How to Approach a Girl in Public?


How to Approach a Girl in Public

Steps to Approach a Girl in Public

1.) Make an Eye Contact First to Approach a Girl in Public

If the girl knows you are looking at her she might not panic if you approach to talk to her. When you see a cute girl and wants to talk to her then first try to make an eye contact as it will create a gentle bond between you two. Do not keep staring at her just hold the gaze for a while. If she tries to maintain the gaze then pass her gentle smile. Looking at her with a smile will show your interest in her if she smiles back at you. BINGO! You got your self green signal to go and talk. If she is smiling she won’t mind exchanging a word with you. Keep your smile gentle, don’t represent your smile as a pervy stalker. Sometimes time is not on your side she might not smile back in such situation notice her she might be having a bad day and you can’t help her in such a situation so withdrawing is a safer option because you don’t wanna piss her more.

2.) Stand Tall to Approach a Girl in Public

Girls like confident guys, stand up tall and straight face with a smile and confidence. Have manly gait about your walk. When you approach a girl in such way you’re showing your confidence which will make things easier. This always works even if you are confident from inside and you feel positive while approaching. Keep your body language in check, lots of guys approach girls with shoulder slump and nerve stuck in the throat. Body language is vital if you want to approach a girl and end your endeavor in a successful note. Unfortunately, girls can sense nervous guys and those guys get rejected more often.


3.) Approach Immediately to Make Her Like You

It is important to approach a woman in public immediately. The longer you will wait the more likely you seem “creepy” at worst or make them uncomfortable at best. Just take a long breath, gather yourself and walk. Rejection can be hard for a lot of men to deal with, but remember, you are not going to win the lottery without buying a ticket. To have success in approaching girls in public, you first have to approach them. Sooner is always better than later. Don’t over think It, another benefit of approaching a girl immediately is that stops us from over thinking our approach. To open a conversation, ignite the spark of interest and get her wanting to talk to you more. Think of approach as You’re not really trying to get her to like you. You’re trying to get her to want to keep talking to you. This is why you should initiate the conversation as soon as possible.

3.) Dress Good to Approach a Girl in Public

Keep your fashion sense always with you. It’s the first thing she notices in you. Well dressed, groomed man tops the charts of their fantasy. And to put a mark in that chart you have to be dressed well. Some guys suit up regularly; some prefer casual. Either way, your look will make it or brake it your approach to the girl. If you pay attention to your looks you will definitely be more successful in the end. Looks are very important in the dating department because without it, you do not have a chance with her. It is not much hard to be good looking, just pick up a casual tee and pair denim, avoid wearing anything highlighting or sparkling and be comfortable with what you wear.

4.) Keep Conversation Interesting

Since you approached her it is your Job to drive the conversation car and keep the ride interesting and exciting. Hi, is enough to start a conversation. Do not talk all about you, show in your word and conversation you are interested in her and want to know more about her. Ask her about her interest and try to keep her engaged in your conversation. Be involved in the conversation and make sure she is also as much as involved as you are. If u want to get her number At the end of the conversation, you have to make sure she enjoy your company.

5.) Offer/Ask Her Help to Approach Her

It can be a good way to approach a girl in public. If you see any girl standing alone or see her in trouble you can ask her if she wants any sort of help. If she says yes then it is great as you have succeeded to make her talk to you. If she says no then too you do not need to worry about it wait there is she would need any help go forward. Offer to help only when she is really in need of any help otherwise, it will make you appear a stalker. You can even ask for a girl’s help to approach her in any public place. No one denies helping others she would gladly help you out and this way you can start a conversation with that girl. You can ask her for any good places nearby to visit if you new to that area. If she appears friendly then ask her to take there with you. when you both talk engage her in your talk and make her talk more. This is a good way to approach a girl and no one doubts it.

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