How to Know if a Person Truly Loves You


How to Know if a Person Truly Loves You

Signs to Know if a Person Truly Loves You

1.) Know if He Really Misses you

If you want to know if a person truly loves you watch out how much he or she misses you when you are not around. If you are not around and that person really misses you a lot it means your presence matters a lot for them. When you are gone for long he or she might try to reach to you. It is common in love to yearn for the presence of their partner, as they feel incomplete without them. Even in free time, they will think about you. Sometimes someone can even show off by saying a lot “I miss you” . But when a person will truly miss you, you will able to see the happiness on their face after seeing you.

2.) Does Your Opinion Matters

In true love, you will be treated as a very important part in his/her life. Your opinion and decisions will matter very much likely. Even if you and your partner are completely opposite still you both will manage like a pro. In true love people accept their partner as they and your opinion will have same value like your partner’s opinion matters. In very difficult situations also your partner will ask your opinion.

3.) Loves to Be Around You

Not even to impress you but even after you both are in a relationship he/she would love to be around you. No matter what you both do but if you love to be with each other then you can tell it is a true love. When your partner is happy around to be with you and smiles like an idiot sometimes seeing you then you know that he/she truly loves you. In a relationship spending time together is important but many time in the start of a relationship it happens often and it fades away after a while. In true love this factor stays.


4.) Gives You Space

Giving space does not always means that your partner is ignoring you or does not like to be around you. It actually means that they respect you as an individual entity and want you to stay that way. A couple cannot be together always, everyone has an individuality and they should not lose it after getting into a relationship. Even if your partner loves to be with you still they will know when to leave you on your own. True love is mature and they know that maintaining their own identity is very important for everyone.

5.) Can’t Keep their Hands Off You

It might sound like lust or infatuation but in love it is different. When a person truly loves you and like to be with you, it is hard for them to keep distance. It does not mean that your partner will touch you without your consent. Your partner knows that you like it too. Also, they will never embarrass you in front of others and will behave like a gentleman/gentlelady who is in love. In true love your partner knows when to tease you and when to behave like a sophisticated person.

6.) Does Not want You to Change

He/she just love the way you are. They might want to rise but will never try to change your true self. They loved you for who you are and will always love you for who you are. When you like someone you like it because of their positive points but when you love someone you love them for who they are. Even if you are clumsy or lazy they will still love you, they might want you to be a better form yourself but isn’t that you want it for yourself too?

7.) Fight for Relationship

This is a strong point to know if a person truly loves you. If your partner is a keeper then he/she will never give up no matter what. In true love what matters the most is the relationship. Even if you both fight a lot it does not matter but if you do not try to solve your fight then that is the problem. You try hard for the things which you love sameway when your person love you truly they will never think of giving you up no matter what.

8.) Want You to be Best Version of You

It is a very rare scene to watch people get rejoiced at your success. Yes, in true love it happens check if your partner wants you to succeed it will help you to know if a person truly loves you or not. If your partner loves you truly then they will never see you as a competition. If they can they will even work hard for you to succeed. To know if a person truly loves you watch how much excited he or she gets to watch you succeed.

9.) Check Trust Level to Know if a Person Truly Loves You

Where there is love there is trust, a true love cannot stand without trust. When a person truly loves you then they will never doubt you. They might ask about your whereabouts for your safety as they care for you. A long term relationship’s key factor is trust. There is a difference between showing care and having doubts.

10.) They Apologize 

In true love, people put their ego aside to maintain a healthy relationship. Many time even if your partner is not at fault still you will see them apologizing. When a person truly loves someone  then it does not matters who is at fault but relationship matters the most. If your partner apologizes for their mistakes and sometimes even without their mistake then they are trying really hard to keep the relationship going well.

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