How to Make a Girl Laugh


The best way to impress a person is to make them laugh. If you want to make anyone laugh it means you genuinely care about them. Everyone does not have a good sense of humor and thus it is not easy for everyone to make others laugh. In fact making someone laugh is one of the most difficult jobs in the world. If any girl will laugh with you then she will like to stay with you. Making a girl laugh is also one of the best ways to make any girl like you instantly and to make her fall in love with you. Every girl wants to be a guy who can keep her happy and can make her smile in her bad days. Use the tips given in this article to make a girl laugh and like you more.

How to Make a Girl Laugh

Tips to Make a Girl Laugh

1.) Be Original to Make a Girl Laugh

Do not try to quote from any sitcom she will come to know and may not find it funny. Sticking to being original is funnier whatever you will copy might not be that funny. To make a girl laugh be original and act your true self. Being your real version will help you to make a girl laugh. Be funny without losing your true self, have your own ways to be funny. Every funny person has their own ways which make them different from one another.

2.) Right Time is Important

Right time plays a great role in making people laugh. When anything is said at the right time then it has more impact. If you want to make a girl laugh then you should wait for the right time to crack a joke. All over the world sitcoms are famous because it chooses a perfect time to crack a joke. Also, know your limitations while cracking a joke and how much close you are with that girl. You should be careful with this boundary fact because if you do not know the girl very well then your jokes might hurt her as well as few people are over sentimental and sometimes take bad jokes on themselves.


3.) Avoid Saying Bad Jokes

If you are making others laugh by hurting someone then it is not good. While cracking jokes or saying anything to make a girl laugh you should try to avoid bad jokes. Bad jokes might backfire and instead of making people laugh might make them angry. Therefore jokes should be healthy instead of being bad or vulgar or insulting jokes, try cracking jokes which will make people happy and will make them laugh. If the humour is inappropriate or insulting then even if it is very funny still there is no use of saying it. You can try cracking a joke to tease her when you both are good friends but if you are new to her then it is better to avoid teasing jokes.

4.) Be Happy Yourself to Make a Girl Laugh

You can only make people laugh only when you are happy. Be happy and cheerful, happiness spreads happiness stay happy and cheerful to make others happy. If you want to make others happy learn from funny people how to do it and see how they themselves stay happy. If you yourself will not stay happy then it will not be easy for you to make others happy. Stay happy from inside not just fake it from outside.

5.) Do Funny Things Together

Doing funny things together will make her laugh and you will get the credit for doing so. Fun activities make situation lighter and humorous moment will be created. It will help you both to laugh together and she will remember the good times spend with you. It is also believed that laughing together creates bond.  You can decide to do fun activities together. Make a plan and invite her to join you. You can go to amusement parks and take rides together or you can even plan for a roller coaster ride. This will definitely make a girl laugh. You can even go for fun water sports as those are funnier to do and evokes laughter watching each other trying.

6.) Make Fun of Yourself Sometimes

A person who can make fun of himself can make anyone laugh. If you want to make a girl laugh then make fun of yourself in front of her. If you can laugh at yourself then you can make the world laugh with you. Making your own fun does not mean to get humiliated yourself in front of others but to handle yourself coolly. Do not overdo it or others might get bored but also do not hesitate to laugh at yourself when required to make others laugh.

7.) Know a Bit About Her

Everyone has got a different sense of humour and for different people different things are funny. When you want to make a girl laugh try to know her about her a bit as it will be more helpful in making a girl laugh. Try to know what makes her happy and what makes her sad. If she is your friend then you must know it well but when she is not known to you then you can know about her by observing her. Observe which things make her laugh without hesitating and which make her feel bad. Knowing these will help you to frame your actions and utter your words wisely.

8.) Be Playful to Make a Girl Laugh

One cannot just crack jokes to make someone laugh there are other definite ways which will help you to make a girl laugh. This is an important part of being funny. You can tease a bit if you know that person will not feel bad about it. Try looking for the fun and humorous angle in bad situations to keep yourself and people around you positive. Making fun of anyone should not be encouraged as it not being playful. Only tease your girl if she is okay with it and you can even tickle her if you both are close.

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