How to Get Girl’s Phone Number


When you meet a girl you like, it is very natural that you want to spend time with her. The easiest way to get to know her better is to get her phone number. Many guys hesitate when it comes to getting a girl’s number. When you try to navigate this tricky situation, you find yourself getting nervous and you may lose your confidence. Don’t worry; if you want to get girl’s phone number, then you need to follow these steps.

A girl can be nice but if she doesn’t want to give you her phone number then it means that her attention was nothing. When you ask a girl for her phone number, maybe chances are you will get embarrassment from rejection. Some guys are very shy to talk to a girl directly. That’s why they want a girl’s phone number so that they can talk to a girl by texting. Getting a girl’s number is quite difficult. So, don’t ask her for a number when you meet the first time. Give some time to her and then ask for a number.

How to Get Girl's Phone Number

Best Tips to Get Girl’s Phone Number:

(A) Make Her Friend First to Ask for a Number

1.) Take it Easy

Before approaching a girl, you need to relax. If you think that you can get her number as soon as you meet her then you will not be able to do it first you need to relax. You can feel it if you are nervous from a mile away and she will be nervous too. You may scare her off. It is very normal to be nervous if you are feeling shy or afraid. Calm yourself down when you ask for her phone number.

2.) Meet Her to Get Girl’s Phone Number

Once you have relaxed, its time to come up with the charm. Look into her eyes and smile and show her what a great guy you are. You need to make a great impression if you want her to keep talking.

  • Show her that you love the way you are and you love meeting new people. Also, show her that you are happy with what you do. If you are confident then she will feel good about you. Maybe she will be excited when she get to know that you are interested in her.
  • The best way to make her like you is to make her laugh.
  • Give all of your attention to her.

3.) Open Up with Her to Get Girl’s Phone Number

Now this is the time to connect with the girl on a deeper level. Don’t interview her and ask her some questions about herself. Let her see that you care about her. But make sure; don’t put pressure on her by asking a lot of questions. Once you build a connection between you and her, now start playfully makes fun of her.

  • Compliment her genuinely like she has an amazing laugh or she has beautiful eyes. Stay cool to keep the things good.

4.) Make Her to Like You to Get Girl’s Phone Number

Once you have talked about yourself and you have charmed her, now this is the time to get a girl to like you if you want to spend time with her again. Show her that you like to make fun of her or tease her. If she says something funny then answer her with a funny quip.

  • Reveal something personal about yourself. Don’t make her uncomfortable by getting so personal. Share something that makes her heart melt a little bit. Let her see that you are not all about jokes.
  • Let her open up to you. Get a little close to her and encourage her to tell you something about herself.

5.) Ask a Girl for Her Phone Number

Don’t wait for the things. When you are having the funniest conversation to the girl or when you are laughing the most is exactly when you should ask. Ask her out on a date first, instead of asking her phone number. If she says she would like to go with you, then you can ask her for the contact number to coordinate.

  • You can also get a girl’s phone number directly. When you conversation is going well, you can say, “I like talking to you. Can I get your contact number so that we can keep talking?”
  • When she gives you her number, say “Thanks.”

(B) What Not to Do to Get Girl’s Phone Number

1.) Don’t Ask too Early

You need to take enough time to introduce yourself and let her quickly see that you are a cool guy she would like to see again. Don’t ask too soon for her number. Take some time to ask her name and don’t seem like that you are desperate.

2.) Don’t Ask If Your Conversation Lags

If you feel that your conversation is not going good or the girl keeps checking her phone, keeps looking around the room or try to look at her friends then that means she wants to save her from you. If you both have nothing to say then don’t ask her for the number. If she says goodbye to you then don’t ask her for the contact number.

3.) Don’t Trick Her to Get Her Number

Some guys use bad tricks to get a girl’s number. That is not a good idea. They say like, “Oh, My phone has lost. Please give it a call from your phone.” This way, the girl technically will give her number to you. She may get some cleverness point from this and she will think you cowardly asked for her number.

Other Useful Tips:

  • Talk about her interests when you meet her so that you have something to text about.
  • Be careful when she is with a guy, it is probably her husband or boyfriend. In this case, don’t try to interact with her.
  • Don’t be afraid to start a conversation with a girl if she is with other people.
  • Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get any number.
  • The more times you try asking for a girl’s number the more you will get a positive response.

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