How to Text a Girl That You Like


Many guys want to know how to text a girl they like. If you are one of those guys then you have come to right place. Getting a girl like you just by texting will be easy if you follow these tips. If you like someone then the fear of rejection often push you back from texting her. You are wondering what to say to a girl to make her like you. In this article, you will get to know some useful tips to text a girl that you like.

Timing is everything when it comes to impressing a girl. Girls rely on feelings and emotions to fall for a guy. You fall for a girl at first glance and you find her attractive. A girl’s feelings play a bigger role to like a guy. It is easier to text a girl and make her fall for you rather than wooing her on dates and impressing her with gifts. When you create the perfect balance of infatuation and emotional connection, you can make any girl like you back with a few texts.

How to text a girl that you like

Best Ways to Text a Girl that You Like:

1.) Be Yourself and Original

Being yourself is the good way to make someone like you. Send a girl a text that not any guy could send. Don’t just send her a weird emoticon; find a way to pique her interest or to make her smile. Do whatever you can do to make her think.

  • Make a witty observation that shows the girl you have a unique way to look at the world.
  • Show her that you can be a clever guy over texting.
  • Make her laugh over the text. Share your knowledge that she has not heard before.

2.) Ask a Few Questions

Asking some questions is the best way to know a girl or to text a girl that you like. Ask about her weekend or a day. If you know she has an important event on the last weekend then ask how it went.

  • Make sure she can answer your question. Don’t ask about life, ask the girl what she is doing for any special event.
  • Keep your text simple because short sentence communicates the large message.
  • Keep your text open-ended. Ask something like “How was the party last night?” instead of asking, “What time did you get home from the party or concert?” Because such type of questions will help you to talk more.

3.) Don’t Get too Hard to Text a Girl that You Like

Don’t be too harsh when you are texting a girl. Don’t go out of your way to say something that doesn’t sound good because she will think that you are trying to impress her. Remember to be yourself so that she may think about you.

  • Don’t send her a long text message. Only one sentence or small text at a time is just fine.
  • Don’t try to be funny if you are not funny. Don’t put “hahaha” after every your own sentence.
  • Remember that your girl maybe a little nervous too. This can make you feel better about conversing.

4.) Be Engaging When You Text a Girl that You Like

Show her that you can keep up a fun conversation over the phone. Your goal in texting a girl you like is to show your personality and make her want more. If you fascinate the girl, she will want to talk to you.

  • Try to find out a common interest. Don’t talk about religious beliefs or political while texting.
  • Tell her if you are passionate about something such as cooking or soccer. You can impress a girl.
  • If she says something funny then say something funny back.

5.) Flirt with a Girl You Like

Flirting with a girl will not only make her want you but will give her the hint that you are actually into her. Flirt with a girl over text to show her that you are interested.

  • Try to be playful. Show her your silly side because girls don’t like a guy who takes himself too seriously.
  • If you know her well then tease her gently.
  • You can send the occasion emoticon like “;-).” It is a great way to flirt.

6.) Show Her You Care About Her

There are some easy ways to show a girl that you care about her. Sending a text at the right time may let her know that you are thinking about her and she is important to you.

  • Value her opinion to make her like you.
  • Show her you remember your conversations. She will be impressed by you.

7.) Don’t Overdo It to Text a Girl that You Like

If she is not interested in talking to you then don’t bombard her with texts. Show her that you are interested but you should avoid coming off as annoying, needy or just embarrassing.

  • If there is an equal flow of conversation then it is good to move on. If you get one or two responses then it is time to back off.

8.) Know When to End the Conversation

If you want to keep the girl interested then you should stop doing texting at the right time. She may get bored with your lengthy conversations. It is very important to know when to stop texting her.

  • If a girl is giving only one-word responses then she may be too busy or she is not interested in chatting with you.
  • If she always ends the conversation then you should avoid texting her for a while. Let her initiate.

9.) Leave on a Good Note to Text a Girl that You Like

Try to always leave the conversation open so it will be easy to chat with her again. Find a way to show her that you are thinking of her. Wish her “Good Morning” or “Good Evening” at the appropriate time in the day. Let her know that you want to meet her.

10.) Ask Her Out

Once you have established a connection and feel like that she is also interested then go ahead and ask her out. If she says no then don’t be upset. Tell her that you are going to a bar or concert with few friends and ask her if she wants to come. When you go out with her, dress well to look great.

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