the First Time in Your Room

Having good breath is very important to kiss a girl for the first time in your room. The girl doesn’t want to taste onion, garlic or other bad flavors after the kiss, as this can be a major turn off. Before the date or before meeting her, brush your teeth properly or you can use mouthwash. You can clean your tongue as well. If you are at a restaurant, bring your favorite breath freshener. Avoid eating food with strong smell after you have washed your mouth properly. Maintaining a good oral hygiene is very important when you want to kiss a girl and not make her run away.


4. Make an Eye Contact with Her to Kiss a Girl for the First Time in Your Room

Making an eye contact is a good step to kiss a girl for the first time in your room. If you are getting positive signals from her, then move to the next step. An eye contact creates the bond and you both will feel the chemistry building up between you both. When you want to have a kiss for the first time then do not forget to look your partner in the eye to give them hints.

Positive signals include:

  • Smiling with her eyes and her mouth. Girls who smile a lot want to make a good impression on you. Girls’ smile tells that you are doing something right.
  • Giggling or laughing at your jokes shows a positive signal. If you are saying something funny and still she laughs that means she likes you.
  • If she looks at your lips or bites her lips then it is a sign that your girlfriend is ready to kiss you.
  • She playing with her hair or she is putting her hair behind her ear then she is trying to get you to look at her face.

5. Touch Her Arm and Move in to Kiss a Girl for the First Time in Your Room

If she stops you, then stop. There can be many reasons for stopping you. Do not assume yourself that she is just being coy. It might make her feel that you are not the right person.

  • She is at a new or unfamiliar place and feels uncomfortable. It is all about surrounding not about you. Maybe she likes you.
  • She has never kissed before and she is not ready. Some girls get nervous and maybe others want to save their first kiss for a special time or place. Don’t take it personally and try to kiss some other time.
  • Maybe she doesn’t like you. This one is really hard to accept. You don’t need to guess because she will tell you that she doesn’t like you. Sometimes girls just need a more time to move. She might want to kiss you later on.

6. Choose the Right Time to Kiss a Girl for the First Time in Your Room

Getting right timing will make your moment easier and  you can easily kiss a girl for the first time in your room. A perfect time for a kiss is at the end of a date when you are saying goodbye when you go for a walk, or after you have finished watching a movie. All of these times are pretty private and should pretty much just be the two of you. It is important to choose a private place or time for a first kiss.

7. Ask Her for a Kiss to Kiss a Girl for the First Time in Your Room

Asking your girl if you can kiss her is the best way to show her that you care about her feelings and you respect her. If you ask her, she will appreciate it. It seems to be little awkward at this stage because you see the super charming people in movies kissing.

  • You can ask something like, “I want to kiss you now, Is that okay?” or “Do you allow me to kiss you now?”

8. Lean Forward Slowly and Kiss Her

Be gentle and move really slowly, close your eyes as you go for the kiss.

Here are some tips:

  • Don’t use your tongue when you kiss a girl for the first time in your room. Close your eyes before you start the kiss.
  • Move your head at a slight angle and gently kiss her. When you kiss her, keep it for ten seconds.
  • If you both like the kissing then you can always continue kissing for longer.
  • If you feel that this is a perfect time, you can move to a french kiss. Do it only if the girl is ready.
  • If you do French kiss then open your mouth to kiss her, move your tongue into her mouth. Don’t forget to breathe while kissing. Breathe through your nose slowly.
  • It will be cute if you kiss her on cheeks or hug her to end the kiss sweetly.
  • If she doesn’t want to end the kiss gently then place your both hands on her waist or you can put your hand on one side of her face. Do it only when she responds well.

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