How to Hug a Girl


How to Hug a Girl

Tips to Hug a Girl

1.) Know what She wants to Hug a Girl

Hugging a girl can be a complicated process as she might even take you as a pervert if it goes even a bit wrong. When you want to hug a girl you should know what is in her mind. To know what a girl wants you will have to see how close you both are? You can hug any girl from any stranger to your girlfriend but you must have a reason to hug any stranger and the way you hug will also be different. If she is the girl you just met then it would be better not to go and just hug her. First, try to find out what kind of girl she is. For instance, a cool girl might not mind your hug at all but for ashy girl, it can be a big deal. Therefore, you should figure what kind of girl she is before hugging a girl.

2.) Decide Your Relationship

Deciding what your relations with that girl is, will help you to give her a perfect hug. If she is your girlfriend then you need not worry about any particular way of hugging her, as no way of hugging will be wrong. But if she’s just a friend of yours then you should be careful with you hugging style. Therefore, decide what is your current relationship with that girl and how you want to take it further? Deciding your relation will help you to decide how long you can hug her. As a long hug with a friend might turn awkward.


4.) Approach Gently to Hug a Girl

While hugging a girl your approach needs to be gentle. Even if you want to do it as soon as possible still wait for a while. Rushing it can spoil your hug as she might get scared and it will turn situation awkward. First, get closer to her and look into her eyes softly. Look into her eyes and if she hesitates then do not go further. If she is ready then hold her gently put your arms around her. Do not forget to watch her reaction all over the time. If she is nervous or backs off then apologize.

5.) Hold Her For a While

Hold her for a while do not make it a long hug if this is the first hug. Separate after a while and look at her face to read expressions. If you both feel like doing it again then hug her again. Is she still holding you and does not get apart it means she wants it more. If she is your friend and you do not have any feelings for her then stop your hug right there. But if you like her more than a friend and wants to take your relationship further then hug her again and this time, keep the duration longer. This will also help you to make her realize about your feelings. If she is very comfortable hugging you for a long time then it might be the case that she also has feelings for you.

6.) Release in a Good way

A good thing should always be ended in a good way. A good end highers the impact. Pull yourself back from hugging position and look her reaction. If she let you go and is not holding you then it would be better to get apart as soon as possible. If that girl is your friend then you can end hug suddenly as it was a short hug and ending not matters much. While ending a hug with your friend you can just say that “see you next time” or take care”. But when you like that girl then end your hug in a better way for her to remember. If your hug was for comforting her then you can pat her shoulder and assure her that everything will be alright. End a hug in a good manner and according to your relation with that girl.

Things to Keep in Mind while Hugging a Girl

  • Do not hold her too tight you might hurt her. If she is your girlfriend and you have that understanding then only go for a tight hug. Make her feel comfortable in your arms.
  • Read her body language well while hugging her as it will tell you to move on or stop right there. Only move ahead when you feel she is enough comfortable with your hug.
  • If any mishappening occurs then try to take it lightly and laugh.
  • If you do any mistake then apologize for that. Do not try to cover up your mistake also, do not feel bad as it may happen to anyone.
  • Be careful of your arm putting around her, put it in an appropriate place.
  • If she is a friend does not hold her for longer.
  • Never force a hug. It might even cause trouble in your relationship.
  • Do not go for a sudden hug as it might startle her and might cause a mishappening.
  • You can try different types of hugging styles if you want to show your love to your girl but have a simple hug with the girl who is just a friend of yours.

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