How to Be a Scene Girl


How to Be a Scene Girl

Best Tips to Be a Scene Girl:

1.) Dress Like a Scene Girl

Clothes are very important if you want to be like a scene girl. Tutu- like skirts looks good, so you must wear this. Wear slip-on Vans or try something colorful or checkered shoelaces.

  • Ripped dark jeans such as black are good but things like bright neon colors, checkered or zebra are good too.
  • Wear tees with cute monsters, funny quotes or just cool stuff work best. Don’t buy the only black. The scene is a mix of neon and black colors.
  • Wear any pattern which you want like animal print, plaid, stripes, checkers anything that describes your personality.

2.) Wear Merchandise from Gloomy Bear, Hello Kitty, Elmo, Care Bears etc.

You must wear brand tees. Colorful skinny jeans, Vans, jean skirts, tutus, and converse are awesome. Wear cool leggings with stripes or bold colors and leg warmers.

  • Wear bright random T-shirts with funky designs to look like a scene girl. You can also wear a plain bold color like red.
  • Cartoon characters are also very popular. Printed T-shirts with cartoon characters or cute pictures are a must.

3.) Wear a Cool Hoodie to Be a Scene Girl

Wearing a gray and cool hoodie is the best way to look like a scene girl.  It will give you a cool look. Get pyramid stud belts and classic white belts which are also good.

  • The bigger sunglasses are a must. Girls usually wear Ray ban Aviators which are the old fashioned. You should wear horn-rimmed glasses with no lenses are very popular in the scene world and you look super cute.

4.) Wear Heavy Accessories

There are numerous accessories which are available in the market. Long necklaces and oversized pearl necklaces are a must. You can wear accessories in a number of ways that will make you look like a mature young girl.

  • Don’t forget those kiddie bracelets that you wore when you were five. Now its time to wear them if you want to be a scene girl.

5.) Get Piercing If You Want to Be a Scene Girl

Piercings are automatically considered as the scene. Scene kids usually get piercings. There are some types of piercings like snakebites; Monroe, angel bites, septum and brow breakers are acceptable piercings. You can wear big earrings or none at all because your ears will be hidden under your voluminous hair. Try pearl earrings for a preppy style. Gauges are also very popular among scene girls.

6.) Wear Makeup to Be a Scene Girl

Bright eye makeup is very important to look like a scene girl. Purple, green, red, blue and pink would go fine. Use silver/black/blue eyeliner. The makeup should be plain black eyeliner depending on how scene you would like to be. Wear a little thicker eyeliner. You can also add a little design to your makeup such as wings. You can use black or bright neon eyeshadow which is very popular and looks very scene. You can also go for the clean and pretty scene girl looks with some pretty eyeshadow and lots of mascara.

7.) Get a New and Classy Hairstyle

To become a scene girl, what you need to do with your hair is part it to the side. Wear little girl clips and dye your hair with multiple colors that look classic. You don’t have to have long hair to look scene just put your bangs to the side.

  • Short and choppy layers look very scene.
  • The scene mullet is also popular and it is seen by Asian scene girls.
  • Straight hair with bangs is becoming very popular with scene kids.
  • Try to use a straightener to give a classy look to your hair.

8.) Listen to the Music

Scene culture is based on music. So feel free to listen whatever you want. Listen to your favorite bands and few genres. You can also use Hip hop slang is very popular on the scene. So use certain words like “hot”, “pimp”, “stellar”, “rad” etc.

9.) Get Connected on Social Networking Websites

It is important to become active on social media sites if you want to be a scene girl. Start with MySpace or Facebook. Add many people on MySpace or Facebook to stay connected with them.

  • You can also try for site modeling. You can model for different agencies which are run by other people.
  • Add a simple background to your page, upload an amazing picture of yourself, create a playlist of some of your favorite music and send friend requests to other scene girls. Having a catchy screen name will raise your scene point quota.
  • Have an account on youtube and make some videos on “how to style scene hair,”etc., because they are becoming popular in the scene world and will increase your scene image.

10.) Be Nice and Fun

If you want to be scene girl then you have to be nice to everyone when you meet. Be sure you are very happy and peppy sweet. Don’t act like that you hate everything. Hating everything is not scene like. Help others and talk nicely to people. Usually, scene girls are arrogant and full of themselves. So, don’t be like this if you really want to look like a scene girl. Basically, being a single girl is about being a unique girl. Create your own style and enjoy with it. By doing this, you can also become a classy girl or perfect girl.

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